Can the Yoga of Yogi Bhajan--be harmful to your health?

by Jugaad Singh @, Punjaab, Saturday, March 27, 2010, 05:55 (4577 days ago) @ S. Singh

During Siri Guru Nanak Dev jee`s times the Sidhas the accomplished Yogis were the most spiritually elevated beings. Many shabads in Gurbani and even a full baani called Sidh Gosht is dedicated to differentiating Sikh mysticism from the Yogic mysticism. Many of the Yogic terms like Dasam Duaar, Anhad Shabad, Beena, Kinkree, Ira, Sukhmana, Pingla, and Kundalini have been adopted in Gurmat and re-defined to explain Gurmat principles. In the end of Siri Guru Nanak Dev jee Maharaj has declared openly that without Naam there is no Yoga:

(Listen to the conclusion of our discussion, O Sidhas, without Naam there is no Yoga).

In the light of pankitis like the above and in the presence of baanis like Sidh Gosht, it?s appalling that even amritdharis are practicing Yoga for curing diseases. Why do they resort to Yoga when they have Naam and Gurbani? What is there that Naam and Gurbani cannot cure or help accomplish?

I was thinking that the meditation these people do is most likely to try and reduce "mental noise". What happens then? What if you're successful in shutting your mind up for half an hour, what then?

Immense shakti lies in mann and through mann or through thoughts of mann, things get manifested in the world. ?Eh Mann Shakti, eh mann Sheeo||?. This mann can become roop of Shatki and that of Shiv depending upon it?s disposition. Most of the times mann is on the run and if manmukhs can achieve success in slowing down the mind for even half an hour it bring great results for them (or anyone else too). Their diseases get cured and this slowing down of mind results in them exerting some control over their mind. This injects some good morals in them too. In short, it must be making them better individuals i.e. they are better off reducing the mental sound than not trying to control their mind at all.

Once you've completed your meditation, your mind will start racing again, won't it? What's the highest level of meditation that you can achieve without having any religious/spiritual goals?

The mind will start racing again but there is still some benefit in trying to control their mind. Without religious or spiritual goals too it is beneficial to them because it will put them on path to controlling their mind. Perhaps in their next life they will go for spiritual goals. Its written by some Gursikhs that many of the prominent Gursikhs were prominent sages or Yogis in their previous births. They came to Guru-ghar to fulfill or complete their bhagti. A person who japps kirtam Naam can reach very high spiritual mandals but will need Satnaam (the true Naam) to reach the topmost destination of Sachkhand. Same way, perhaps non-spiritual meditation will lead these people to spiritual meditation and eventually to Gurmat meditation of True Naam.

Having said the above, I would like to reiterate that there is absolutely no comparison between the Yoga mediation and Gurmat Naam meditation. Gurmat Naam meditation is truly Ishaq-e-Haqeeqi i.e. love of Vaheguru whereas Vaheguru is not there in Yogic meditation. Vaheguru is the essence of Bhagti. Other forms like Hare Krishna are far superior to Yogic mediation but Gurmat is superior to all because it involves True Naam.

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