Siri Hari Kaur Angleton Khalsa a close confidant of Yogi Bhajan calls New Mexico police "creepy cops"..."they hate us" Siri Hari daughter of ex CIA chief James Angleton said in a comment on fb

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 14:05 (3076 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Siri Hari (James Angleton the CIA super sleuth’s daughter) who called the New Mexico police "creepy cops"... & said "they hate us"


purchased the 16 Walnut circle house from Yogi Bhajan's MD, Dr. Alan at YB's direction in order to build her multi million-dollar "garden" which eventually appeared in Architectural digest a few years later. It shows again how Yogi Bhajan and his cronies had a complete disconnect and NO understanding of regular people and locals. Siri Hari should apologize to the New Mexico police for her degrading remarks characterizing officers of the New Mexico police as hateful and less than human!

I used to live next door to Siri Hari, the spoiled daughter of a billionaire, in New Mexico where she lives a lavish lifestyle complete with million dollar Roman pools and gardens. I even filed a lawsuit against her which I describe in my book Confessions of an American Sikh, along with other stories describing my experiences with the corrupt Yogi Bhajan and his henchmen.

Read the books that Yogi Bhajan's organizations & SikhNet censor & don't want their kundalini yoga students & Sikhs to read !!

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In the pic below you can see just on the other side of the fake roman ruins is where YB's Big Buddha is and where he moved the old house to. My old house was to the left in the photo. It is also worth noting that Siri Hari caused a huge uproar amongst the locals when she tried to build an 18 foot wall surrounding her place. I was accused of reporting her but this is not true. All the local neighbors were furious and called out the County Commissioner to red flag the whole project. It shows again how Bhajan and his cronies had a complete disconnect and NO understanding of or with regular people and locals.

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