Hari Jiwan Singh Yogi Bhajan's chief of protocol says, Bhajan held, "the highest Sikh office" : "Was Yogi Bhajan the "Siri Singh Sahib" and leader of the Sikh religion in the Western Hemisphere? What is the Truth? Why does it matter?

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Saturday, May 04, 2013, 16:05 (3130 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

"After all, he wasn’t just the Siri Singh Sahib, the highest Sikh office..."~ Harijiwan Singh, Yogi Bhajan's chief of protocol. Where did Hari jiwan get this idea that Bhajan held the "highest Sikh office”? Please write Hari Jiwan on facebook to explain that Yogi Bhajan's titles were a fraud perpetrated by Bhajan yogi himself! Why does SikhNet call Yogi Bhajan the Siri Singh Sahib when the title is a fraud against Sikhs? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIo8OZvjnO8

For Hari Jiwan's entire quotation see his letter to the 3HO Yogi Bhajan community titled “Yogi Bhajan, Act of Assassin or Compassion on his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/harijiwan.khalsa


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