Letters to Unto Infinity Board and Sikh Dharma International

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Just read in these letters the infighting that is going on in the 3HO Sikh community and decide for yourself if the Tantric yoga Yogi Bhajan taught his students is damaging or not.
Please read an Excerpt below taken from

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"
by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

The Name of Golden Temple and its Murals

"In England last year a firm advertised some blue jeans as Jesus Jeans. The whole religious world of England rose in one protest and stopped the manufacture of these jeans. The word Golden Temple has become an instrument of commercial affairs of Yogi Bhajan He has now even named shoe stores as Golden Temple. I was given a "Wha Guru Chew.""

"Yogi Bhajan is using the sacred Sikh mantras and the sacred name of Guru Ram Das as a mantle for his Tantric Sex Yoga which will inevitably lead to mental and physical debauchery of those who take his brand of Sikhism contaminated by crazy sex-energizing asanas seriously."
From: *Guru Raj Kaur Khalsa <grk@khalsa.com>

Date: *March 29, 2010 2:24:03 PM PDT (CA)

Sat Nam.

I am forwarding this which I just came to see was sent in response to KRI
sending out UI's letter to the members of the Aquarian Academy. I want the
Khalsa Council to be aware of what is happening in Teacher Training Land.

Bir Kaur is a member of the "younger generation," who has been part of our
esteemed Teacher Training Team here in Vancouver. (We have a world
class Training program that is in it's 20th year.) She is a young leader of
this dharma, and an eager member of the Aquarian Academy. When she
received the UI letter via KRI, she was very affected by it and sent this:

Guru Raj Kaur


Sat Nam fellow teachers of the Golden Chain,

I am unsure of where to start as I sit to write this letter. I have a
tremendous amount of respect and love for the leadership of KRI. Along with
Guru Raj Kaur and Hari Singh here in Vancouver, I truly feel as though you
are my "elders". I feel the depth of wisdom that has come from 35 plus years of living the teachings of this path. I marvel at the grit and strength of character that must have been needed to make it through those 35 plus years. From the depth of my soul, I am grateful for your sacrifice, your commitment and your devotion to these teachings that has paved the way for Teacher like me.

It is for these reasons that I read this letter from the UI board and felt SO angry and betrayed. Not at the words that the UI board wrote and sent to the community of trainers - they can communicate whatever information they want to me - but at the fact that it came through the Aquarian Academy which gives the impression that it has been endorsed by KRI and the Aquarian Academy.

I look to the Aquarian Academy and the leaders of it, to uphold the standard
of excellence that our Teacher set for us, that we as leaders MUST uphold in
these times. The words communicated by the UI board, while beautiful and flowery, DO NOT uphold this standard of excellence. And they most certainly
do not sound anything like the teachings of Yogi Bhajan that they are claiming to be preserving and promoting. No matter how many fancy new age terms" they use, they cannot hide their pain and anger and the plea for acceptance that this letter is really about.

Unfortunately, when faced with this blatant misuse of the Siri Singh Sahib's
teachings (if you can't see God in all, you can't see God at all suddenly
means that "anything goes" ??) it elicits anger amongst teachers and
trainers who then become more and more "strict" or fanatic trying to balance
out such a lack of integrity. I have seen some of these responses on chat
boards and emails that have been sent in response to this letter. I am not
interested in furthering that agenda either.

The truth however, is that there IS a single look, practice and set of rules
that contain this spiritual practice... IT IS CALLED DHARMA!! And, it was
captured beautifully in our code of ethics and code of professional
standards. What the UI board seems to be suggesting is that these codes are
somehow religious things based on guilt and rules based on dividing or
excluding people. NO! It is a standard of excellence that if you can't
match, you most certainly cannot water down in order to make yourself feel
better about your "journey to experience your own spiritual unfoldment." Is
this seriously the message that the KRI Aquarian Academy wants to be sending out to our community of trainers? Is this what we are to teach to the
levelone students who come to sit before us in their innocence and longing
to experience the depth and beauty of this path? It breaks my heart to think
that this is the case.

I can only imagine and guess at the challenges that the leadership of KRI is
facing at this time. I won't presume to say I understand what those
challenges are. What I do know though, is that this has crossed the line and
whatever the hesitation has been up to this point to take a stand against
what the UI board it doing, it is time to seriously evaluate those reasons.
As a future leader of this dharma, I am counting on you, my elders, to stand
up and do what is right in the face of such a distortion of the teachings of
this path. Please feel and hear the prayers of support that are with you and
act in accordance to what you know to be the truth.

Humbly, with respect and gratitude,
Bir Kaur Khalsa

Vancouver, BC

A Global Settlement Response

Sat Nam,

This is in response to Guruterath Singh's email suggesting many ridiculous actions. Most GTS comments and suggestions are incorporated in Gurujodha Singh's well thought out email response with his usual humor and Khalsa clarity. Pass it along to any you know have interest in this modern epic conflict.

Sat Nam Wahe Guru!

Much love and light---Gurujot Singh

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gurujodha Khalsa <gk1law@yahoo.com>
Date: March 29, 2010 4:36:39 PM EDT

Dear Guru Terath Singh (GTS):

My thoughts on your thoughts-

GTS-“If I were a young man searching for a spiritual path - as I was at one
time -
and read the emails that have been posted for the world to read over the past
year, I would see what appeared to be one group that was a bunch of crooks and
the other that was a bunch of very angry, self-righteous, old people. The only
thing they would have in common would be their spiritual practices. I would,
of course, quickly move on with my search. This is the real danger that the
SSS's legacy is facing.”

First, if you are looking for a spiritual path by reading e-mails or searching
on Guru.comthen you may need to expand your search. Many of us in our youth
transcended the dysfunctional and challenging ashram years to make it and
experience the beauty and bliss of this path. I am confident that anyone who
has an actual experience of these teachings can transcend a few e-mails to
walk on their destiny path.

Second, I believe your sense of the “real danger” may be misplaced. SSS
wasn’t concerned with marketing, revenue or being popular. He was in my
opinion concerned with delivering spiritual technology and a way of life that
had a defined identity, mission, values, beliefs and an action plan that
relied on the Guru and not the vagaries of human opinion, greed, and doubt.
People walked away from this Dharma all the time and I never saw him once
change his message or his teaching to appease the masses, get more students or
cater to someone’s ego. That’s actually SSS's “legacy” in my opinion-
to have the mental, physical and spiritual strength to do what is right (right
meaning to speak the Truth and act as your Higher Consciousness demands) no
matter what the imagined or perceived consequences.

GTS- "If this goes on, I expect that there will be a well funded SDI with very
people. There will be a SDW with many more people, but with inadequate,
ongoing funding to do much of anything in the years ahead."

Wait a minute, as I recall you stated at the Khalsa Council meetings last year
that it was impossible to challenge UI? They had all the power. The documents
drafted by Roy Lambert were impenetrable. The businesses couldn’t and
wouldn’t be sold because the money would have to go to the non-profits, UI,
or its individual members couldn’t get any of that money.

Well, I believe the “jury is still out” on those assertions. What is clear
to me is that if we had followed your recommendation and declined to file a
lawsuit then at minimum we would never have known about the transfer and sale
of GT to GTM, the sale of the GT cereal division and the private ownership of
Yogi Tea. We wouldn’t have been able to get a court order at least
temporarily locking up any sale proceeds or preventing the sale of other
dharmic assets and we wouldn’t be having what I believe is a critical and
necessary dialogue as a community. But for the law suit I don't think we
would be talking about "A Global Settlement", compromise, or two UI members

So, at least by following a different course we have some additional
information to add to the discussion and apparently according to your latest
proposal we can get rid of 2 UI members. If this trend continues perhaps in
another year (or less) we will have a proposal to remove all four UI members.

I think generally what each of us expects and what we see ahead may not be all
that relevant to how things resolve. This American version of corruption and
betrayal in the Sikh Diaspora is not new or unique it’s just “our time”.
In my opinion this is a simple test of faith. This is a test to see if we
really trust the Guru and understand that it’s not about what you have ,
it’s about who you(really) are, it is not solely about doing, it’s about
being, and if you “be”- the doing gets done and you have more than you
need. It’s a tough test, but you can't have discipline without the adversity
to test it.

GTS-"There are times when settlements with compromises are very hard to
especially when deep religious principles are involved. Agreeing for the
greater good is difficult, because it usually involves one of the most
difficult of human emotions to embrace - forgiveness."

I believe it is well settled that in practical terms, it may be necessary for
the offender to offer some form of acknowledgment, apology, and/or
restitution, or even just ask for forgiveness, in order for the wronged person
to believe himself able to forgive., e.g. Thief:” Sir, I am sorry I stole
your wallet”, Victim: “I forgive you.” It may be that until the thief
admits he stole the wallet, the victim has no opportunity to forgive or the
requisite knowledge about what to forgive.

So I believe in the current matter any discussion of” forgiveness” as a
precursor to compromise may be premature. Perhaps what we need first is for
somebody to “man up” and admit what they did and that it was wrong and
injurious, and then determine if forgiveness is an appropriate response.

I think an important part of agreeing for the” greater good” is defining
“greater than what” and “good for whom”. In my opinion if you barter
your identity and/or your values to avoid conflict then that is not for the
greater good. Such a compromise is merely a capitulation to avoid the pain of
confrontation. Every bully in the world counts on that response. The men and
women of history that I admire and that informed my life held to their
principles and their values even when everything was taken from them- their
property, their dignity, their freedom, even their life. They were victorious
by virtue of their strength of conviction. You may be correct in assuming
Obama does not know Guru Gobind Singh, but I bet he knows Martin Luther King.

As a side note I actually believe Obama may be very aware of Sikh Dharma
through his close association with Bill Richardson and our Democratic party
affiliations in N.M. Former Governor Richardson and many of the public
officials, legislators, businessmen who met and interacted with us, with
Bibiji and SSS when SSS was alive are and will be concerned if our
organization loses its integrity and/ or if its religious leadership is
disrespected. So I think any effort to trivialize the magnitude of this
transition and its eventual outcome is a mistake.

GTS-“As difficult as things are, there is a way out that preserves the SSS's

Since you have not defined the term “SSSs directives” it is difficult to
quantify if there is, as you contend, only one way out or if there are
multiple alternatives for resolution.

I am of the belief that all members of the UI Board must resign, immediately.
This becomes even more important to me when I consider your proposal #2 since
UI under your plan gets to determine the next three members (once the two
retirees are gone). I think even a cursory examination of the conduct, of all
four (4) members of UI, indicates a pattern and practice of participation in,
suborning and ratification of conduct that is in direct contravention to their
status as Ministers, their status as Khalsa and the teachings of the SSS.
If they are not qualified to serve they are certainly not qualified to select
their replacements in my opinion.

GTS-“2. UI appoint replacements when needed to the UI, SDI, SDEI, Sikhnet and
Sikh Dharma Affiliate Boards from recommendations given to it by the Khalsa
Council. If they do not accept the recommendations, the KC would submit new
lists until the appointments are made. This is similar to the US Senate
appointing Supreme Court Justices, Cabinet and other high positions from
recommendations given by the President.”

Actually the process you describe above is quite dissimilar since the U.S.
President is elected every four years and the Senate every six in a popular
election. UI members have been appointed for life and at least as I read Roy
Lambert's e-mails UI has the all knowing, infinite power of Oz. So the proper
checks and balances present in the real world model are not present in your
proposed UI appointment process.

GTS-“ 3. There would be no need for SDS to continue to exist, since the
original mandate given to the UI Board would be back in place. “

This statement presumes there is a need for SDS now. In my opinion there has
never been a” need” for the SDS to exist and they should have resigned
long ago.

GTS-“ 4. With respect to SDI Board members and officers, there be a mandatory
retirement age of 55.

The last condition is primary and fundamental because it recognizes that there
is a third group - the next generation, that can lead us forward. It is a
group that can have widespread support and that can, if they see fit, seek
advice from those of us who are older and who, under the guidance of the SSS,
built the Dharma - but who are also on the verge of destroying it.”

While I don’t agree with such an age limitation on service, I am curious why
you feel the 55 mandatory retirement age should only apply to SDI Board
Members and officers. If it is so “primary and fundamental” why isn’t it
good for all the non-profits, the for profits and UI as well?

Earlier you spoke of “very angry, self-righteous, old people” . Now you
are advocating a “mandatory retirement age”. Personally, my environment is
filled with people who are passionate and masterful. I am surrounded by folks
who have spent the better part of their lives mastering their discipline under
the guidance of a Grand Master. Yogis and yoginis, (people who haven’t done
just 40 days of sadhana but close to 40 years of daily sadhana), artisans,
vegetarian gormet chefs, black belts, master ragis and raginis, healers,
religious scholars and business leaders for whom 55 is the new 25. People for
whom chronological age is just a number not a defining element of their

So I don’t believe the issue is age. I believe the issue is integrity,
willingness to serve and some degree of mastery of your discipline. If you are
"old" with nothing to offer, and/or unwilling to serve then yes, step aside,
but if your life experience and training informs your life and you can lead
others by your example then in my opinion you need to do it- no matter what
your chronological age may be.

Dumping this crisis on the” next generation” who ever they are is
analogous in my mind to a situation where thieves break into your house,
threaten and intimidate your family, load up your big screen TV., the silver
ware, take your kid’s piggy bank and (maybe even your favorite kayak) and
your response is to escort them to the front door, forgive and thank them for
taking your stuff and when your kids look up at you and say: “Papa aren’t
you going to do something?” you say: “you kids handle it, I’m too old”.

I can appreciate that this is one of many possible responses. It however, it
is not one that I would choose.

GTS-“It may be that these events have demonstrated that SDI is no longer a

I would inquire as to which SDI you are referring- the “original SDI” who
were fired and replaced by UI or the new and (un-improved in my opinion)

I would agree that since the new SDI/SDS were illegitimately inserted as SDI
members by UI they are not, were not, and never will be relevant or legitimate.

If you are speaking of the international body of Sikh Dharma Ministers
established by SSS, then I would ask regarding your statement concerning the
“relevance” of SDI, relevant to whom or to what? If SDI is not relevant to
you, then perhaps you should say that or further define the context so we can
agree or disagree with your statement.

Looking at photos of MPA students at the Golden Temple, seeing photos of Sikhs
from Chile, South America and other parts of the world serving in Chile along
side yoga students and Sat Nam Rasayan practitioners after the earthquake,
being at LA Baisakhi, watching an eight year old recite Ardas at children's
camp or attending a Gurdwara in the Espanola, N.M. Gurdwara and then turning
on CNN to watch the latest regional war, terrorist attack, or natural disaster
is confirmation for me at least, that a viable and functional International
body of Sikh Dharma Ministers who have maintained their status, identity,
values, psyche and nervous systems as SD ministers is very relevant as we move
into the Aquarian age. Such a body is not only relevant, it is in my opinion,
an essential part of delivering the sacred technology with which we have been

GTS-“Indeed, if this were to happen, the local sangats, 3HO, KRI, WTY, SDEI
Sikhnet will continue to do their work and serve humanity. “

I believe there are a variety of potential outcomes. I believe it is equally
valid to assert that since each of the above named entities was conceived,
designed, and nurtured by SSS and built on the same vibratory frequency and
value based foundation any significant departure from that foundation may
weaken or destroy the entire structure and the ability of these non-profits to
individually and collectively fulfill their mission and deliver the teachings
with integrity.

GTS-“These times call for extraordinary, conscious leadership. WIll we meet

I agree that "these times call for extraordinary, conscious leadership”. I
think we and others will be repeating that phrase long after most of us leave
the planet. However, before we can answer the question: “Will we meet the
test?” we need to define the test.

To me the test of extraordinary conscious leadership is and has been on-going.
Our teacher met the test and trained us to meet the test. Each time we recite
Ardas we refresh our recollection about others known and unknown who met the
test- and now it is our turn.

The test is met in my opinion each time, regardless of circumstantial
challenge, we as Sikh Dharma Ministers and the Body of the Khalsa, lead and
administrate this Dharma, manage its for-profit and non-profit entities,
manage its properties and resources in a manner that preserves and protects
the sanctity of the teachings, nurtures and grows the entities and the
resources with which we have been entrusted for the benefit of future
generations, in a way that is consistent with our identity as Khalsa,
consistent with our status and vows as Sikh Dharma Ministers, and in alignment
with our status as devotees of Siri Guru Granth Sahib and students of the SSS.

Each time we deviate from this standard we do not meet the test.

S.S. Gurujodha S. Khalsa

From: gt khalsa <gtkhalsa_2000@yahoo.com>
To: khalsa-council@mail-list.com
Sent: Sun, March 28, 2010 3:24:08 PM
Subject: [khalsa-council] A Global Settlement

Sat Nam.

If I were a young man searching for a spiritual path - as I was at one time -
and read the emails that have been posted for the world to read over the past
year, I would see what appeared to be one group that was a bunch of crooks and
the other that was a bunch of very angry, self-righteous, old people. The only
thing they would have in common would be their spiritual practices. I would,
of course, quickly move on with my search. This is the real danger that the
SSS's legacy is facing.

If this goes on, I expect that there will be a well funded SDI with very few
people. There will be a SDW with many more people, but with inadequate,
ongoing funding to do much of anything in the years ahead.

There are times when settlements with compromises are very hard to achieve,
especially when deep religious principles are involved. Agreeing for the
greater good is difficult, because it usually involves one of the most
difficult of human emotions to embrace - forgiveness.

As difficult as things are, there is a way out that preserves the SSS's

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