Sikhs are NOT Hindus! There was a book written around the turn of the 20th century by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha, called Hum Hindi Nahi....

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Sikhs are NOT Hindus! There was a book written around the turn of the 20th century by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha, called Hum Hindi Nahi - We are not Hindu. It is probably available somewhere in English but I have not been able to find it. He wrote it in response to an RSS guy who had gone to great lengths to prove that Sikhs were Hindus.

This is what he wrote about why he wrote the book:

"Dear Member of Khalsa you may be surprised when you read what I have writ-ten. You will ask why there should be any need of such a work as 'We are not Hin-dus' when it is perfectly obvious that the Khalsa is indeed distinct from Hindu soci-ety. Or you may want to know why, if such a work is to be written, there should not be books, which show that we are not Muslims or Christians or Buddhists. This book has been written for the benefit of those brethren to whom the following historical parable applies. The tale, briefly, is as fol-lows. Guru Gobind Singh once covered a donkey with a lion skin and set it loose in the wasteland. Men as well as cattle thought it was a lion and were so frightened that none dared approach it. Released from the misery of carrying burdens and free to graze fields to its heart's content, the donkey grew plump and strong. It spent its days happily roaming the area around Anandpur. One day, however it was at-tracted by the braying of a mare from its old stable. There it was recognised by the potter who removed the lion skin, replaced its pannier-bags, and once again began whipping it to make it work.

"The Guru used this parable to teach his Sikhs an important lesson. 'My dear sons,' he said, 'I have not involved you in a mere pantomime as in the case of this donkey I have freed you, wholly and completely, from the bondage of caste. You have become my sons and Sahib Kaur has become your mother: Do not follow the foolish example of the donkey and return to your old caste allegiance. If forgetting my words and abandoning the sacred faith of the Khalsa you return to your various castes your fate will be that of the donkey. Your courage will desert you and you will have lived your lives in vain'. "

Many of our brethren are in fact neglecting this aspect of the Guru's teaching. Al-though they regard themselves as Sikhs of the KhaIsa they accept the Hindu tradition. They imagine that it is actually harmful to observe the teachings of Gurbani by ac-knowledging the other. Sikh relgion is dis-tinct from the Hindu religion. The reason for this is that they have neither read their own Scriptures with care nor studied the historical past. Instead they have spent their time browsing through erroneous ma-terial and listening to the deceitful words of the self-seeking.

The tragedy is that these brethren are falling away from the Khalsa. They forget the benefits which the Almighty Father has bestowed on them - how he has exalted the lowly raised pau-pers to be kings, turned jackals into lions and sparrows into hawks. Seduced by those who oppose the Gurus' teachings, they are ensnared by deceit and thereby forfeit the chance of deliverance, which this human existence confers.

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I mentioned Hum Hindu Nahin (We are Not Hindu) by Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha. I doscovered that it is available form Singh Brothers of Amritsar so, if you are in India, you should be able to get hold of a copy.

There is a web page that has a lot of the English material posted.


here is an extract:

Question- Gurbani doesn’t treat Sikhs distinct from Hindus?

A. It is not correct to say so. In fact the Fifth Nanak has dealt this issue in detail_ at page 1136 of Guru Granth Sahib [GG]

[I practise not fasting nor observe the Ramzan;...... I go not on pilgrimages to Mecca nor worship at Hindu places of pilgrimages. I serve the one God and non-else. I neither perform puja like the Hindus do nor I do the Muslim namaj. I take the formless God into my heart and there make obeisance unto him. I am neither a Hindu and nor a MusaIman. This soul and body belong to God whether He be called Allah or Ram.)

Similar references are profusely available in Gurbani reacting to various Hindu concepts. At most places Guru criticises and condemns them. Please see pages 71.98, 128,202,201,227,230. 231,324,327,419,423,455,464,467,468,471, 475,476,479,525,556,559,593,654,710,719, 739, 747, 789, 864, 874,885, 894, 896, 902,912, 954,

Warran, the ballads of Bhai Gurdas Bhalla [Nephew of Third Nanak] which have been treated as key to Gurbani have also touched this issue at several places and in very clear terms he treats Sikhism as the birth of a third religion. Please see Warran numbered at 38,39,...........

Guru Gobind Singh in his compositions has also treated Sikhs distinct from Hindus. [)-33 Swaiyyas.

And the Sikh historical books

All the historic Rahitnamas the codes of conduct written after the demise of X Nanak also treat Sikhs distinct from Hindus. See Rahitnamas of Bhai Daya Singh, Chaupa Singh, Bhai Nandlal etc. Rattan Singh Bhangu author of Panth Prakash of early half of 19th century is rather highly vocal on this issue. pun ihMdU qurkn qy inAwrw[ rcoN Kwlsw Xih blI Apwrw

So much so even Bhai Sukha Singh a writer of 18th century who partially believe in Brahminism has admitted introduction of third religion (from two faiths he created three do qy qIn pMQ kr ly hY[

Poet Santokh Singh Chudamani of Suraj Prakash, is also very categorical in his descriptions. He quotes Guru Gobind Singh as having said to the Emperor Bahadur Shah how he has created a third religion

pun auqpq kIE Kwlsw qIjw[

Not only the Khalsa, Hindus have always been treating Sikhism a religion different and often exercised their boycott. Bhai Mani Singh the prime martyr [early 18th century] while giving a commentary on the 11th War of Bhai Gurdas explains how on several occasions the Sikhs of Guru Arjun Dev faced a similar boycott from Hindu. Kavi Senapati also describes a Delhi boycott of Sikhs.

The advice given to the Sikhs at the time of baptismal ceremony:­

I] Today your past of a different religion and caste is over ..[ii] Don't worship any god or goddess, Avatar the incarnation or any prophet except Akal the timeless God. [iii] You shouldn't have faith in any religion book other than Guru Granth Sahib.

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