Mass Marriages of 5,100 Poor Couples to be held in India

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Monday, September 19, 2011, 05:52 (3775 days ago)
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Baba Makhan Singh ji in Amritsar regularly organizes huge, I mean, huge, weddings, not only for Sikhs but for Hindus and Moslems as well. How about 5,000 couples? There is no charge to the couples or their families.
As well as organizing the ceremonies he gets donations of blankets and other household goods for the couples. This is an incredible seva that takes financial pressure off so many poor families.

He has organized another ceremony - actually ceremonies, because they are held sequentially for Sikh, Moslem & Hindu, all during the same time period - coming up on the 11th November.

Don't know who goes first but perhaps it is Sikh, Moslem, and Hindu. Then they serve langar for everyone. The logistics are, of course, gigantic.

If I were to be in India at that time - I will not, unfortunately - I would surely be there rather than in Rishikesh with Yogi Bhajan cult followers who seem to be only interested in self-first generosity and lining their pockets with money from starry eyed western yoga students who want some kind of supernatural experience from tantra/mantra navel-gazing yoga kriyas.

Below is From:

Mass Marriages of 5,100 Poor Couples to be held in Puranpur, Uttar Pradesh Dist, India on 11 November 2011

In the latest attempt to benefit mankind, One World Sewa Mission is organising mass marriages of 5,100 couples on 11 November 2011 at Puranpur, Uttar Pradesh Dist, India. This mega-event is expected to attract interest both from local and international communities. It is anticipated that approximately 2,000 thousand visitors will be attending this auspicious occasion. Live media telecast is also anticipated to be carried out by international television providers. We don’t know of any other event that has been ever implemented at a similar magnitude, and all that effort for a simple motive of ‘serving humanity’. How nice would it be, if you could make time and effort to attend this event in person! This is our open, honest invitation to you all to attend this memorable event and shower your blessings on the 5,100 couples.

For details please contact +91-981-408-7893, +91-981-504-5656,

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