ToGuru Fatha Singh Khalsa:Yogi Bhajan's corrupt Tantric yoga

by Guru Sant S, Sunday, April 04, 2010, 07:23 (4213 days ago) @ Guru Sant S

To: Guru Fatha Singh Khalsa

If Dr. Trilochan Singh has no credibility, in your opinion, then why is he referred to several times as a Sikh historian and scholar in articles on SikhiWiki which is of course a 3HO website and one you have yourself promoted? Why have you never posted Dr. Trilochan Singh's opposing views in this article about Yogi Bhajan when it is clear that Dr. Trilochan Singh is a respected scholar of Sikh history? I was around Yogi Bhajan for 30 years. I lived 100 yards from his residence in New Mexico and worked with Yogi Bhajan on many business deals and served as a sevadar at Guru Ram Das Ashram from 1981 to 1984 where I was in close contact with YB and witnessed his corrupt activities. YB in fact sold me one of his houses in 1992 and I lived there for 17 years. I discovered “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” during my two years in India. Why was “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” hid from us by Yogi Bhajan? Dr. Trilochan Singh's book has been a real eye-opener for me to say the least and makes complete sense when I think about the last thirty years of my life with Yogi Bhajan. I suggest you read it again carefully and I think you will see that all the problems happening right now in 3HO are a direct result of Yogi Bhajan's corrupt Tantric yoga practices. []Link to entire book.

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