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How Baba Mitt Singh Stopped a Public Conversion
By G. Eeshar Singh Nara

Baba Mitt Singh jee was a great Gursikh who lived in village Kishanpur (Jalandhar). He was once a solider but became engrossed in bhagti and then left the service.

Lajjo and Umar-din

Village Sarala is about 2.5 miles from Kishanpur. The village was half Sikh and half Muslim. In the village there lived a Khatri by the name of Hema and his wife Ram Daiee. They had two children, a son named Nikka Ram and a daughter by the name of Lajjo.

Lajjo was married at a young age but became a widow very soon. According to the wrong custom at the time, Hema did not re-marry Lajjo. As Lajjo grew older, she became involved with a Muslim of the village, by the name of Umar-din who was the lambardar of the village.

For some time Umar-din and Lajjo carried on their affair in secret but they then decided that Lajjo would convert to Islam and become his wife.

Umar-din was well known in the village and he publicly announced to everyone with the beat of a drum that he was about to convert Lajjo and make her his wife. He said that because he was not doing this secretly, no one should complain afterwards.

Umar-din took Lajjo to the big village in Jalandhar and began to make preparations for the public conversion ceremony.

Hema Asks for Help

Lajjo’s father and brother went to the Sikhs of the village and asked for their help but no one was willing to take the risk and interfere. The Muslims on the other hand were very happy and making preparations for a big ceremony. They prepared big pots of beef and rice. Kazis and Mullahs had gathered at the mosque and were reciting verses. Approximately 5-6 thousands Mulsims of the surrounding area had gathered at the Mosque. They were prepared to fight if anyone tried to interfere in the ceremony.

Lajjo’s father, Hema was devastated when he heard of the preparations taking place in Jallandhar. He proceeded to the final place he could go. He took his entire family and went to the dera of Baba Mitt Singh at Kishanpura.

It was 10am when the family arrived. Baba Mitt Singh was a very great Gursikh whose nitnem began at amrit vela with ishnaan. After doing his nitnem, he would go for darshan of Guru Granth Sahib to do paath. He would then have something to eat and then go back to his room for simran until 12pm.

From 12-1pm Baba jee would come out to supervise the activities in the dera or to meet anyone who had come to see him. He would then return to his room to rest or do simran until Rehras Sahib.

When Hema arrived, Baba jee was in his room. Hema knocked on the door but a Singh told him that Baba jee would not come out until 12. Hema began to weep and said that even a minute for him was like a year now. If they did not act quickly now, it would be too late. He then began to knock on the door again.

Baba jee emerged from the room and Hema fell at his feet, sobbing loudly. He told Baba jee about his problems and said that no one would help him. Baba jee was moved by Hema’s situation and went back with him to village Sarala.

At Village Sarala

All the Sikhs were called together and Baba jee said, “When we hear stories from the past, you often say ‘if we were there, we would’ve done this or that’ or ‘to protect women from the invaders, we would have given up our lives too’. Today, that very situation has come to us. What will you do? Who here is not afraid and willing to sacrifice their lives?”

Hearing Baba jee’s words, the Sardars hung their heads and remained silent.

From among the crowed, on Sardar Laabh Singh was sitting. His spirit was enflamed. He prepared himself to go with Baba Mitt Singh. He was old in age but was physically stronger than any youth.


Baba jee and Sd. Labh Singh went back to the Dera at Kishanpur. Baba jee did keshi ishnaan, went before Guru Granth Sahib for ardaas and said “Satguru jee! Bless us. Let us either be successful in bringing back Lajjo or let us not come back at all.”

During the ardaas, waves of spirit could be felt coming from Baba Mitt Singh. Baba jee who was always calm was now giving vibrations of ‘joash’. It seemed as though Baba jee’s shaant ras had transformed into bir ras now.

Baba Mitt Singh and Sd. Labh Singh both had long and sharp kirpans in their gatras. In their hands the clutched saffajangs (battle axes). After bowing to Guru Granth Sahib, the got on a tongaa and left for Jallandhar’s Mosque.

Arrival at the Mosque

The tongaa stopped before the Mosque and Baba jee and Sd. Labh Singh saw the preparations that had taken place for the conversion. 5 thousand Muslims with long staffs and axes were standing outside. Big pots of beef and rice were cooking.

Baba Mitt Singh explained to Sd. Labh Singh that they would gently with folded hands make their request for the return of Lajjo three times. If they accepted, then it was fine. If after the third request they did not agree, then they should not think or look back. They should begin their attack and use force even if it meant their deaths.

Baba jee and Sardar Labh Singh moved forward and began to cut through the Muslim crowd. Everything had fallen perfectly silent and all eyes were focused on the two Singhs going through the crowd.

The entire area, including the Muslims knew that Baba Mitt Singh was a very spiritual person and respected him. Baba jee saw Lajjo and walked straight towards her. Lajjo fall at Baba jee’s feet. Umar-din was standing nearby and said Salaam to Baba jee. With hands folded, Umar-din said, “I am your servant and slave. If the entire village had come, were would have been ready to attack them. But you may order me as you wish.”

Sardar Labh Singh who was filled with birr as was ready to swing his kirpan at Umar-din and begin the show but Baba jee stopped him. Baba jee took Umar-din into his arms and said, “you have shown us great respect.” Baba jee released Umar-din with a pat on the back. Baba jee took Lajjo outside of the Mosque and put her on the tongaa. As the Muslim crowd watched, the Singhs and Lajjo galloped away.


Upon return to Sarala, the villagers were ecstatic to see what Baba jee had done. They took Baba jee in a parade and requested him to stay with them for three days. All the Hindus and Sikhs of the village served Baba jee with great respect.

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