Sikhism section on Amazon Books is for books about Sikhs NOT Yogi Bhajan Kundalini Yoga books!

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Sikhism section on Amazon Books is for books about Sikhs NOT Yogi Bhajan Kundalini Yoga books!


Write Amazon books to have them remove a Yogi Bhajan Kundalini Yoga book from the Sikhism section as Tantric & Kundalini Yoga have nothing to do with Sikhism!

Learn more about the Sikh religion from other books about Sikhism at Amazon books.

Back in August 2012, Americans were shocked to hear about the killing of six American Sikhs by a white supremacist gunman. For many Americans, this tragedy was their first introduction to a religion practiced by 950,000 Americans.

Because of their beards and turbans, Sikh men are often confused for Taliban or radical Muslim terrorists. This misunderstanding has made them targets of hate crimes since the September 11th attacks on New York, Washington and now the Boston bombings!

Learn More About the Sikh Religion, Followed by 950,000 Americans

Gursant Singh's " Confessions of an American Sikh " provides an inside look into the life of one American Sikh. Born into a white Christian family, Singh converted to Sikhism in his twenties and devoted nearly three decades to a cult lead by Yogi Bhajan. Then, while traveling in India, he learned the true practice of Eastern Sikhism. only 0.99 cents on Amazon Kindle Books

There are few chances for normal Americans to discover more about the Sikh religion, especially as it is practiced in the cities and suburbs of America.

"Confessions of an American Sikh" describes why I converted from Christianity to the Sikh faith

Customer Reviews on Amazon

5.0 out of 5 stars "Best Book about India I have ever read......" December 15, 2012
By Charanjit Singh

"I ordered the hard copy of your book on thursday and I am still waiting for it. I could not resist myself waiting for the hard copy so I downloaded the kindle version to read it thoroughly. I would say that this book is excellent. I have never read a book in Sikhi which is so well written in English language. And It keeps your interest active in your true story. This book is not confined to Sikhs. This book is for anybody who is interested in India, Yoga, 3HO, Sikhs, Uncle Bhajna, Non Resident Indians (NRIs) finding Indian brides through matchmakers in India. It also gives a first hand account of the situations one has to go through if things go wrong in India. This book documented the true situations when an NRI gets entangled into the labyrinth of corrupt Indian Political, Judicial, Police, Immigration systems. How the Indian Political and Police system can suck each and every penny out of you leaving you abandoned. It is a shame. This is how India works. Thats why I left India. I can not be corrupt. I loved this book because it is your true story and not a fiction. This is a real blockbuster book. Some phrases in the book are so humorous that I could not stop myself laughing for hours. I guarantee that this is one of a book that you have to include in your library. I can clearly see many reflections in the author's true story which refreshed my old days in India."

Arriving in India to get his teeth fixed, Gursant Singh decides he needs a Punjabi wife and becomes embroiled with Dadaji, Amritsar's notorious marriage broker. When their search for the perfect bride gets them both thrown into Amritsar's Central Jail, Gursant has to look deep within himself and question everything he has been taught about the Sikh path -- Sikhi.

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