Ik Ongkar

by Noor Khalsa @, Monday, January 11, 2010, 20:01 (4652 days ago)
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It is sad to see a respected personage taken off his pedestal. That is the case for me with Dr. Trilochan Singh. I admired him as a scholar, and I never knew he wrote this until it was sent to me, unsolicited.

Now he reminds me of the pundits that Guru Nanak spoke of - a manmukh in love with his intellect and learning, but devoid of spiritual experience. No amount of erudition or eloquence can replace that.

Guru Nanak said, "Ik Ongkar", God is One. But Dr. Trilochan is not manifesting that oneness. He is doing just the opposite when he claims that yogis worship a different God, a lesser god. I hear this sort of divisive talk from fundamentalist Christians, and I hate to see the Sikh scholar in their company.

His reference to the Yogi Bhajan Tantric Church shows that he is willing to forgo truthfulness and accuracy for dramatic effect. This is a tactic I would expect from Rush Limbaugh and his cronies on Hate Radio, not from a spiritually enlightened being.

If Dr. Trilochan truly is trying to defend Sikh doctrine from distortion, that would be an admirable goal, but it cannot be done with venom. If you want to change someone spiritually, you have to touch their heart. You have to speak to their soul. There is nothing here but dryness, even if it factual and footnoted. Perhaps that is why all of his writings could not accomplish what Siri Singh Sahib did - bringing so many people to the Guru, with their head in their hands, offering it to Guru. Not bowing their head to a Shri Shri Yogiji or to the Pope of the Tantric Church or whatever, but to the Guru.

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