The truth is that Yogi Bhajan was given last rites as a Hindu! SikhNet caught in big lie!!

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Monday, July 01, 2013, 15:14 (3072 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Is SikhNet lying about Yogi Bhajan's last wishes? Parmarth's website shows a Hindu puja & final rites ceremony with Bhajan's ashes. A photo also clearly reveals Yogi Bhajan's wife Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Puri & her sons at Rishikesh's Parmarth Niken Ashram on the 18 January for a Hindu puja & final rites ceremony with Bhajan's ashes. What were Yogi Bhajan's real last wishes? Bhajan lived as a Hindu, why shouldn't he have wanted to die like a Hindu?
January 18 -- Rishikesh
"A very special ceremony was held in honor of the passing of the Great Saint, the one who brought Sikh Dharma to the west and who turned thousands of westerners off of drugs/alcohol and onto spirituality - Siri Singh Sahib Yogi Bhajan. Pujya Yogiji entered mahasamadhi in October, and in January a huge yatra of devotees from across the world brought his sacred ashes to India. The yatra came to Rishikesh on the 18 January for the divine puja and final rites ceremony."

Notice that the SikhNet article also talks about Amritsar and New Delhi. No mention of Rishikesh.
SikhNet says:
"Accompanied by over two hundred Western Sikhs, Dr. Bibiji Inderjit Kaur and her family will carry out the final wishes of Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji to immerse his ashes at Kiratpur Sahib on January 11th at 2:00 pm. Other ceremonies honoring the great Sikh Leader and Missionary will be held in Amritsar and New Delhi that same week."

Hindu pujas practiced by Yogi Bhajan's wife leads western SikhNet kundalini yoga students astray!

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