Kundalini Yoga is Nonsecular part 2

by Gurumeet Kaur Khalsa, Monday, January 11, 2010, 17:16 (4652 days ago)

Following is part 2 of 4 of an e-mail exchange between Guru Sant and Gurumeet. (www.createinnerpeace.com) Gurumeet states it is a misnomer to call Kundalini Yoga synthetic Sikhism. It is not Sikhism or any religion, Kundalini Yoga is nonsecular and welcomes people of all religions or no religion.

January 8, 2010 (continued)
You say
What true Sikh relies on yogic rings, gems, and astrology for strength?
I am a numerologist. For strength, I rely on my discipline, my connection to the Guru within, singing Gurbani, the Holy Nam. To observe the karma, I may use numerology as a tool. As Sikhs, we have the great gift and blessing to live in Dharma and thereby render harmless the karma. In my experience with numerology and astrology, they are complex calendars which provide us with apparatus that enable us to see the karma we have created on a larger scale as a humanity, and understand measures to counter destructive trends and effects. My practices as a Sikh are my strength. As a human incarnation in the world, we have to deal with karma and these technologies may have application in that regard. There is no conflict with Sikh practices.

You say
I spent every day at the Harmandir Sahib with Gursikhs of outstanding reputation, I realized there in the presence of the true Guru that there is only one God and this is the only source of true strength and support. Yoga and all these mantras and tantras which Yogi Bhajan was teaching were nothing and a total waste of time. Sure they give a person a sense of power and health but in the end it is all a false sense of happiness. Nothing but contemplation and devotion on the name of God through Gurbani brings true bliss.
I am so happy for you that after the terrible ordeal you suffered, you found solace and peace at Harimandir Sahib and with the beautiful Gursikhs whom you spent time with. Did these Gursikhsnot also teach you the concept of honoring peoples’ practices and traditions of their choosing? In all that I have read in Sikh history and teachings, this concept has been so paramount. I am baffled that you should object so strongly to allowing people who so choose to practice and teach Kundalini Yoga in peace. I can understand and I accept that you found for yourself Kundalini Yoga practices were a waste of time and gave a false sense of happiness. Would you consider accepting that not everyone has your experience?

You say
Contemplating and praying for many years about this, I have come to the conclusion, that Yogi Bhajan simply created allot of karma by teaching Kundalini and tantric yoga.
What karma was created? What do you mean? Bteaching Kundalini Yoga, Yogi Bhajan fulfilled the command of Guru Nanak given to the siddhi yogis at that time. Guru Nanak ordered his own son to lead the siddhi yogis, and Baba Siri Chand then passed the mantle of Raj Yog to Guru Ram Das. Yogi Bhajan was carrying out the order of Guru Nanak to the siddhi yogis, with the blessings of his Guru, the King of the siddhi yogis, Guru Ram Das. He was fulfilling the vision Guru Nanak had 550 years ago for the yogis to become householders, and that is why Yogi Bhajan called Guru Nanak the Guru for the Aquarian Age.

You say
We see it now manifesting with all the troubles within 3HO and Sikh Dharma and the lack of interest in Sikhi.
Everything happening now he told us would happen as we clear and strengthen. Our troubles are always a chance to grow and learn. You will see an awakened and aware and alert and more caring and compassionate Sangat emerge from this experience.

There is great interest and ever growing and evolving education in Sikhi. Have you spent any time on Sikhnet?

You say
One yoga student who wrote a post at Gurmukhyoga.com said it best when he declared that he wasn't at all into Sikhism and observed there are less and less beards and turbans at every summer solstice.
Summer Solstice has always been a 3HO event. Yogi Bhajan organized 3HO as the nonsecular arm of Sikh Dharma, created for the elevation of the human spirit through education, science, and religion. People of every religion and no religion are welcome to attend Solstices and Kundalini Yoga classes and all 3HO events. During Solstices, we also offer classes in Sikhi, An Akhand Path is held, Gurdwara is held each morning, and the opportunity to take Amrit is offered. The classes in Sikhi and morning Gurdwara are thriving and many take the baptism of Amrit. Thousands do not. Each individual has the right to choose, and we honor that right.

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