Yogi Bhajan's "Chief of Protocol", Hari Jiwan Khalsa admits to gambling at Casino craps and card games.

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Letter from Yogi Bhajan's right-hand man shows how Bhajan promoted gambling which is against the Sikh code of conduct! In this letter to the 3HO Yogi Bhajan sangat Hari Jiwan Singh recounts a story from his days as Yogi Bhajan's Chief of Protocol. The photo which is taken at Yogi Bhajan's ranch in New Mexico was used by Hari Jiwan as the header for his letter. Why did Yogi bhajan keep huge golden statues of Buddhas and Hindu gods at his ranch if he was supposed to be a Sikh?

"Yogi Bhajan's "Chief of Protocol", Hari Jiwan Khalsa admits to gambling at Casino craps and card games." http://www.gurmukhyoga.com/forum/index.php?id=487


Yogi Bhajan, Sunday Best for all Guests‏

Sat Nam Dear Family,

Jerry, our jeweler friend from Beverly Hills, liked to gamble. Sports events were a necessary outlet. Listen, a lot of successful business people are big gamblers. Yes, they know the odds are against them, but the reason they’re successful is because they’ve taken great risks in their lives and gambling is a way of revisiting this adrenalin rush. So, naturally, the necessary disadvantage of the odds being against them is outweighed by the advantage of revisiting “risk taking.” Some of the smartest businessmen you’ll ever meet are big gamblers for just this reason. Jerry was another in this line, I know, I was one myself.

It was on a warm October afternoon and we were relaxing in the “Estates” on the Ranch in New Mexico. The “Estates” was a converted trailer but not the kind of Estates you would imagine. The Master improved it dramatically by building around it, adding gardens, peacocks and ducks, a pond and statues everywhere. It was truly a New Mexico Estate. He lived by the adage: ‘If you don’t have the best, make the best of what you have.’ He hosted princes and governors, priests and preachers, diplomats and professors, you name it, at his “Estates.” All guests knew that they were in a very special and elevated environment. I actually felt this trailer to Estate transition that the Master created right in front of our eyes, was a metaphor for what he did with all of us, his first students. He took all of us who came and, like Michelangelo with his chisel, sculpted us into something worthwhile.

Jerry’s jewelry shop provided many items for the “Estates,” including the magnificent chandeliers hanging in the grand addition, the great hall. They are made of Czechoslovakian crystal, the best the world can produce and recognized as such by aristocracy for centuries (I told you, he made this place into a true estate).

Jerry was visiting the Siri Singh Sahib this particular October weekend. He had wagered on some college basketball games and part of the fun of gambling is watching the games – hoping to influence the outcome. The Master turned the channel to a basketball game that Jerry was interested in. I was shocked! And, here’s the best part, it was a game in which Oklahoma University was playing. I went to O.U. and was, and still am, a great fan. I was in ecstasy. All of us who were around the Master for any extended period of time, bowed to his will and watched whatever he wanted on TV. Luckily for me, except for the Indian movies, which didn’t have subtitles at that time, I pretty much liked whatever he watched. As a side bar, he loved John Wayne movies and again, luckily so did I. We watched them over and over again. We must have watched North to Alaska two dozen times!!

I wondered, why did he provide for Jerry’s pleasure when this was a no-no for me? It didn’t take me long to remember that Jerry was a guest. Yes, our relationship with Jerry is beyond just being a guest, but, nevertheless, he was our guest. And another thing our Master taught us is that Sikhs treat guests like God. If Jerry wanted to watch the basketball game, then that’s what the Master wanted as well. He lived by these rules. I saw it.

I was happy that I wasn’t a guest. Who’d have thought that not watching O.U. sports with him was a verification of our relationship. I was a host, not a guest. I was happy. Stay tuned,

In the Humility of Service and Gratitude,

MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa

Chief of Protocol

Nine Treasures | 718 McCurdy Rd. | Espanola, NM 87532

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