Does SikhNet have connections with RSS in India? "What Is The 3HO White RSS Yogi Bhajan Cult?"

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What Is The 3HO White RSS Yogi Bhajan Cult

This cult was started by Yogi Bhajan who is alleged to have criminal antecedents in India and who was a sleeper asset of Indian Intelligence agencies fighting a strategic war against Sikhism. Yogi Bhajan was an RSS Agent. The cult has its headquarters in Espanola, New Mexico. The cult completely inverts Sikhism and is trying hard to create a mythological storyline of Sikhism. The objective is to neuter Sikhismand render it impotent. Its basic premise is that Guru Nanak imparted secret Yogic knowledge to Sri Chand the disgraced son of Guru Nanak. That knowledge was received by Yogi Bhajan four hundred and fifty years later through a Tibetan Lama (see: Who Is Yogi Bhajan And Why Is He Greater Than Guru Gobind Singh).

The cult promotes Kundalini Yoga as a way to obtain salvation. This is variation of Hindu Tantric Philosophy which can only be described charitably as a hodge podge of very fantastical theories which have no scientific proof at all. The basic premise of Kundalini Yoga is that there is a serpent coiled around the base of the spine and sex organs that should be released to obtain salvation. This release can be obtained by following certain tantric practises. These practises involve male and female participants. Tantric Yoga, of which Kundalini Yoga is a branch, has a long history of occult sexual practises.

Among the cult’s inventions are giving it’s initiates Hindu first names, wearing the white garbs of an ascetic and renunciate (a custom of the Hindu Religion), going to Hindu temples and performing fire worship, aartis and poojas.

The 3H0/Sikhnet RSS cult promotes Sanatan Dharma; this is the theory that Sikhism is a branch of Hinduism. Thus by implication, the 3H0/Sikhnet RSS Cult denies that Guru Nanak received a divine revelation. The cult promotes ascetiscm, withdrawal and renunciation as essential features of the Sikh religion. Thus by implication, this cult enjoins Sikhs to stand mute in the presence of tyranny and injustice. It has a long and sordid record of opposing Sikh rights including the Anandpur Sahib Resolution and the Dharam Yudh Morcha of Sant Bhindranwale. A prominent member of this cult has gone so far as to call Guru Tegh Bahadur a jewel thief: see: White Sikh Heretic Calls Guru Tegh Bahadur A Jewel Thief.

Over the years this cult has become very open in it’s practise of Hindu and occult practises. It indulges in these practises knowing that they provoke extreme hatred in orthodox Sikhs; who realise that these practises are totally anti-Sikh. The leadership of the Cult receive money and benefits from the RSS for carrying out Ant-Sikh propaganda and practises.

The cult focuses on milking the Sikh Religion for money and in this regard it promotes Kundalini Yoga as a mystical Sikh doctrine. It also promotes numerology, astrology, the power of precious stones and other occult practises as being valid Sikh practises. The cult has built a multi-billion dollar business empire by milking the Sikh Religion; see : The Billion Dollar Wow Guru Mantra.

It’s main website carefully camoflauges it’s real ideology and tries to present itself as an orthodox Sikh web site. It is not. This cult is dangerous since it is trying to appropriate the Sikh Identity and hides it’s ideology and agenda from mainstream Sikhs. It disparangingly calls native Sikhs from the Punjab, ice cream Sikhs. It has invented ecclesiastical titles, something which is completely forbidden in Sikhism. Its intention is to use Kundalini Yoga and Hindu doctrines to mystify the Sikh Religion. This is a bid to confuse Sikhs. It intends to create a Sikh Priesthood which will dispense this mystical knowledge; see: The White Sikh Heretics: Total War On Sikhism. Any articulate Sikh with a knowledge of Sikh History will recognize this cult as latter day masands.

This cult promotes the fantastical idea that the Yogi Bhajan Sikh Priesthood will dispense mystical knowledge in the Aquarian Age; which according to the sect starts on November 11, 2011; see : The White Sikh Heretics And The Shiv Shakti Syndrome. By implication this Sikh priesthood will have pre-eminent positions in the Aquarian world. There are very few educated university graduates in this cult.

A RSS operative and a disciple of occult and tantric practises, Yogi Bhajan had the temerity to declare himself a greater personality than Guru Gobind Singh. He is alleged to be a sodomist and rapist; see: A Rapist Called Yogi Bhajan. Instead of bearing courageous progeny such as Sahibzadah Ajit Singh and Fateh Singh, who laid down their lives at the ages of seventeen and fifteen years at the Castle Of Chamkaur; or Sahibzadah Jhujar Singh and Zorawar Singh who at the tender ages of eight and six, elected to be entombed alive rather than submit to Islam; Yogi Bhajan is the predecessor of offspring such as his nephew, an unabashed homosexual: See The First Sikh Gay Wedding. His wife is reputed to be a follower of the Hindu Religion and performs havans and aartis, consults brahmins and so forth.

The profane and utterly vile miscegnator RSS Yogi Bhajan mixed elements of Sikhism and Hinduism to create a mongrel cult which he boldly declared to be the carrier of authentic Sikhism. This cult is closely linked to the Sikhnet and 3HO White Sikh groups. Sikhnet and 3H0 Sikhs are followers of the the Faustian jackass Yogi Bhajan.

Salient elements of this cult are:

giving themselves grandiose titles and falsely projecting themselves as leaders of the Sikh Religion
promotion of Kundalini Yoga and tantric sexual practises as essential features of the Sikh Religion
Promoting Yoga asceticism, monasticism and renunciation as essential components of the Sikh Religion
Installing Hindu Idols in Sikh Gurdwaras
Giving themselves the surname Guru
Worshipping Sri Chand

Promoting Tantric Yoga as an essential part of the Sikh Religion
Blatant commercialization of the Sikh Religion (such as selling herbal tea with the image of Guru Ram Dass on the box)
Performing aarti and fire poojas at Hindu Temples
Selling Guru Nanak’s son, the yogic parasite and waster, Sri Chand, as the authentic upholder of the Sikh Religion
Maintaining that Sri Chand (founder of the Udasi Cult) received divine knowledge from Guru Nanak
Visiting the tomb of Sri Chand, prostating themselves before his tomb (like Sufis) and performing aarti and chanting before his tomb
Installing Statutes of Sri Chand in Sikh Gurdwaras
Performing Fire Worship, Shiv Shakti Pooja and other Hindu religious rituals

Attempting to create a priesthood of “teachers” and human interlocutors in the Sikh Religion.
Attempting to completely appropriate the identity of the Khalsa
promoting occult practises
practising and promoting occult Nazi rituals

And this is a very important fact to be aware off: This cult is attempting to completely appropriate the Sikh identity including the name Khalsa. Sikhs must understand that this is an extremely dangerous cult striking at the very root of basic Sikh teachings.

In the dossier below you will find ample proof inclusive of photographs which conclusively prove the virulently anti-Sikh practises of this cult.

The Dossier

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