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Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa
Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!

Dear Guru Fatha Singh Ji,

I am not sure what you mean by this comment "I am Yogi Bhajan's student." If you are saying, look at me I have done allot of good because of what Yogi Bhajan taught me, then my reply would be, think about what more good you could have done and be doing without Yogi Bhajan and his teachings. I know for myself that I am a better person and a better Sikh without the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

I particularly like this quotation below from a traditional Punjabi Sikh;

"Some people may not like Yogi Bhajan bashing and will say, "Look at what he has done for Sikhi." I personally would have liked to see what Sikhi would have been like without him."

If you have time to read some of my other arguments with Yogi Bhajan and 3HO, I would be interested in your position on these topics. I have included links to the entire articles and their arguments with photos at my website

3HO Sikhs use this sacriligious advertisement for Wha Guru chews: "What did the magician say to the Wha Guru Chew? Open sesame." "Five flavors and they're all nuts!"

3HO Sikhs are associating yogis, ashrams, tantric sex yoga rituals,and magicians of the occult with the Sikh Gurus and the Golden Temple

Yogi Bhajan's students are intstructed to meditate on Yogi Bhajan's picture everyday which you can see displayed in the 3HO Espanola Gurdwara.

See how Hindu gods and yogis are displayed in 3HO Gurdwaras

See this post which exposes the most shocking relationship Yogi Bhajan had with Jagjit Naamdhari who is considered by his disciples as the 11th Sikh Guru. The Naamdhari Sikhs keep the Siri Guru Granth in a closet while they bow to Jagjit and refer to him as "SatGuru Ji" as you can see in the photos at this link.

Guru Fateh
Guru Sant Singh

See more photos and discussion on facebook at:

“Amid the legal infighting following Yogi Bhajan’s death, critics are offering another portrait of the Sikh leader.”

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