Golden Temple Now a Hearthside Foods Company!!

by Confused @, UK, Wednesday, July 07, 2010, 22:20 (4118 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Thank you very much for your interesting article, I agree with you, I went to New Mexico to do the masters touch course, and was transformed on a spiritual level, I went because I just needed a break from work and family and recovering from an illnes. I felt alot better after doing the teacher training course. Ok, His teachings are not perfect they do not and will not ever compare to the teachings of our Gurus. However, what do we have for Sikhs, Sikh women, who explains to to us, about Sikhi, who talks to us about our feelings, how do we connect with the One, if we are interested we take deep study to find out, my path has been 100% lonely one, I am a Sikh by birth and it disgusts me to see these people selling pictures of Guru Ram Dass on t-shirts, my Guru been sold on t-shirt!! His teachings costing hundreds of pounds I have 'invested' around £8,000 on going on various courses, festivals etc etc.. in the end I realizing and it has taken alot of practice to realise that I just have to go the Gurdwara and listen. That was my path. What alternatives do we have, who is there for women, just because I was 'yoga teacher' I was not even accepted in a new Gurdwara and no one told me why, no one explained all this to me, made me feel so uncomfortable and still do, I decided that the path I was going to take was not Yogis but Sikhi and follow my true Guru the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and my life is 100% better, I learnt all this through my own efforts, but now horrified to see that the very Sikhs that made me feel uncomfortable are practicing distributing leaflets saying that Guru Gobind wrote 786 stories on the viles of women!!! Where I took Amrit, I was made to feel terrible and told to go away, I felt suicidal my Guru had rejected me, luckily my husband decided to take Amrit as well, these same people I understand are now telling another youngster who took Amrit that he has to take drugs and it is ok, because you know to the get 'full' effect of certain Dasam Granth banis you need to take cocaine with a few spices? Out of the frying pan into the fire.:-(

Where does this leave me?? There is so much there in Siki and in our Gurbanis for young girls,, women and everyone, who is there to share this and spread this to them? Where do we find a sangat, let me tell you this, young girls will find Yogi path easier, find that they understand the issues, someone explaining it to them, these young girls will be the mothers of tomorrow, shaping the future. It seems to me there is no place for the or dairy Sikh girl in Sikhi seeking a spiritual experience other than one offered by Yogi. Some find it by luck many others slip by.

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