Yogi Bhajan thinks Tantric Yoga is Guru Nanak's teaching

by AMTOJ SINGH, New Delhi, Friday, May 07, 2010, 05:44 (4180 days ago) @ Prabhu Singh Khalsa

Prabhu Kumar, it is you who is imbecile(grade lower than a moron)by not discerning that yogi bhajan was not practising what he taught.

He was an Indira Gandhi agent who attempted to dilute the Sikh religion by distorting the facts.

As such all his ardent blind followers like you should be called Kumars or Puris
and do not deserve the Singh surname.

I think Gurusant Singh is a true Khalsa who is exposing the mahant that Yogi was.

And stop digging your own grave by calling Indian sikhs names.


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