The Sikh Mystic Path and Bhai Randheer Singh Cont.

by Har jeevan Singh @, INDIA, Wednesday, February 24, 2010, 13:48 (4608 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Gurfateh Gurusant Singhjee!

Thank you for posting this enlightening article on the life of evidently one of the greatest and true Gursikhs of these times.

It only shows how chanting the name of WAHEGURU alone is the simplest & exalted way of merging with the True One.All else is futile.....In this age of Kal Yuga
it is so easy to be led astray by the little temptations enroute to meeting Waheguru.The path of Sikhi is sharp like the the edge of the sword Baani says it is finer than a hair strand.

All the frivolous show Harbhajan Yogi displayed to hypnotise the innocent Americans for his own selfish needs did him no good in the end.He certainly wasted his precious life time and obviously left empty-handed.I suppose he started out right but swerved on the way when he acquired few riddhi-siddhis (which anyone can acquire by chanting Waheguru for few months!).He fell prey to the tempations of tantra to which GuruSahib only alluded to and warned us to refrain from the perils of these futile practices.

Keep up the good work on this great forum!!!

Harjeevan Singh

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