Sikh Gurdwara in Yuba City rejects Yogi Bhajan & SikhNet tantric / kundalini yoga youth camp for Sikhs !

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Monday, August 12, 2013, 00:57 (3858 days ago)

Sikh Gurdwara in Yuba City rejects Yogi Bhajan & SikhNet tantric / kundalini yoga youth camp for Sikhs !


The Gurdwara committee for the Guru Nanak Sikh Society of Yuba City California, last night, cancelled Yogi Bhajan follower Siri Pritam's proposed Youth Camp in kundalini sex energizing yoga & the Yogi Bhajan kundalini lifestyle. These tantra / mantra practices of Yogi Bhajan were cleverly disguised as a proper Khalsa Youth Camp by Yogi Bhajan's cult organizations.

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SikhNet's Gurujot Singh and his wife, who works for Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma international, were scheduled to teach a Khalsa Youth Camp at the Sikh Gurdwara, 1298 S George Washington Blvd Yuba City, California August 16th - 18th. After hearing a presentation (in the video above) on how Yogi Bhajan's cult & SikhNet are trying to induct young Sikhs of Punjabi descent into their Bhajan cult through hypnotic kundalini yoga, gong meditations, heavy breathing, chanting Bhajan mantras along with meditating on Yogi Bhajan's picture, called Guru Yoga by the 3HO cult, the Gurdwara committee wisely proclaimed they did not want Bhajan's Shiv /Shakti tantric yoga being taught to their young Sikh children.

Sikh parents in the Northern California area need to also be aware that the Yogi Bhajan sect and their representatives, in particular a Siri Pritam Kaur Khalsa of Yuba City will most likely call you and try to change the venue of this Yogi Bhajan tantric yoga youth workshop, to your local Sikh Gurdwara. Just tell her, "I follow only Siri Guru Granth Sahib, not Yogi Bhajan or any other fake guru. I'm a Sikh, NOT a tantric yogi!" Beware of this Yogi Bhajan cult as their true agenda is to subsume orthodox Sikhi into their Bhajanism religion of tantric sex energizing yoga and shiv / Shakti worship!

Fourteen Points & questions for Sikhs to ask SikhNet & Yogi Bhajan kundalini yoga followers.

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fateh
The following is a list of statements, all of which are true. After you read each statement ask yourself the question: "Who has distorted Sikhi?"

1. Yogi Bhajan taught that you had to make a connection with a living spiritual teacher.

2. Yogi Bhajan taught that you should meditate on his photograph.

3. Yogi Bhajan taught that the reason that Sikhs wear turbans is to adjust the plates in your skull and thus regulate your electro-magnetic energy.

4. Yogi Bhajan taught that the reason that Sikhs wear Kacha is that the pressure of the Kachcha on your thighs stimulates your liver.

5. Yogi Bhajan taught that you should have a photo of the golden idol of Sri Chand, that is outside the
Gurdwara in Espanola, in your home.

6. Yogi Bhajan taught that chanting certain Shabads bring certain results:

a. Mayraa Man Lochai Gur Darshan Taa-ee: This brings prosperity, multified a thousand-fold squared.

b. The Twenty-Ninth Pauree of Jap Ji: This protects you from your enemies by simply vaporizing those who wish you harm.

c. The Twenty-Second Pauree of Jap Ji: This brings you victory in legal battles.

d. The Thirteenth Pauree of Jap Ji: This gives you the occult knowledge of infinity.

e. The Twenty-Fifth Pauree of Jap Ji: All your needs are pre-fulfilled. Prosperity, virtue, estate, and wealth are yours without asking.

7. Yogi Bhajan taught that Gurmukhi is a magical, mystical language in that by chanting, reciting, or
singing, your tongue is pressing on certain pressure points in your upper palate and thus certain glands in your brain are stimulated to secrete hormones, resulting in a kundalini high.

8. Yogi Bhajan taught that Anand Sahib was the ultimate kundalini experience because for each 5
Paurees, your kundalini would pass through a corresponding chakra. 40 Paurees divided by 5 equals
the 8 chakras. This also holds true for Jap Ji.
9. Yogi Bhajan taught that abortion was all right if it was done before the 120th day, when the soul entered the womb.

10. Yogi Bhajan taught that you could be liberated in 40 days if you practiced kundalini yoga.

11. Yogi Bhajan taught that he would take on all the karma of his students and that the reason that he was so sick was that his students had a lot of bad karma.

12. Yogi Bhajan taught he should name everyone, not by consulting the Guru, but by using astrology and numerology.

13. Yogi Bhajan taught that he could read auras and even read your destiny.

14. Yogi Bhajan taught that when he died, only his physical body would be gone. His soul would then
reside in his subtle body which would hover over his students, while he still taught and led tantric. To his students he would not be dead but immortal.

This is only a sample of what Yogi Bhajan taught. After reading the above statements, again ask yourself: "Who has distorted Sikhi?"

Reading of "Sikhism & Tantric Yoga": a critical look at Yogi Bhajan's tantric / kundalini yoga

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