How can you allow images of Yogi Bhajan & gods in Gurdwara?

by Prabhu Singh Khalsa, Monday, April 26, 2010, 19:48 (4190 days ago) @ JUJHAR SINGH

Jujhar Singh Ji, if you took your own advice, or Guru Ji's in this case, you wouldn't be at this website.
I'm here because my reply to an uninvited email was posted on the web.

Guru Sant Ji, am I really supposed to accept your reply?
So much of that is fabrication and exaggeration.
Also what's wrong with transmuting sexual energy. It exists, what are we supposed to do with it? If you're not married and using it in that way, I think transmuting sexual energy via yoga is probably the healthiest way to deal with it.
Having a statue of Ganeysh doesn't mean anything. There are also statues at Siri Singh Sahib's ranch of Native American heroes and animals like lions and tigers. Nobody's worshiping those, but somehow Ganeysh is unacceptable.
Don't give me a canned response, full of lies and half-truths, I've read all that crap before, and I know that you know most of those things to be total lies and exaggerations. I know that you've never seen anybody worship statues, because it's never happened! I know that you know kundalini yoga and white tantric yoga have nothing to do with practicing tantric sex!
I'm sure, like most people in your generation, you became a Sikh after having an experience practicing Kundalini Yoga. What's your angle now? You really think Dr. Trilochan was smarter, more spiritual, and had a better understanding of the Sikh Dharma than Siri Singh Sahib? Give me a break. There are thousands worldwide who were inspired by and remember Siri Singh Sahib daily, and who knows who Trilochan is? What was his work? Has his intellectualism transcended the human spirit?
You may think you've found a cool new life with a bunch of cool new 'Sikhs,' but let me tell you, the minute you cross them, things will be different. You could cheat here all you wanted and people forgave you or didn't, but if you cheat with these people, they will kill you. I've had these AKJ/BKI (Babbar Khalsa Inernational) people give me the lowdown. They've told me in no uncertain terms that those who "go against the panth" are killed. With their fanaticism, it's pretty easy to "go against the panth" it may only be a matter of time before you do something that they think "goes against the panth." They've threatened my life several times, but those were mostly teenagers and I didn't take them seriously, but I didn't live amongst them. Guess what my offense was? Speaking openly and questioning their rigid beliefs. That's right, my life has been threatened for disagreeing with them. You know when it got heated and life threatening, when I used history, scholarship, and Gurbani to explain my point of view and they had nothing left to argue except threaten my life. These are the enlightened people you've signed up to be with now. God bless you!

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