Full Interviews with NBC & Fox TV news reporters for Sikh's Lawsuit on Gun Control Laws stopping his religious practice

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One minute sound bites on television never do justice, so please view these videos which are the full interviews with me & the TV reporters. I think it will give you more insights into my philosophy about the Sikh religion, firearms and my motivations for filing the lawsuit.

Full Interviews with TV reporters for Sikh's Lawsuit on Gun Laws stopping his religious practice


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I was with these reporters for almost a full hour but they only used about one minute of the film they took from the interview. In my YouTube videos you'll find the entire interview which provides more information and background on the issue of how California's gun control laws prevents Sikhs from worshiping their relgion freely. Sorry about the lopsided picture in my videos, it was the camera person's first time filming and I have no software to fix it.

This video is an interview with TV journalists just about my book "Confessions of an American Sikh".

If you want to see what the one minute sound bite versions were like which the media published, you may follow these links:

News interview on NBC where I show the book


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Sikh's Lawsuit Claims California Gun Laws Stop Him from Freely Practising His Religion
March 12th 2013, - Today Gursant Singh Khalsa, a follower of the Sikh faith for 35 years, filed a lawsuit against the State of California in Federal Court, claiming that the State of California is stopping him from fully practising his religion by restricting his possession and use of assault rifles and high capacity magazines. Singh states in his complaint, "Decrees from the Tenth Sikh Guru state in the most vigorous and clear words that a Sikh's conception of God is the sword of dharma. Not only had the sword but every weapon became an attributive symbol of God for Sikhs."
"I salute the weapons of all Names ||
I salute the Arms of all Kinds ||"
Guru Gobind Singh Ji, Sri Dasam Granth Sahib
Singh says, "It is therefore incumbent on Sikhs to carry handguns and have ready access to assault rifles in today's modern society where we face armed violent criminals and hate mongers! When I moved to California from New Mexico, I was shocked that California will not allow loaded guns in any car and limits 10 rounds to an ammunition magazine. What happens if there is a shooting like the one in Wisconsin where a gunman killed six Sikh worshipers at their temple? I have tried-out for the US Olympic shooting team five times and I know if I had an assault rifle with twenty or thirty rounds in the magazine, the gunman in Wisconsin could have been stopped more quickly and lives saved. I think California's gun laws stop me from freely practising my religion which teaches that it is our duty as Sikhs to put up the strongest defense possible using modern handguns and assault rifles with high capacity magazines.

For questions about the lawsuit contact Gursant Singh, email Gurusant@Hotmail.com or call 505-903-2675.

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