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Evil Spirits Flee in Terror from Gursikhs: Baraylee Smaagam 1959 & 61
By Prof. Thakur Singh
Translated by Admin www.tapoban.org

The July and August Smaagams used to take place in Baraylee but in 1959, the Smaagam took place in May. In this Smaagam's amrit sinchaar, a couple from Mainpuree was blessed a lot with spiritual ecstasy. Another amazing incident from this amrit sinchaar is the case of the woman attacked by an evil spirit. This woman was from Baraylee. When she appeared before the Punj Pyaaray, she told Jathedar Sahib, Baoo Mul Singh jee, "An evil spirit has possessed me but she could not enter this place. She remained outside the door." Baoo jee assured the woman that in this place no evil spirit could enter. Wherever naam is repeated then forget evil spirits, even Jamm Doot cannot enter.

"ਜਹਸਾਧੂਗੋਬਿਦਭਜਨੁਕੀਰਤਨੁਨਾਨਕਨੀਤ ॥ ਣਾਹਉਣਾਤੂੰਣਹਛੁਟਹਿਨਿਕਟਿਨਜਾਈਅਹੁਦੂਤ ॥੧॥ "

Dharam Raja tells his Jamm-Doot the above that wherever saintly people are and where there is naam simran or keertan, don't go near that place. Otherwise, "neither I nor you can be saved".

Then Baoo jee told the woman that she should receive amrit and meditate on naam and all spirits would leave. When all the peshees had finished and the Bata was prepared, the aspirants came one at a time to receive amrit. When that woman's turn came, drops of amrit entered her and she was taught naam. As she began to jap naam, she screamed out "That spirit has run away!".

Another even more amazing incident is this: A very scary looking woman, who would cause children to run away just by looking at her, was brought to the Baraylee Smaagam in 1961. This was a very superstitious and irrational woman. She was prepared in order to present her before the Panj Pyaaray. When it came her turn to be Peshed, she stopped in front of the door. She would not go in. When even a number of people together could not drag her in, then the Jathedar of the Punj Pyaaray, Baoo Mul Singh jee came out with his unsheathed sword and told the woman to come in. At this, that horrible, scary, witch-like woman glared with red eyes at Baoo jee and lunged at Baoo jee screaming "I won't leave you either!"

Baoo Jee challenged the spirit possessing this woman and said "Fine, I'm ready. You leave this woman and come into me." The spirit replied "I won't leave her" and she lay down in front of the door.

Sree Maan Baoo jee motioned to some Singhs who then picked up the woman and brought her inside. Upon entering, she quietly sat down. She was held and given amrit. When the Punj Pyaaray were imparting Gur-Mantar, she stubbornly resisted for some time but then she could not resist the sound of Gur-Mantar and began to loudly cry out "Leave me alone! Leave me alone! I'll leave! I'll leave her!" Baoo jee replied "You had said you wouldn't leave this woman…." The spirit then exclaimed, "I was never going to leave her, but what can I do? Now I'm dealing with BrahmGyaanees…" Saying this, the evil spirit left and the woman came to her senses and began to recite Gur-Mantar.

So at Baraylee, because of Baoo jee, such incidents always occurred. In these years a Smaagam took place in Kota Rajasthan where under the Jathedaaree of Baoo Mul Singh jee another similar incident took place.

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