How can you allow images of Yogi Bhajan & gods in Gurdwara?

by Prabhu Singh Khalsa, Tuesday, April 27, 2010, 15:32 (4195 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Respecting an image or moorti, is not the same as worshiping it.
There are thousands of lectures of Siri Singh Sahib where he says that a Sikh worships only one moorti, Akal Moorat. And how do we worship that moorat? By living in the very image of the timeless, i.e. respecting our bodies as they were made and wearing the timeless bana of the Guru.

So by associating with Hindu Pandits, some how makes Siri Singh Sahib a Hindu?
Give me a break! Before Guru Ram Das' marriage and the lavaan that we use, guess how Sikhs including Guru Nanak were married?
That's right, circling a fire, with the ceremony presided by a Brahmin. In fact it was the Brahmin's refusal to marry Guru Ram Das that caused him to write the lavaan.

Also who instructs people to meditate on the image of Siri Singh Sahib in the Gurdwara? We all have free will, nobody's taking instructions from anybody. If they want to meditate on that image they can, it's nobody's business.
Also since when was that exercise in the image you posted practiced in the Gurdwara? You know for a fact that the Gurdwara hosts morning Sadhna and Gurdwara programs and that is all.

So even though Siri Singh Sahib said a thousand times that the Khalsa ignores their lineage and belongs only to the family of the Khalsa. And even though he stopped using his family name in favor of using the family name of Khalsa, you still insist that his lineage determines him to be a Hindu.

Also I was there when Premka came back and apologized for making up everything. Also it's well known that again it was AKJ "Sikhs" who gave money to Premka to bring forth a lawsuit against Siri Singh Sahib. It was all false and it was encouraged by the same type of "Sikhs" whose fear of freedom of speech has caused them to threaten my life.
Trying to explain to people who's view of the world and Sikh Dharma is so narrow seems to be a real waste of time. The reason I'm writing here is because I know that you know a lot of what you have written is exaggeration. I'm an average Sikh here and I've never been involved in any of the things that you are propagating as normal and instructed or encouraged behavior.

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