Response from Gursikhs to SikhNet article "Oh, They're Not Real Sikhs"

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Friday, July 26, 2013, 22:11 (3872 days ago)

In an article published by SikhNet today, SikhNet minion, Shabd Singh Khalsa, tries to cajole & entice Sikhs into practicing Yogi Bhajan's tantra / mantra, Shiv / Shakti yoga. Don't let Shabd Singh of SikhNet fool you! He is NOT telling the whole story about Yogi Bhajan's tantric sex yoga.

SikhNet article Oh, They're Not Real Sikhs
July 26, 2013 by Shabd Singh Khalsa Source:
In the image above you'll see on of Yogi Bhajan's tantric drawings superimposed over a advertisement for his tantric yoga class

It is not as simple as saying “So what we do some yoga…” Guess what? These Hindu practices of puja, astrology shiv /shakti worship which Shabd Singh conveniently fails to mention that 3HOers are practicing along with kundalini and tantric yoga asanas, are anti- Gurmat! Always were and always will be. By practicing anti-Gurmat tantric & kundalini yoga people open themselves to Yogi Bhajan's tantric black magic spells and induction into his 3HO cult! Yogi Bhajan's way of smashing everyone into altered states by piling on more and more exercises, meditations and perhaps a gong meditation leaves people spacey and prone to induction into his cult. That’s probably why he (Yogi Bhajan) did it and why Kundalini Yoga teachers keep on doing it. The heavy breathing (breath of fire as Yogi Bhajan called it) techniques, loud gong sounds ringing in your ears and hours of Yogi Bhajan mantra chanting, sometimes in front of his picture, put unsuspecting people into an almost trance like state, making students more susceptible to induction into the Yogi Bhajan cult. Yogi Bhajan would have us hold our arms up for hours in some “kriya” he made up. We were so exhausted after several hours that we’d believe or accept anything Yogi Bhajan said.
It is not Shabd Singh's fault that Yogi Bhajan led them astray just view the videos at the links below where Yogi Bhajan is clearly performing Hindu puja and allowing his family to also indulge in these anti-Sikh ceremonies.

The fact remains; there was every reason why the Sikh Gurus designed Sikhi in the way they did, as a complete spiritual path and a complete way of living a human life. Yogi Bhajan diverted from the teachings of the Gurus with his clap trap theories of Kundalini Yoga and now he and his 3HO cult are paying for it! SikhNet >Q: What happens to a kundalini yoga " Sikh / yogi " when they wear Yogi Bhajan 's tantric necklace? Answer:

Newly uncovered photos reveal Yogi Bhajan was given Hindu last rites & his ashes spread on Ganges!

Hindu pujas practiced by Yogi Bhajan's wife leads western SikhNet kundalini yoga students astray!

Kundalini Yoga - Against my Religion? Yogis or Sikhs?

Dr. Trilochan Singh’s book which is critical of Yogi Bhajan in the light of Sikhism has even more relevance today than it did 35 years ago when it was written.

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