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by Balbir Singh @, Oz, Sunday, March 28, 2010, 07:46 (4576 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Yes! Only dharmic individuals can sacrifice.

People ignorant of Sri Dashmesh jee’s ideals and those with lowly intellect cannot understand two opposing concepts are present of spreading dharma and destroying tyrants. Whenever there will be the ignominy of tyranny and unrighteousness in the world, this eternal Dharmic Panth will give unceasing sacrifices and revive Dharma and destroy unrighteous tyranny and sin.

Those whose consciousness is oppressed by the five demons (lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego), how can they be saviors or save anyone? Those who themselves are loaded with the weight of desire, jealousy, hatred, selfishness, etc. how can they boast of saving or reforming others? Characterless, powerless, lifeless, heroism-less, unrighteous bravery-less, insincere, power-seeking reformers and those “patriots” who constantly fight each other, even in bands of millions, cannot save any state or nation.

Those who have not corrected their own lives and have not improved themselves, who have not reformed their own character, who have not defeated their desiring mind, how can they, themselves prisoners of their own corruption, free their country from slavery? I accept that these freedom-mongers don’t want spiritual freedom, but those enslaved by the five [spiritual] demons cannot break the bonds of political slavery either.

Our Dusht Daman, dharma-protecting, dharma-spreading Dashmesh Pita first broke the chains imposed by the inner-demons and then ,by giving them the gift of life and spirituality, made them righteous warriors and then had them save the country and nation and had them destroy the outer demons and tyrants. By making them righteous warriors, he taught them the recitation of the Nitnemi-Chaupaiee which teaches the destroying of tyrants. In the daily Rehras of these righteous warriors, every night, the Ardaas to destroy these inner and outer tyrants and demons is performed. When they recite with supplication, ਹਮਰੇ ਦੁਸ਼ਟ ਸਭੈ ਤੁਮ ਘਾਵਹੁ ॥ their reference is to the common tyrants of the entire state and nation and primarily, to stop the tyranny of the tyrants, then also to destroy the tyrants who oppose dharma and oppress the people, and also, finally, to the destruction of the inner five demons, for which they pray every instant. Righteous Dashmesh Jee’s tyrant-destroying army doesn’t discriminate between their own and others. A tyrant, oppressor, enemy of dharma, enemy of the people and dishonest person may be even from their own country or own nation or area, they must all be reformed and [the Khalsa] will only rest after their tyranny destroyed.
This is the tyranny-destroying righteous Khalsa Panth Sri Dashmesh jee has created and the seed of helping others and destroying tyranny will never be finished from them. Such selfless souls will eternally be born in Khalsa Panth whose progeny will continue forever.

Don’t worry that today, those atheists, greedy for charitable offerings have grown from our Panth and have dared to seize Gurdwara funds. They will all, each and every one, be punished. Masand-ism will be shattered, atheism will be destroyed and the barbarity of the atheists will also be wiped away. In the end, Dusht Daman’s beloved Panth will unravel the seams of tyranny. The benevolent and righteous rule of the Khalsa will come and no tyrant will remain defiant. The barbarians will be eliminated. Those who are lost and deluded will come on the right path and following Sri Dashmesh’s ideals, the country will be saved. What of the country, the entire world will be saved and all evil-doers and tyrants will be destroyed.

Just as in his great dusht-damani life battle, Dusht Damani Dashmesh Satguru by his own hands destroyed the gurudom of the masands, in the same way, Satguru Dashmesh’s creation, Dusht-Daman-Khalsa-Panth will destroy the currently growing gurdoms and whenever this disease will grow, the Guru Khalsa will remove it without discrimination.

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