Legal Infighting within Yogi Bhajan's organizations

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Just read in these letters the infighting that is going on in the 3HO Sikh community and decide for yourself if the Tantric yoga Yogi Bhajan taught his students is damaging or not.
Please read an Excerpt below taken from

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"
by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

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M.S.S. Gurucharan Singh ji:

I have had an opportunity to re-read and review your recent e-mail posting entitled “Observation on recent court visit.” Apparently you found the proceedings “fascinating”.
Let me express what I find fascinating:

I find it fascinating that you can say: “As I have said before, emails are not the right forum -in any case- for complicated legal discussions.” at the end of an e-mail you wrote discussing complicated legal issues.

I find it fascinating that as “new observer” who wants to share a “personal –not a legal or SDS perspective” you spend a lot of your e-mail discussing specific legal rulings made regarding pleadings, discovery, dismissal and amending of pleadings which were presumably made on the basis of the Oregon Rules of Civil Procedure, applicable case law, and Rules of Court. Perhaps you can tell me where to get a copy of that seminal legal treatise entitled: “legal pleading-Law 101” which forms the basis of your expertise.

I find it fascinating that you can say: “I want to support the vision and teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib and protect his organizations and assets from misuse and theft by illegitimate groups and misguided individuals.” and yet you work at the behest of the members of Unto Infinity who have abandoned SSS’s teachings and are who are making in my opinion a concerted effort to drain this organization of its financial and other assets.

I find it fascinating that you can say: “ I certainly see the partial truths and systematic manipulation through fear and exaggeration in many of the reports and emails.” in an e-mail that contains in my opinion your own partial truths, efforts at manipulation and exaggeration. I find it fascinating that you can state: “It is probably impossible not to view all this without a bias or distortion of the reality and the implications of the proceedings”, and then as a Mukhia Singh Sahib and self proclaimed “Yoga Master” you publish an e-mail containing your own bias and filtered/distorted view of the proceedings when in the alternative you could have followed your own “recommendation”, waited “a week or so” for the judge’s written ruling and hearing transcript to be issued, paid for copy and sent it out for people to read.

If you have difficulty following your own advice, can you understand why others may be disinclined to follow you?


Sat Nam Sadh Sangat Ji,

I am forwarding an e- mail authored by MSS Gurucharan Singh and circulated to the Khalsa Council e-mail list. I received this e-mail from several public sources and I have e-mailed MSS Gurucharan Singh if he had any objections to posting this with no reply.

To follow will be rebuttal letters also posted to Khalsa Council.

Mukhtiar Singh

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Dear Khalsa Brothers and Sisters,

I was present at the recent hearing on the lawsuit initiated by the previous SDI directors. The judge dismissed the entire complaint. After criticizing the poor quality of the complaint she gave the lawyers for the plaintiffs a lecture on how to properly plead a case. Then she gave them the opportunity to present a new complaint by January 8th. As a new observer to such proceedings I wanted to share a personal - not a legal or SDS perspective on it.
The request for relief from the court needs to make sense. It needs to have a specific legal form which requires a "cause of action" sustained by specific facts that support that claim. The dots must be connected so that the judge or a person with neutral mind can make an informed judgment. In this case they did not connect the dots.

I was fascinated to hear the judge say that this complaint was so poorly constructed that no intelligent person could make any sense of it or understand even what is being asserted. She said it was a wandering, long novel. She also said that you can't litigate a case with "War and Peace."

She instructed the plaintiff's lawyers for over 45 minutes in the basics of legal pleading Law 101. She then dismissed the case in total. After dismissing the complaint she offered them the opportunity to file an amended complaint and approach the court again. It was not a question of the length of the complaint. It was so poorly conceived that it could not be understood!

She also instructed them that she would not entertain claims or discussion in their new complaint of religious issues of orthodoxy vs. progressive views nor claims that imply any fraud. She then rejected their requests for full discovery and granted the limited right of allowing only the attorneys to view the organizational documents of SSSC, SDS, and UI (i.e., the articles of incorporation, bylaws and minutes). She refused to allow plaintiffs themselves access to these documents. She then instructed the removed SDI board that it must also allow the attorneys for the Defendants the right to view the same documents of SDI.


It is probably impossible not to view all this without a bias or
distortion of the reality and the implications of the proceedings. I have a position
in this. I want to support the vision and teachings of the Siri Singh Sahib and protect his organizations and assets from misuse and theft by illegitimate groups and misguided individuals. I am also acutely aware of the need for kindness and clarity between all parties no matter the beliefs and accusations. I certainly see the partial truths and systematic manipulation through fear and exaggeration in many of the reports and emails. As I have said before, emails are not the right forum -in any case- for complicated legal discussions.

So my recommendation is for those interested in the legal discussions and process to wait a week or so; do not leap to judgment; and read the actual transcript of the judge at the hearing. She was clear, concise, instructive and neutral.

And so we should all be.

Respectfully in Naam,

MSS Gurucharan Singh Khalsa

Comptroller's Report to the Khalsa Council

Date Fri, 18 Dec 2009 20:37:00 -0700
From: Guru Kirin Kaur Khalsa <>

Dear Honorable Members of the Khalsa Council and Sadh Sangat,

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ji Fateh.

As Comptroller General of Sikh Dharma International, I am saddened to report
to the Khalsa Council and Sangat the destructive and offensive events since
December 3, 2009. When I became Comptroller, I took this duty with great
sacredness in my heart that I would be serving the Guru and his Sangat, and
holding in trust the funds the Sangat offered to the Guru for his service. It
is a blessing and honor to serve all in this way and fulfill a destiny the
Siri Singh Sahib trained me for since I came to him at age 17. The SDI Board
saw the financial skills and dedication I had for this position and therefore
entrusted me to uphold Sikh Dharma International’s financial viability and
obligations as well as the sanctity of its records. Next year I will be
getting my CPA certification to gain additional knowledge to bring to this

For the record, I was hired by the SDI board and I cannot be fired by a
Steward who assaults the staff and dishonors the Guru’s domain. Unless a
court order comes to change this, I am firmly still in service as your
Comptroller General for Sikh Dharma International.

The Events from December 3rd onward:

On Thursday, December 3rd, I was in a meeting out of the office in the morning
when I received a phone call informing me that Guruchander had stormed the SDI
office like a tank, declaring the SDS had “fired” the SDI Board and
Officers and that he was now the new acting CEO of SDI. He said Ravi Kaur and
I were fired from our officer positions, but could still be staff members if
we signed loyalty to him and his bosses, the SDS/UI boards.

Later that day he returned to the office as I was putting some things in my
car. He started to verbally assault me, accusing me of stealing and yelling
that I would be going to jail. (I believe this could have been in part a
reaction to some SDI members who, earlier in the day, were moving boxes of the
Chancellor’s office documents which had recently arrived from California
because the California office was being closed due to budgetary issues, and
our Chancellor was arriving from Alaska that day to review and inventory the
files). He was extremely hostile, escalating into a violent rage, and
frankly, very scary. It was clear that one could not have a rational
conversation with him in that state. It seemed like he was trying to bully me
into submission to his will. I tried to walk away but he followed me. I went
up to my office to get my purse so I could leave and get away from his
assault, and locked the door behind me so I would be protected. The next
thing I knew he was kicking at my door so hard the building shook.

He yelled at Ravi to give him a key to my office, she said “That is not
appropriate, please stop this.” He went on kicking and yelling. He was so
violent and loud the staff came out of their offices to understand what was
happening and I heard loud, panicked voices in reaction from other staff
members. When it sounded like there were others being assaulted in the
hallway, I opened the door to try and deal with it but Guruchander barged past
me into my office and later stole both financial computers from my office.
These computers had confidential Sangat financial information including your
donations, your ministry information and your Khalsa Council accounts.

He was so frightening and aggressive that the staff members tried to call the
police and others for protection, but he went into the staff office yelling:
“Hang up if you want to keep your job.” We were all frightened for our
safety. This staff member did not complete the call to the police, but the
next day I called the state police to file a report against Guruchander for
assault and theft.

I feel that never has the sanctity of the Guru’s domain been so violently
assaulted and by someone who claims to uphold it. It was clear to me after
this assault and theft that he was there to serve UI’s goals alone, and not
the sangat or Sikh Dharma.

During the night, the UI members ordered the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation
staff to change the locks at the office and give the key to Guruchander. This
goes against landlord/tenant laws but shows the premeditated, coordinated
efforts of UI and SDS to storm and try to take over Sikh Dharma International.

In addition, we later learned that Guruchander had stolen the external hard
drive backup attached to the Keshgar server, which is the server for 3HO,
Sikhnet, SDI and LYF. This holds all of the nonprofit electronic records.

It was a premeditated assault. There were no prior communications, nor had we
received anything in writing at that point. He proclaimed himself as the
new acting CEO of SDI and the SDS members as the new SDI board members. The
Secretary General of SDI is the CEO of the corporation and the By Laws have
clear guidelines laid out by the Siri Singh Sahib as to how this position is
trained, selected and installed. (To the extent UI has taken steps, without
valid authority, to revise those by laws now, after the fact, they clearly
will be doing so to entrench themselves in places of power and, indisputably,
are altering the wishes of the Siri Singh Sahib.) To give himself added
support he enlisted his wife to watch and take pictures and he brought Siri
Nirongkar Singh for security to enforce his will and subdue any potential
reaction from his intended take over and assault on the office and staff
working there. He had prepared a form statement demanding that all staff sign
loyalty to him and the SDS under UI or they would be fired. That weekend the
staff met and wrote him a letter which Ravi has previously sent to the Khalsa
Council. His response was that he would get back to us after talking with his
lawyer. He then sent a letter basically stating if we did not sign or call him
by December 12th, he considered we had resigned.

Comment: We believe that under New Mexico law if, in fact, Guruchander was
our boss and could legally fire us, all of his actions have been against
employment laws which protect employees from abusive employers. If he was our
boss, the staff would all have grounds to sue him.

This event was shocking, disturbing and traumatic and we are still dealing
with the aftermath of his assault with post traumatic symptoms. We are
grateful to the Sangat for their support to heal and provide us facilities and
resources to rebuild.

Within the next few days, I learned from our bank that Guruchander had gone
into another branch, given them paperwork about the SDS, and said that all of
the current signers were fraudulent and had been dismissed and that he was now
the only signer. The bank unknowingly allowed him to transfer all the SDI
funds at that bank into a new account which he opened with himself as the only
signer. However when we investigated this with the bank, they discovered that
Guruchander had used my social security number under his own name when he
opened the account. The SDI accounts (including the Khalsa Council account)
at this bank are now frozen until the bank‘s fraud department investigates
it further.
I do not know how he got my social security number. It may be from my
computer which he stole. In any event, we understand that such fraudulent use
of another person’s social security number, without authorization, is a
serious federal crime.

Our other bank where your Dasvandh money is deposited realized that
Guruchander and SDS do not have legal authority to change the accounts and
have refused them access.

This Raises Questions
1. What kind of elder does this kind of attack to five innocent ladies working
in their office serving the Dharma, the Guru and the Sangat?

2. What kind of Member (Unto Infinity) which by its very existence was created
to protect, fund and uphold a unified Dharma and serve the legacy of the Siri
Singh Sahib, instead rewrites by-laws and manipulates the Siri Singh
Sahib’s structure for their own benefit, to the Dharma's detriment?

3. It is hard to understand how a group (SDS) who states that they want to
help SDI to deliver its mission can behave in such a fashion: literally
terrorizing the women of the SDI staff, and for what purpose? If the SDS
wanted to make SDI more financially viable, this could have been handled in a
much different and more humane fashion. In fact, their behavior has had the
reverse affect as many people in the Sangat have said in these past two weeks
that they wish to stop their Dasvandh as they think it is going to be under
Guruchander’s, SDS and UI control. The SDS in their email to the Khalsa
Council said that they wanted to work in a collaborative effort to build SDI
but this was clearly not reflected in their premeditated aggressive behavior.
It seems like their communications are an attempt to whitewash their true
intentions and plans, and brings into question the ultimate design of this
hostile takeover led by the Stewards in service of UI to destabilize this

The Espanola Sangat was so disturbed and shaken by Guruchander’s behavior
that they had a special meeting on Saturday December 5th. At that meeting,
the Sangat confronted Guruchander, who said he was apologetic and that he was
human and could lose his temper. If we are to believe that his behavior came
from impulse, why did he bring a security guard to the SDI offices in the
beginning of the day when he first came to announce the firings? Is this the
behavior of a person who is later sorry that he was aggressive, violent and
destructive? Why did he come into the offices already in a violent rage?

Our experience was that he came with rage to dominate and bully not with an
attitude of collaboration, and went into a violent rage when things did not go
his way. Is this the CEO of SDI that we want? Clearly, it is abusive and he
should not be managing anyone until he deals with his anger problem.

At the meeting, the Sangat asked Guruchander to return these computers and he
said no. They asked him if he would step down from his position with the SDS
and he refused. Is this the kind of elder and leader that should be leading
this sacred Sikh Dharma path? The value of equality and respect of women and
mutuality on December 3rd, 2009 was violated by the very group who claims to
be upholding the Siri Singh Sahib’s mission. In fact, we see they
demonstrate the oppposite.

His assault has terrorized the staff, and none of us, to my knowledge have
received an apology from him or any sign of remorse. On the contrary, he has
locked us out of our offices, insulted us and assaulted us, called us liars
and thieves and fired us from our jobs disguising it as a forced resignation
when we did not bow down to his domination. Throughout our Sikh history the
Gurus have taught us to face this kind of tyranny with grace standing strong
in our integrity.

This kind of behavior and aggression has gone too far to ever be tolerated and
we as a Sangat need to now stand strong and not sacrifice our future for
avoiding the conflict. We are all under the guidance and will of God and Guru
for our spiritual evolution and as a spiritual community let us rise up to
deliver our destiny together. It is my prayer that the Sangat awaken to
understand the truth of this aggression that the UI and their Stewards have in
their heart toward the Sangats of Sikh Dharma, and have the courage and faith
to stand up against it.

I am grateful to the members of the Sikh Dharma International board for
serving the Guru, the Siri Singh Sahib’s mission and the Sangat and for
upholding this legacy in the face of those who wish to destroy it. I am
grateful they have taken a stand to say “NO” to this aggression and
unwarranted destruction of Sikh Dharma. I am in gratitude to the board for
taking a stand on behalf of the Sangat out of a spirit of love for this
Dharmic path to uphold this priceless legacy for our future generations. I am
grateful they have done this to serve the Sangat after the many painful
destructive decisions the UI and Stewards have made against our affiliates and
our communities and now against Sikh Dharma International. Please join in
saying “No More”. Please.

I live in prayer that as we go through these challenging times as a Sangat
that all of us will step up and the future generations will inherit the spirit
of Sikh Dharma as the Siri Singh Sahib truly gave it to us, creating the sense
of a family of the Khalsa, the pure ones. Together we can, as a Sangat uphold
the legacy and deliver this Dharma through these times.

Guru Kirin Kaur Khalsa
Comptroller General of Sikh Dharma International

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