How can you allow images of Yogi Bhajan & gods in Gurdwara?

by Prabhu Singh Khalsa @, Thursday, April 22, 2010, 16:09 (4200 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

I'm supposed to believe that of the hundreds of stories of fraud told about you, they were all due to Yogi Bhajan's encouragement. True Khalsa takes responsibility for their actions! If he would have told me to do these things I would have said no!
He never forced anything on anybody. People said 'no' to his good advice all the time, like meditating daily to cleanse the mind, or developing a relationship with the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, and bowing to no human other than the word of God. These are his essential teachings which he repeated thousands of times!

"As a Sikh of the Guru and a person who says they have "the knowledge and surety" to debate Dr. Trilochan Singh,how can you possibly allow hindu gods and images of Yogi Bhajan to be allowed in and around the Gurdwara there in Espanola? As a Sikh and someone who was acknowledged as the Sikh youth of the month, how can you allow Yogi Bhajan's sacrilegious Kundalini and tantric sex asanas to be practised by the 3HO Sikhs in a Gurdwara no less? How can you allow sikh sacred mantras, symbols and images of the Golden Temple to be used for commercial enterprises and personal profit? I must say that your accusations against me seem trivial when you consider the sacrilege you allow to flourish in your own house."

Are you serious? These things are so exaggerated and unbelievable. I KNOW with all surety that you KNOW that Kundalini yoga is NOT about "tantric sex." Where in any of the teachings are there "tantric sex asanas?" How can anybody take these accusations seriously?
You need proof, not just accusations, and you need to provide whole lectures not just quotes cut and pasted together to prove your point. Siri Singh Sahib was never convicted of anything. Accusations do not equal guilt, actually in this country we are innocent until PROVEN guilty, which he never was.
I'm not so blind to think that 3HO is a perfect organization. I'm not so blind to think that Siri Singh Sahib was a perfect being, but I do believe he was a master and I do appreciate what he taught me.
As far as pictures of the Hindu Gods, again give me a break!!! There are historic Birs of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib with paintings of Hindu Gods within the pages. By what measure can these be called "sacrilege." You know for a fact that nobody is doing Puja to any of the decorations that are at the Gurdwara.
The measure that calls decoration as "sacrilege" is the measure of a narrow minded fanatic!
I don't mind Siri Singh Sahib's picture hanging in the Gurdwara. Most people who have the Guru at home also have pictures of their family hanging on the walls. There are Gurdwaray built in honor of Sikhs which bear the names of Sikhs and have images contained within. There's nothing new about that. This Gurdwara is named after Guru Ram Das, and we have pictures of several of his chela within the walls. Siri Singh Sahib's picture isn't the only one, we also have a wall in remembrance of Sangat members who have passed.
As far as using the name "Golden Temple" for commercial enterprise, again what's the big deal? There are other places called "Golden Temple" in English. The next most famous is one in Japan. Also I'm happy if products that go into people's homes have images of Sikhs, it does good for all of us. It's some of the best PR for a people often mistaken for terrorists.
The most common Asana practiced in Gurdwara is practiced by every Sikh the world over, that is Sukh asan. The Guru in fact is in "Sukh asan" in every Gurdwara. If this kind of yoga can be associated with "tantric sex," then you must be assuming even the Siri Guru Granth Sahib is practicing this, by doing asanas in Gurdwara!

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