Sikhs request Parmarth to cancel 11-11-11 Yoga festival

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Whereas: It is forbidden in the Sikh Reht Maryada for Sikhs to practice: “Magic spells, incantations, omens, auspicious times, days and occasions, influence of stars, horoscopic dispositions,” Chapter X Article XVI Paragraph d.

Whereas: These forbidden practices for Sikhs are all part of this 11-11-11 festival:

Whereas: It is also forbidden in the Sikh Reht Maryada for Sikhs to participate in or practice Hindu rituals and ceremonies such as fire pujas which will be part of this 11-11-11 festival:

Whereas: The promoters of this 11-11-11 Kundalini Yoga festival Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, Guru Singh Khalsa and Snatam Kaur Khalsa purport to be practicing Sikhs.

Whereas: The promoters of this 11-11-11 Kundalini Yoga festival Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa, Guru Dev Singh Khalsa, Guru Singh Khalsa and Snatam Kaur Khalsa, in fact are only using the Sikh religion to gain money and notoriety for themselves and Yogi Bhajan’s 3HO cult:

Therefore: Sikhs throughout the world, request the hosts of the 11-11-11 Kundalini Yoga festival, Parmarth Niketan Ashram to show respect for the Sikh religion by canceling the Kundalini Yoga festival on 11-11-11.

When reading the Baran Mahan & other time-related passages in Siri Guru Granth Sahib, Yogi Bhajan's Kundalini yogis see the mention of the seasonal months as a cue for astrology & the Aquarian Age. When I read them, & other time-related passages I get completely the opposite message. It doesn’t matter what year, month, or day of the week, if we remember God through loving devotion with Gurbani, it’s time well spent.
ਮਾਹ ਦਿਵਸ ਮੂਰਤ ਭਲੇ ਜਿਸ ਕਉ ਨਦਰਿ ਕਰੇ ॥
माह दिवस मूरत भले जिस कउ नदरि करे ॥
Māh ḏivas mūraṯ bẖale jis ka▫o naḏar kare.
The months, the days, and the moments are auspicious, for those upon whom the Lord casts His Glance of Grace.
Shabad/Paurhi/Salok Guru Granth Sahib Page 136
ਜਿਨਿ ਜਿਨਿ ਨਾਮੁ ਧਿਆਇਆ ਤਿਨ ਕੇ ਕਾਜ ਸਰੇ ॥

Write Parmarth Niketan Ashram to request they cancel 11-11-11 festival and respect Sikhs:

Parmarth Niketan Ashram
P.O. Swargashram
Rishikesh (Himalayas); Uttarakhand-- 249304
Ph: (0135) 243 4301, 243 4302, 09411106604
Fax: (0135) 2440066
Facebook contacts:
Write SikhNet also and tell Gurumustuk and Guruka Singh not to support this anti-Sikh Aquarian Age nonsense:
1A Ram Das Guru Pl.
Espanola, New Mexico
87532 - USA

The Chardi Kala Jatha is participating in the 11-11-11 anti Sikh event as musical performers! Shame on them to violate Sikh Reht by believing in auspicious days and occasions with the other Yogi Bhajan followers:

Dr. trilochan Singh 1977 ~ ‎"He (Yogi Bhajan) sincerely believes that he can fool the ignorant American Sikhs to believe that he is the Super-Messiah of the Age, and they at least must believe that he is greater than the Sikh Gurus, and he has done what the Gurus were unable to do. We will study in detail how he has built himself as the Western Pope of the Sikhs, the only Mahan Tantric in the World, and perhaps the only person who could tell so many lies about himself and make every American followers of his believe it. If the Americans want to understand and practice the true meditations of Sikhs Faith and move on the path with humility and wisdom as Sikh saints all over the world have done, they will have to throw all this rubbish that Yogi Bhajan is stuffing into their minds into the dust-bin and take it for granted that his knowledge of Sikh mysticism and the Khalsa Holy Order is pedestrian and less than elementary. "

This shindig is to be held in Rishikesh in India. Rishikesh is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of the Hindu religion. The ostensible purpose of this celebration is to usher in the Aquarian Age. Supposedly in the Aquarian Age all of mankind will be vibrating at a single frequency and there will be total peace and harmony. OK, start humming. Mainstream Sikhs have no knowledge about the Aquarian Age. It is an outlandish Yogi Bhajan invention that the Bhajan Borg Religious Priests are new age prophets who will lead humanity to a new Heaven. What a ridiculous fairy tale.

Sikhism explicitly disavows prophecy, magic healing, asceticism, renunciation, yoga, Kundalini Sex Yoga, the concept of Yug and so forth.

The excellent Parody below is taken from:


The 3H0-Sikhnet fake Sikh cult propagates the invention that the Age of Aquarius will dawn on November 11, 2011 and that this cult will play a major role in transforming the world through tantric yoga and the teachings of the heretic Sri Chand.

11-11-11, A Fable For The Dawn Of The Age Of Aquarius

A Medieval Play In Three Acts

Act I: One Fine Aquarian Day With Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa
Soliloquy: Verily, after all of the perfidy of charlatans and knaves marked heretofore; it is time for some noble Knight’s entertainment.

Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa alighted onto the platform of the railway station at RishiKesh, India. It had been a long and tiring journey from Espanola, New Mexico.

Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa was a devoted acolyte of Yogi Bhajan. He had assiduously studied all of the audio-visual course materials of the late Grandmaster Of White Tantric Sexual Yoga. Only very special and promising initiates could set their ears to the highly secret recorded discourses of the departed Yogic Grandmaster. The thought crossed his mind that perhaps some of Yogi Bhajan’s video lectures had been withheld from him. He quickly dismissed the errant thought. Guru Hunuman felt Happy, Healthy and Holy. He had just taken a course in Gong Therapy. ‘It did me a lot of good’, he mused. “It cost a lot of money, but it was worth it. One day, I will be teaching White Tantric Yoga, Gong Therapy, Numerology and the other secret Metaphysiks of Yogi Bhajan”. “Who says that there is not a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. O’ Lucky Man! “, he chuckled to himself. Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa was more than Happy, Healthy and Holy; he felt like a God. “Maybe I am a God”, he thought to himself. “After all this is India, the land of Gods. A fully enlightened man like me deserves to be a God”. He turned away from his thoughts and seeing a wizened old wayfarer passing by, said airily : ‘And a top O’ the mornin’ to you Guvnor’.

“Coolie, where is the Maha Devi (“Great Goddess”) Temple”. A scrawny old man dressed in a red tunic pushed his way through the crowd and replied: “O Great Sahib, it is only a mile up the hill. I can take you there for 10 rupees”. “Alright”, intoned Guru Hanuman. “but be quick, I am very tired”. The coolie hoisted the heavy suitcase onto the top of his head and pushed through the crowd. Guru Hanuman followed him, taking in the bustling sights around him. The narrow street was lined with the colorful stalls of merchants. Everywhere hawkers were plying their trade in loud sonorous voices. “I hope this old man can make it up the hill, he looks as if he hasn’t eaten for five days”, Guru Hunuman thought to himself. He turned to the labouring coolie and admonished him: “hurry up, hurry up, I am very tired”. “Yes, Great Sahib”, panted the old man, as he struggled up the hill.

Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa was in Rishikish to celebrate the dawn of the Aquarian Age. After 13,000 years, the Era of the Fish (pisces – christ the fisherman) was about to yield to the Age of Aquarius. According to the secret doctrine of Yogi Bhajan, in the Aquarian Age, White Sikh Yogi Bhajan Priests would lead humanity to a paradise on earth. White Sikhs from all across the world were gathering on the sacred grounds of Rishikesh to usher in the Aquarian Age; and assume their positions as founts of Aquarian wisdom; as rulers of this world. The world famous singer Snatchem Kaur was coming. The world famous numerologist, Guru AbraCadAbra Singh Khlasa would be here. Guru Fataey Singh Khalsa, the dour, self styled Singh Sahib was attending; even Guru Purbia Singh Khalsa the impetuous 26 year old know it all would be here. Guru MouseStuck Singh Khalsa the wily and cunning webmaster was coming. “All of the important Khalsas of the world will be congregating at the Maha Devi Temple”, mused Guru Hunuman. “When I reach the temple, I’ll pay my respects to the Goddess and after a short rest in the temple ashram, I’ll see who has arrived”. His mind wandered over his checklist: do a liberating fire pooja by the river, give a lecture on the Tantric Foundations Of Sikhism, hobnob with the Hindu High Priests and Popes in Rishikish, do a video on the importance of sacred mantra chants, give a lecture on the importance of having a personal guru; and finally give the ladies a demonstration of Yogi Bhajan Tantric Sex. “It’s going to be busy but when I get back to Espanola, I am really going to get my head into some heavy duty Gong Intensives; it will do me good, purify my soul and body”, he languidly told himself.

“Hey Monkey! Wait Up!” The harsh and loud voice jarred Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa from his reverie. He looked around.

“Hey Monkey God! wait for me”, the voice bellowed out again. Guru Hunuman looked behind him and down the hill. It was Guru Zorawar Singh Khalsa.

“Oh no, what is this pest doing here. I really hate him”, he thought to himself. “Don’t call me a monkey you have no right to”, he screamed back to Guru Zorawar Singh.

“Well, Hunuman is the Hindu Monkey God and a Guru is a person who leads his pupils from darkness (gu) to light (ru); so you are the monkey who will lead humanity from darkness to light”; bellowed Guru Zorawar as he quickened his pace to catch up with the Emperor of Monkeystan.

Guru Zorawar placed his arms around Guru Hunuman and remarked jovially: “Well how are the senoritas treating the greatest Tantric Sex fiend since the old charmer Yogi Bhajan”.

“I thought that you had been kicked out of Espanola and you membership was canceled in the 3H0. What have you been doing”, retorted Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa.

“Well I am a real Sikh now, I have learned the Punjabi language and have read authentic Sikh History. I am just Zorawar Singh now; a humble Sikh of the Sikh Quom (race and nation). And buddy, I don’t wear white bedsheets anymore. You know, you guys are something else, masters of the rope a dope trick. But instead of a Thrilla in Manila there’s gonna be a Thrilla in Rishikesh. Remember what the Grandmaster Of Kundalini Tantric Sex Yoga used to say: fake it and you will make it. Sometimes I really miss the old galoot; he could charm the socks off a cobra”.

“You don’t know anything about Yogi Bhajan and his teachings. You are full of duality. Enough of your maya. I give you my blessings. I will pray for you”, and then he added, “Did you come here to spoil our fun?”

“Oh, I am here on a secret mission, but enough about me. Lets talk about more important things. So how are the mademoiselles treating the old dope fiend, replied Zorawar Singh lightly.

“Enough of this frivolous chatter. I have important things on my mind. We 3H0 Sikhs have to fulfill Yogi Bhajan’s mission. I’m going to be a personal guru and teach Sikhs about real Sikhism”; Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa retorted.

“You have to be kidding. I thought that in Sikhism there can be no interlocutor between a Sikh and God. You say that you will be a personal guru but to me that is nothing more than a Sikh priest. It’s a faustian inversion of the Sikh religion! You guys take the cake!; you can’t speak Punjabi, you cannot read the Guru Granth Sahib but you are going to teach Sikhism. And if you had ever bothered to read some authentic Sikh history you would never be here in this place”. Zorawar Singh paused and then said, “Do you know what Milan Kundera said?”

“What?” said Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa impatiently

“The first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory. Destroy its books, its culture, its history. Then have somebody write new books, manufacture a new culture, invent a new history. Before long the nation will begin to forget what it is and what it was. The world around it will forget even faster. A nation cannot cross a desert of organized forgetting. The war against tyranny is the war against forgetting.”

You were always an idiot and you always will be; that’s why you were booted out of the Sikh Dharma. You are talking like those insufferable Sikh Terrorists. Grow up. Kundalini Yoga is a technology; one cannot master this technology without a personal guru. Guru Nanak gave secret yogic knowledge to his son, Sri Chand; we are teaching this secret knowledge. This is the only way to liberate yourself. Why can’t you understand this, you numbskull.

“You’ve banged your head against the gong once too often. You have gone completely ape!”, laughed Zorawar Singh. Yoga never liberated anybody from anything; it is a false path with inevitably bad consequences. It is explicitly prohibited in Sikhism as a religious practise. Anyways all Yogi Bhajan ever did was have a rip roaring good time. He had an ego bigger than the Greek God Zeus. He collected a trunk full of jewelery and collected a coterie of suppliant honorary female secretaries. I have heard of an honorary Ph.D for distinguished service; but Honorary Secretary for distinguished service? Give me a break. I’ve got to hand it to the fat old cobra, he was a master of the rope a female dope trick.

“Don’t insult Yogiji he is like a God to us”, Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa shot back angrily.

“Man, your brain is fried; your circuits got crossed with too much ganja. You need mucho Gong Therapy. Look, Yoga has never solved any social problems and is not a prescription for righteous conduct. When Babur invaded India in 1490, the people went to the Yogis and asked for their assistance to resist the impending slaughter that awaited them. Babur, the grandson of Tamerlane, was in the direct blood line of Genghis Khan. He had a hostile animus against the hereditary, racial caste stratification of the Hindu religion. But the Yogis were cowards and replied : “We are healers, we are people of peace, we will shower our blessing on all of you. We will meditate and perform Yoga. Just go home and sit in peace. We will read sacred mantras and the invading forces will become blind”. If you have ever bothered to read the Sri Guru Granth Sahib then you will know that Guru Nanak records the cowardice of these yogis on page 417 of the Guru Granth Sahib : Koe Mughal Na Hoa Andha, Kiney Na Parcha Laiya. It means : No Mughal was blinded and none of their mantras worked. The Yogis were unable to engage in righteous conduct. What was the use of all their Yoga? The philosophy of Guru Nanak and Sikhi considers courage to be a highest virtue. Spirituality without courage is cowardice. Of what use is it being pious if one does not have the courage to speak out, to stand against injustice or to stand beside the weak, the oppressed and the needy? Valor and courage are the essence of Sikhi; it is the core of the Saint-Soldier creed of the Lord Of The Falcons, Guru Gobind Singh.

There was a thick silence. Then Zorawar Singh continued:

“When Gursant Singh was in the direst circumstances here and he desperately needed your assistance; where were all of you? You tucked your tails in between your hind legs and high-tailed it out of Dodge. What use is your yoga. Can yoga take the yellow belly out of you?

“You know nothing about Sikhism”, retorted Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa. “You are really ignorant. The duty of a Sikh is only to teach the technology of yoga peacefully to his disciples so that they can liberate themselves. There is no duty to fight wars, engage in violence or take care of the whole world as it were. The world is maya, it is best to withdraw from it. That is why we live in ashrams. Violence can never be justified. Ever. Which wars did Guru Nanak fight anyways. Once enough people master Kundalini Yoga, the world will automatically change. Keep on talking like this and you will find out that Sikh terrorists are a very nasty lot. You will learn when they come after you; but it will be too late then”. Then as an afterthought he added in a very low tone, “If I was you, I would keep my mouth shut here; there are rumors that Sikh terrorists are in Rishikish. ”

Zorawar Singh laughed. “Your yellow stripes are showing again. What terrorists? You remind me of that little twerp Purbia Singh Khalsa. He almost died of fright when a lady from the Babbar Khalsa International phoned him up to inquire on how his tantric sexual yoga lessons were progressing”.

“No, I am serious, the Babbar Khalsa International is here. There is heavy police security all around. Don’t you see the police with sub-machineguns at every crossing? I heard that the Police had caught a few of them and were interrogating them. I really hope that they teach these dogs a lesson”, Guru Hunuman Singh answered in a trembling voice. And then as an after thought he added: “We all got a message from Esponala, telling us to be very careful”.

“Common, don’t be such a big coward. I can hear your heart going thumpty-thump. So what? a true Sikh is never afraid of anything and true Sikhs do not consider that there is any difference between life and death. ”

“You are such a fool. Thats all theory. Come down to the real world. Everybody in the world is afraid to die and everybody wants to live. That is reality. You were a fool and you you will always be a fool”, Guru Hunuman answered in an unsteady voice.

“Babbar Khalsa? aren’t they the guys that got freedom for India. How can they be terrorists? The English hanged 1592 terrorists during the war for freedom here and out that number 1572 were Sikhs”, Anyways, I don’t care, I am a real Sikh now. I laugh at death.

“You were always a goddamn Hillbilly and you always will be. I’ll never figure out how you got a membership to 3H0″, Guru Humuman Singh Khalsa retorted.

“Just like you pal, the femmes gave it to me honoris causa. For being a great servitor of the female race. Just like you!”, laughed Zorawar Singh.

“You are trash and garbage”, Guru Hunuman Singh said with rising anger in his voice.

“Actually the Lord Of The Falcons (“Baaj Guru”) said: If you want to play the game of love then place your head in your hands and step unto my lane. The Lord Of The Falcons also said: O’ Lord grant me this one boon, that I may die in mighty strife on the battlefield”. Guru Gobind Singh never said: O’ Lord grant me this one boon that I may die giving Kundalini Yoga lessons. Is not what Guru Gobind Singh asserted part of the Creed? Why do you merchants of false spirituality shy away from the essence of Sikhism. If you want to follow the creed truly, then you must believe that there is no difference between life and death except for a transformation. You cowards make me sick in the pit of my stomach. You are the merchants of Multan who were slaughtered by Babur. He could not stand the sight of you. You are destroying something very beautiful. Not only do you jackasses not get it, you are milking the Religion for all that it is worth. Money is what turns your crank, buddy. You all are very, very sick people. All your false pretense of love. All your Satnaam! Satnaam! If you call yourself a Khalsa then at least have the courage to use the proper greeting of the Khalsa; Wahe Guruji Ka Khalsa! Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh! ( The Khalsa belongs to God, The Victory belongs to God!). . This is the real greeting, not Satnaam . It is a war cry on the battlefield. You are fooling nobody. We understand everything. What a pack of fakesters! Love was when Sahibzadeh Ajit Singh and Fateh Singh laid their lives down at the alter of the Sikhi of Slave Nanak at the ages of fifteen and seventeen . Love was when the Princes Jujhar Singh and Zorawar Singh elected to be bricked into a wall alive rather than submit to Islam; at the ages of nine and seven. Love was when Guru Gobind Singh sacrified his entire family at the alter of the the Religion of Slave Nanak. Nobody of this divine religion did Yoga, Kundalini Yoga or Tantra until you jackasses miscegnated the race.

“I don’t want to listen anymore to this. I am here to enjoy myself and vibrate with the Universe”, Guru Hunuman Singh Khalsa replied, his voice quavering.

“You want to vibrate with the Universe in this filthy hole! It does not even have proper sewage! Well let this hillbilly give you a history lesson”, Zorawar Singh replied.

“I’m not interested in your stupid histories. Who cares for history. Only you! The world has moved beyond your stupid history lessons. Grow up, you ignorant hillbilly. Guru Yogi Bhajan has given us a perfect science of liberation. It’s called the Science of Kundalini Yoga. It is the Kriya of Liberation and it is the very core of Sikhism. Guru Nanak gave this secret knowledge to his son Sri Chand and we are very lucky that Guru Yogi Bhajan received this secret knowledge after so many centuries”, yonder and up the hill the Maha Devi Temple was visible. Guru Hanuman Singh Khalsa joined his hands and bowed.

You got me riled up and I’m insisting”, persisted Zorawar Singh.

“Maan Singh was an Afghan Sikh who lived in faraway Kandahar in Afghanistan. He was married to a faithful and pious wife and he was blessed with a very beautiful young daughter. But despite this, Maan Singh was not a particularly devoted family man and he wasn’t a particularly good Sikh. He liked women far too much and he liked to drink everyday of the week. Vices plain and simple; but he would never tire of consoling himself that he was a devoted Sikh. And so the days rolled on for Maan Singh. Then one day fate moved it’s mighty hand and Maan Singh’s little world fell apart. A messenger arrived in his tiny village on horseback with news that Guru Gobind Singh was being besieged at the Castle of Anandpur Sahib and that the Guru was enjoining all Sikhs to hasten to The Punjab to confront the enemy. The circumstances of the Sikh Nation were extreme and dire, the messenger explained. Mann Singh immediately decided to come to the aid of the Guru and Quom. He bid farewell to his wife and daughter the very same day, and mounting on his stallion, embarked on the journey to Anandpur Sahib eighteen hundred long miles away. That was love! Maan Singh never returned home. What happened to him is unknown. He was probably swept away in the great carnage of the time as the Sikh nation fought desperately to avoid annihilation. Now this is a true story and it shows you the devotion of real Sikhs. Unlike you fakes, Maan Singh never tried to destroy the Sikh Faith. This religion of Slave Nanak has been sustained by martyrs like Maan Singh under the most oppressive and dire circumstances imaginable. The pillars along The Path (‘Sikh Nation, Panth”) are the martyrs who have sacrificed their lives in the cause of the religion of Slave Nanak. Not a single one of them was a yogi. Until you fakesters lay your lives down in the cause of this religion, you have no right to preach Sikhism to anybody or call yourself Khalsa. You people are unproven, rootless and bereft of history. It is well marked that you have no respect for the martyrs of this noble faith. I feel sorry for the lot of you, living meaningless and empty lives practising Kundalini Yoga and other twisted rituals; using religion to scam people, milking the Sikh religion so that you can put food in your bellies. You all have never experienced love; that’s why you keep on looking in all the wrong places for it, desperately trying to convince yourself that you have found it. You just don’t get it. You never will! You really think that you can play the game of love by preaching your soulless mind numbing Kundalini Yoga. You make no sense at all!”.

There was silence.

End Of Act I

Sikhs demand a public apology from Gurujot Singh Khalsa, SikhNet’s “Creative Director” for arrogant, anti-Sikh slurs, against Sikhs of Punjabi descent who raise legitimate criticism of SikhNet.

Gurujot Singh Khalsa states in an e-mail letter to Gursant Singh dated 4 August 2011.

"Your so called true PUNJABI sikhs are nothing but a bunch of overly-intellectual violent radicals." ~ Gurujot Singh Khalsa

Click this text in blue to see the facebook page and a snap-shot of the original e-mail document from Gurujot Singh and learn more about sending demand letter

Gurujot Singh’s statement is an outrageous, inflammatory and arrogant anti-Sikh slur that violates SikhNet’s own Mission Statement shown below:

SikhNet's leadership
Our policy for the SikhNet News is "good news, good will". We avoid posting political news, or news that's negative in nature, rather we focus on what can inspire and inform. SikhNet is not funded by, nor does it represent, 3HO or any other sect, or organization. We do our part to create unity instead of division, we do not take sides and we do not promote or condemn any Sikh group. Our ideals are to be universal, uniting, inspirational, uplifting and neutral, and that's why we focus more on what can inspire us to be more spiritual human beings rather than on controversy and politics.

It is completely unacceptable and arrogant for a Gursikh, who heads the creative department of SikhNet, to make such a statement which implies that Sikhs of Punjabi descent who make legitimate criticisms about SikhNet, Yogi Bhajan’s Kundalini Yoga and his 3HO organization are not Sikhs at all; only, “overly-intellectual violent radicals."

Demand a public apology both from Gurujot Singh Khalsa and SikhNet by writing them at:
SikhNet's physical mail address is:
1A Ram Das Guru Pl.
Espanola, New Mexico
87532 - USA
Call SikhNet in the United States at: +1-505-629-4121

Facebook page for SikhNet:
Facebook page for Gurujot Singh Khalsa:
Facebook page for Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa:

Below is Gurujot Singh’s entire letter and the letter from Gursant Singh which prompted Gurujot Singh’s slurs against Sikhs:

Date: Thu, 4 Aug 2011 10:33:00 -0600
Subject: Re: my photo
From: gurujot

sikhnet published all kinds of articles. sikhnet hardly ever writes these articles. they are a news aggregator. you are proporting that sikhnet itself is promoting a point of view which is a point of view that is merely pointed out in an article for general awareness. sikhnet is not promoting that point of view, rather just making people aware of what is out there. your spin on this, is a dastardly effort to marginalize the website. your so called true PUNJABI sikhs are nothing but a bunch of overly-intellectual violent radicals.

- Gurujot Singh

Gursant Singh’s original letter to Gurujot Singh below:

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh!
Gurujot Singh,
Don’t get caught in an ad hominem. Ad hominem is short for argumentum ad hominem, which is an attempt to link the truth of a claim to a negative characteristic or belief of the person advocating it. Listen to my message and don’t try to second guess my motivations. If you don’t trust me then read “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga” by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link). Also carefully read the Tweets my traditional Punjabi Sikh wife of two years is writing along with the many letters and comments SikhNet is getting from traditional Sikhs like the ones commenting on this article published by SikhNet. In this appalling piece that states it is "Sikh tradition" to shave after a Sikh wedding you'll see pics of a shaved young man after his "traditional Sikh wedding"! Where is SikhNet on this anti-Sikh propaganda? True Punjabi Sikhs are horrified when they read an article like this that is pushed by SikhNet. If you do some thoughtful research like this, then maybe you’ll start to understand the message I’m so urgently trying to communicate.
All the best to you and your new wife
Gursant Singh
From Gursant Singh: A comment on my statement in the letter to Gurujot Singh: “True Punjabi Sikhs are horrified when they read an article like this that is pushed by SikhNet.” Because the wedding couple in the article is Punjabi, I was trying to say that true Sikhs of Punjabi descent are horrified when a Punjabi, who shaves their beard after his wedding, claims to be a Sikh. I am not saying that true Sikhs have to be Punjabi or any other race. Maybe I could have clarified this at the time I wrote the letter to Gurujot but this oversight on my part does not excuse in anyway Gurujot’s anti-Sikh remarks.


Gursant Singh · University of Oregon

Shame on SikhNet for publishing this story which gives false and misleading information about Sikhi! This article has been posted on SikhNet for a week now and still no comment from them. Why do they refuse to detract the article and stand for truth and authentic Sikhism?
In the article, Sukh is portrayed in the pictures above, as a Sikh with shaved beard, impossible! The article states: "In Sikh tradition, Sukh grew a beard and wore a turban for the marriage ceremony. Later, at the celebrations in a Shagun Marriage Palace in Moga, he shaved and dressed in a suit and white shirt." This is an appallingly false statement about Sikh tradition and needs to be detracted by SikhNet.

You may think Gurumustuk Singh or Guruka Singh contols SikhNet but this is not the case. In a recent court battle in Oregon, stimulated by the infighting over Yogi Bhajan's business empire, evidence has surfaced showing the true corporate structure of SikhNet. SikhNet is controlled by the Sikh Dharma Unto Infinity Board which also controls all other Yogi Bhajan businesses. Kartar Khalsa is the board's chairman and he is not even a Sikh!
Kartar Khalsa, head of Yogi Bhajan's empire, testifying in an Oregon court.

When asked if he felt remorse for selling the brand name Golden Temple to a non-Sikh company, he said, “No. It was just part of the deal.” If Kartar is willing to readily sell off the Golden Temple brand name for several million dollars, I don't think you'd want donations going to SikhNet, another 3HO business controlled by Yogi Bhajan profiteers.
Attachment #3 pg 14 for exhibits showing "Current Corporate Structure" in the recent court battle in Oregon over Yogi Bhajan's empire.

In this Yogi Bhajan lecture link at SikhNet, Yogi Bhajan states, "Guru Gobind Singh forgot somewhere to write that the Khalsa shall do Pooran praan tapaa. That’s the only way I can figure it out." How dare Yogi Bhajan utter such rubbish that our father Guru Gobind Singh Ji "forgot" something! This is an outrageously false and ego maniac statement by Yogi Bhajan and SikhNet is promoting this sacrilege on their website!!

You'll find the promotion of many anti Sikh practices on SikhNet like this article which falsely states: "In Sikh tradition, Sukh grew a beard and wore a turban for the marriage ceremony. Later, at the celebrations in a Shagun Marriage Palace in Moga, he shaved and dressed in a suit and white shirt."

More ego maniac utterances by Yogi Bhajan recorded by Dr. Trilochan Singh in his book "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" 1977

Guru Gobind Singh Could not do What
We have done, claims Yogi Bhajan
In my personal experience as gross human body, it is the first time in the world the real perfect shape of the Khalsa came into existence. It didn't happen in the time of Guru Gobind Singh. I see and now look back at the Sikh history. We have done—a handful of us—a more tremendous sacrifice for the sake of humanity on this planet than anybody can even relate to. But I should say, as an honest historian, that when I look back accurately at Sikh history, the Sikh woman was a great woman and she was a Sikh. But, in the West, I see the woman, in a very elaborate and equal state of consciousness, to be a Khalsa.
One question is, "Why are the Sikhs who have the prosperity losing their prospect?" I have the answer to that. Because they have forgotten the great secret practices that were given to them. "Why are we [American Sikhs] out of the total insanity, becoming totally creative?" Because we are practicing those practices and that is all.
Sikh Dharma Brotherhood: 1976
Yogi Bhajan's Lecture: page 9
The title page of this Journal carries
a picture of Gurcharan Singh Tohra:
President S.G.P.C.
Guru Gobind Singh Forgot
To Write Pooran Praan Tapaa
But what is that meditation? The meditation is not just coming to the Guru. The meditation is like this. Suppose on Sunday we are to come and present ourselves to the Guru. On Saturday we start preparing for it. That is how it works. Twenty-four hours earlier than the action of infinity, if a person starts thinking cosmically that he has to go and present himself to the Guru, and starts purifying and preparing himself, they call it meditation. Pooran Praan Tapaa— remember this technique of words. Pooran means complete. Praan means prana, the life force. Tapaa means the action of purification. It is known as Pooran Praan Tapaa. It is a kind of meditation.
Of all the meditations written and known for the human, this is the highest. And that is why the mantra Guru Gobind Singh gave us was the Guru Mantra, Wah Guru. Guru Gobind Singh forgot somewhere to write that the Khalsa shall do Pooran Praan Tapaa. That is the only way I can figure it out. Otherwise the factual effect of giving a human the Guru mantra Wha Guru is only that it states, a positive intuition? Wha, the Grace, Wonderful is the Lord.
Sikh Dharma, Vol III, no 1 Spring 1977
Guru Gobind Singh Sowed the Seed
Of the Khalsa Wrongly, says Yogi Bhajan
The eminent Scientist Dr Manohar Singh Grewal of Boston is popular both among American Sikhs and Indian Sikhs. Like his grandfather Bhai Sahib Harbhajan Singh, who was leader of the Jaito Morcha (Agitation) he is a conscientious and devoted Sikh. When he went to Los Angeles he visited 3HO Headquarters of Yogi Bhajan, who was there.
It appears that Dr Grewal's humility and gentle nature provoked his vanity under the uncontrolled impulse of which Yogi Bhajan said in the course of talks, "Guru Gobind Singh has sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly.'7 (Guru Gobind Singh ne Khalse da bij hi ghalat lay a) Controlling his emotions at these outrageous utterances, Dr Grewal retorted, "How can you say such a thing?" And Yogi Bhajan as usual started rationalizing his statement.
In the first week of June 1977 Gurbanda Singh of Washington, whose arrogance is well known, addressed a Sikh Congregation in which 3HO people were also present at Vermont. In his speech, which is always snobbish in tone and material, he tried to prove that the American Sikhs were very pious and holy while the Indian Sikhs were irreligious, profane (patits) and so on. Even in his writings (the few articles on Yogi Bhajan cult he has written) his tone is the same. Sardar Kehar Singh, an eminent Engineer, immediately stood up and took him to task. He told him and all those 3HO men and women who think and act like him, "We are fed up with your attempts to make us feel guilty of not being Sikhs. We are Sikhs and in many many ways far better than you people." His angry attack on the typical snobbery of the 3HO leaders was disarming. It is at this moment Dr Grewal brought out in the open Yogi Bhajan's attempt to insult and underestimate even Guru Gobind Singh. He mentioned the Los Angeles incident and told the congregation that Yogi Bhajan goes to the extent of saying that Guru Gobind Singh sowed the seed of the Khalsa wrongly and implying that he was correcting it. While the underlings among the 3HO devotees are quiet, unassuming, and very devout and sincere, the leaders act exactly as their Master has trained them. I do not blame them entirely for it. It is because of their haughtiness, overbearing and insulting attitude towards the Indian Sikhs, that they neither learn anything beyond what Yogiji says, nor do they seem to know the long term consequences of rejecting truth from every quarter and blindly accepting mumbo-jumbo cult ideas from Yogi Bhajan. They perhaps seriously believed that Guru Tegh Bahadur prophesied that a Great Master Yogi Bhajan would create the new Khalsa in the West and invade India to bring the Aquarian Age. The British invented this story for themselves.
Author's Comments
Wherever I went in the U.S.A. even people very friendly to Yogi Bhajan informed me that he pretended to have done more than Guru Gobind Singh did, and his vanity and ego maniac haughtiness had gone to the extent of saying in a gathering that he can even shake the gaddi (throne) of Guru Nanak. I did not take these stories seriously and refused to believe them. But I was shocked to read the afore-mentioned statements published within the last 12 months or so. But when I saw these insulting remarks heaped on Guru Gobind Singh in print, the shock became unbearable.
A devout Sikh goes to the Guru every morning and not only on Sundays, and Sunday was never observed as a day of congregational worship throughout history. Bhai Nand Lai tells us in Zandgi Nam ah that though the Sikhs go to the temple, or the Guru, for formal worship every morning but for congregational worship the Sikhs gathered together twice a month, on Sankranti and Massia (the first day of the Indian lunar calendar and the middle of the month according to lunar days). In the code of the Conduct given to the Khalsa (Rehatnamas) the Gurus have clearly stated that a Sikh should not perform yoga asanas, nor believe in mantras, yantras and other absurdities quoted in this chapter and practiced and preached by Yogi Bhajan.
There is no such word as Puran Pran Tapan mantra in any dictionary in any Indian language. It is perhaps the silliest of all Yogi Bhajan's absurd brain waves which shows more of his ignorance than wisdom of Sikh history and scriptures. Sometimes I doubt if he has once gone through the Sikh scriptures, even without understanding them. He possibly could not. Up till recently, he did not know the language of the scriptures, and I am more than certain that he cannot interpret even ten pages of it correctly. Yet he sincerely believes that he can fool the ignorant American Sikhs to believe that he is the Super-Messiah of the Age, and they at least must believe that he is greater than the Sikh Gurus, and he has done what the Gurus were unable to do. We will study in detail how he has built himself as the Western Pope of the Sikhs, the only Mahan Tantric in the World, and perhaps the only person who could tell so many lies about himself and make every American followers of his believe it. If the Americans want to understand and practice the true meditations of Sikhs Faith and move on the path with humility and wisdom as Sikh saints all over the world have done, they will have to throw all this rubbish that Yogi Bhajan is stuffing into their minds into the dust-bin and take it for granted that his knowledge of Sikh mysticism and the Khalsa Holy Order is pedestrian and less than elementary. With such absurdities in their heads, and sacrilegious notions and practices of the Sikh mantras they will be in mind, soul and spirit as far away from Sikhism as any ignorant non-Sikh, even though they may put on Sikh appearance and dress, which no doubt is very important.

"The Master(Yogi bhajan)later explained to me that was the way it was supposed to be as it was the beginning of the switch in Sikh leadership from the Indian community to the American Sikh yogis – recognized or not." ~ MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa in a letter to the American Sikh community dated 06/24/2011
Is this a smoking gun or what? I have always suspected that Yogi Bhajan wanted to hijack the Sikh religion, here's the proof from the mouth of Yogi Bhajan's closest aid! See more photos and discussion on facebook:[image]
Yogi Bhajan and Hari Jiwan buying and selling gem stones and jewellry at Jerry's on Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills California, a favorite spot for their business activities. In June 1997,one year after this photo was taken, the Federal Trade Commission filed charges against Hari Jiwan. (Taken from an FTC press release) Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa, also known as Stephen Jon Oxenhandler, a/k/a Bob Thomas; as part of "Project Field of Schemes." This law enforcement effort comprised of approximately 61 law-enforcement actions. In its complaint detailing the charges, the FTC alleged that the defendants routinely misrepresented the risk, value, appreciation and liquidity of the gemstones they sold and falsely claimed that consumers would realize tremendous profits. In addition, the defendants falsely pledged that they could and would easily liquidate consumers' gemstone portfolios after an 18-month holding period. In fact, according to the FTC, the defendants typically ceased all contact with consumers and refused to liquidate their gemstones after the 18-month period. Shortly after the complaint was filed, the court issued a temporary restraining order, froze the defendants' assets and appointed a temporary receiver over the corporate defendants.
I went to Jerry's shop in Beverly Hills with YB and HJ almost every day as I was on YB's security. I also took Shakti Parwha Kaur to Wells Fargo bank on Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hills about three times a week to get gems and a new set of YB's jewellery that he would adorn himself with for that particular day depending on what the astrological stars said he should wear. Shakti would say, "Let's go get the crown jewels." When Shakti and I entered the room at the bank to open the numerous safe deposit boxes full of the precious stones, I was shocked the first time I saw the outrageous amount of trays displaying these huge gemstones.
Around the year 2000, Yogi Bhajan tried to personally sell me a yogic ring for several thousand dollars. We were at Hari Jiwan's house in Espanola where HJ keeps a vast collection of gems worth millions of dollars. Yogi Bhajan told me. "You're naked." And he stated I needed a ring with a particular stone to protect me.

Yogi Bhajan and Hari Jiwan at Jerry's in Beverly Hills California

"Jerry’s shop was much bigger than it appeared. Behind the showroom was a private negotiation room with a couch, table and a chair or two. Behind this room was a large fully equipped kitchen where we enjoyed many delicious Armenian meals.
On a gorgeous spring afternoon in 1989 the Siri Singh Sahib was viewing a special Cartier broach and chain when he received a call from one of his secretaries......."

In a recent letter from Hari Jiwan, HJ says, "As he (Yogi Bhajan) often said, “I’m an easy target if all you want to see are my faults.”"

"He (Yogi Bhajan) was a living example of the greatness of our Guru in spite of any faults – which were few and insignificant. He was my hero and he was a true hero."

"There are very few Buddhas, Christs, Guru Nanaks that make it to this earth."~Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa.
Is Hari Jiwan implying that Yogi Bhajan is on an equal level to Guru Nanak?

Here I think is the crux of the problem with YBers. YBers refuse to admit any significant fault with Yogi Bhajan, eventhough YB himself admitted he had many faults. While I'll admit YB did some good, his faults were clearly many and YB should never be referred to or treated as a Satguru! YB was miles behind true Satgurus like Guru Nanak Dev Ji or Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

Sikhnet Sikh & Yogi Bhajan's "right hand man," Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa declares in the newspaper article "IDOL TALK";

“If the idol stands for a virtue... I have no problem putting that anywhere.”

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" Please find the entire text for the Book under comments for this photograph's link or as a pdf file at:

Join the cause "Call to Truth and Authentic Sikhism" with 6,000 other Sikhs

Join a discussion group on Hari Jiwan with ex YBers at:

"Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa and Gurujot Singh Khalsa were YB's closest and dearest, his right and left arms, both crooks."

It was always my understanding that while everyone always fought and jockeyed to be close to YB, it was usually the craziest, most corrupt, sycophantic and sketchiest that were always by his side. Hardly sounds like a distinction. I also remember people telling me, "The closer you get to Espanola, the crazier it is."

Not to be completely cynical, but I have to wonder what the reasoning is behind this gush of sentimentality from the Chief of Protocol. In the wake of YB's death it seemed like many of the high muckity-mucks were subtly trying to play up angles that would give them legitimacy or authority, or at least some type of it: everything from flaunting their weird titles or starting to call themselves a "master" or "expert", to false-modest claims of siddhis, to personal stories that would range from personal reminiscences like this to more ooga-booga ones of "The SSS once gave me a SPECIAL meditation to do..." From what I've heard the banter from the Secretaries/White Tantric moderators during that time sounded like auditions for American Idol.

I guess with the Chief of Protocol's story, like all things, time will shake it out, and it will at the very least, be interesting.

Parady from the Wacko World of Yogi Bhajan:(Message Truncated)...from the Memoirs of MSS Hari Jiwan (con't):

"Remember, Chief of Protocolji, that P-A-I-N is a four- letter word for opportunity. Never forget that," he said pushing a ruby-encrusted finger painfully into my breastbone. "Those souls down there are lost sheep. Sheep with wallets."
He clasped my wrist just below the Rolex. "Other leaders have found this City of Angels and assembled followers among your generation. None of them as great as I, my son."
"That goes without saying, Sir."
He nodded in the direction of Sunset Blvd. "Jim Morrison? He had passion and sex appeal, too. He became fat. He collected fans and LA women. He made a fortune."
After a moment of silence my teacher dropped my hand and waved his glittering bracelets toward The Matterhorn. "And down there? Walt Disney! A visionary with his own kingdom. A magician, Hari Jiwan. A magician and a businessman."
The waitress brought another round of virgin pina coladas. "Tip her well, my son."
More lights twinkled beneath us as night descended on the basin.. How long had we been here? I recall mentioning it was an August afternoon when we left the movie. We had watched the summer sun go down. We had been here a long time. But with my teacher time stood still. Hours became years...
Always unpredictable, my teacher drew me up short when he waved his drink toward Benedict Canyon. "Manson got it. He faked it til he made it, Hari Jiwan."
"Manson saw the reality of this place, the truth of your generation, you spoiled, stupid American poodles. Charisma and mystical ooga-booga only carries you so far. You need a plan... There's an Apocalypse coming and Manson saw it, too..."
I could see by the illuminated dial on my teacher's Patek Phillipe chronograph that it was time for the valet to bring the Bentley. I knew of my teacher's wrath when he missed the "Hill Street Blues" theme music.
How did I get to be so lucky?

Hilarious and also sickening. Beautiful parody artfully exposing truth.

So did Yogi Bhajan advise MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa on how to scam people? Yes, I believe he did.

An X-YBer busnessman once told me that while in YBism, Yogi Bhajan took him and a couple other YBer Bros into a jewelry store in Chinatown in San Francisco. There YB messed with a Chinese woman's head until she sold him the gem he wanted for far far less than she bought it for. Had she been more sensitive, she would have given Saint YB the pretty rock as a gift.

"There are very few Buddhas, Christs, Guru Nanaks that make it to this earth."~Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa. Is Hari Jiwan implying that Yogi Bhajan is on an equal level to Guru Nanak?

There's something both pathetic and creepy in the fact that Hari Jiwan's Facebook photo album titled "Me" is half-filled of photos of YB and him. You are me and I am you and we are we and...

Although we are we to deny YB's lasting impact on the one and only Chief of Protocol? He's still schleping them gems:

(As an aside, I find it incredibly crass to name a gem company after the Nau-Nidh/Nine Treasures spoken of in the SGGS. Anyone with half a mind would not take this literally when there are so many shabads that mention the Naam as containing all nine treasures and finding the nine treasures within one's Self. It's like a Christian expecting "the gifts of the Holy Spirit" to arrive via UPS and be wrapped in a bow and ribbon.)

Whenever HJS Jr's jail time is mentioned, 3HOers seem quick to say that he did time mostly because he wouldn't snitch on others.

This means that:
1) 3HOers on one level are able to digest the fact that there was a bigger crime being committed within the castle walls, and are not only OK with that, but...
2) Believe in some kind of nobility in covering up for other people who blatantly stole money, because they were "dharmic."

The mind wobbles.

P.S. Any FCC or other documentation out there on HJS Jr.?

Siri Ram Singh Khalsa:

These guys, along with the master of lies and deception had their own paths...the socio-paths. They were men of no conscience who believed that the neds always justified the means. I'm sure there is a special place in hell reserved for yogi bludgeon.

Yeah, its called Roach Motel.

See more photos and discussion on facebook at:

“Amid the legal infighting following Yogi Bhajan’s death, critics are offering another portrait of the Sikh leader.”
3HO Sikhs are now fighting amongst themselves in a lawsuit over the millions of dollars in profits made from using the sacred Sikh religious symbols and scriptures for their own personal gain.3HO Sikhs, who follow Yogi Bhajan, funnel the money to support Yogi Bhajan's tantric cult church which 3HO Sikhs have deceptively camouflaged using names like "Sikh Dharma International", "3HO foundation", "Sikh Dharma Stewardship","","Sikh Dharma Worldwide", "Unto Infinity Board","Khalsa Council" and "KRI(Kundalini Research Institute)". See "Sikhnet's" and "Sikh Dharma International's" slick new websites which were produced with the millions in ill-gained profits using the name of the Golden Temple, names and images of the Sikh Gurus, and sacred Sikh shabads for profit in commercial enterprises.

Read the full front page article about Yogi Bhajan's lust for power and greed of his 3HO Sikhs in Today's Eugene Register-Guard:

""Yogi's Legacy in Question"".[/link]

"New lawsuit hits Golden Temple with fraud!"

Read about the infighting in 3HO and Sikh Dharma--
Today's Eugene Register-Guard:

""Rift in 3HO Sikh community threatens business empire""

Appeared in print: Friday, May 28, 2010

"Bhajan was a leader ‘by fluke’

Recently, a friend sent me articles from The Register-Guard on litigation involving Yogi Bhajan’s organizations in Oregon. The letters to the editor that followed, critical of the reporter, prompt me to throw some light on the subject. Bhajan was extremely good at what he did, but propagation of Sikhism he was not. Criticism of Bhajan’s cult cannot be construed as criticism of Sikhism.

Trilochan Singh, a distinguished Sikh scholar, in his 1977 book “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga,” describes Bhajan devastatingly: “Yogi Bhajan is a Sikh by birth, a Maha Tantric by choice but without training, and a ‘Sri Singh Sahib’ and self-styled leader of the Sikhs of the Western Hemisphere by fluke and mysterious strategy.” There was no mystery to his strategy. He ingratiated himself with the Sikh religious leadership in Punjab, which was more corrupt than the Vatican during the time of Martin Luther.

According to the Tantrics, the best form of worship is the fullest satisfaction of the sexual desires of man, therefore sexual intercourse is prescribed as a part of Tantric worship. In the annals of abuse of women, some had harems, others had concubines and Bhajan had secretaries. The Sikh gurus condemned the Tantrics and their practices. All the cases mentioned in The Register-Guard had merit.

Humility is the hallmark of a Sikh, and Bhajan had none of it. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, describes people such as Bhajan succinctly: “Those ... who have no virtues but are filled with egotistical pride.”

Hardev Singh Shergill President, Khalsa Tricentennial Foundation of North America Editor-in-chief, The Sikh Bulletin El Dorado Hills, Calif.

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"
by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

"The book Sikhism And Tantric Yoga is available at: website which is operated by a genuine White Sikh is highly recommended. Gursant Singh was a member of the Yogi Bhajan Cult (3HO and the Sikhnet Gora Sikhs or White Sikhs) for over 30 years and has intimate knowledge about the inner workings of this cult which attempts to miscegnate Sikhism with Hindu idolatry. I downloaded the book from Gursant’s website and found it to be absolutely compelling. I read it in one compulsive and sustained draught. It is a study not only about cults in Sikhism but about the miscegenation of the Sikh Religion by Hinduism. It is a classic work rendered in beautiful English prose and it is patently the work of a profound intellectual scholar with a deep knowledge of Sikhism."
Quotation taken from:

You may also view individual chapters to "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" at these links:

Sikhism & Tantric Yoga A Critical Evaluation of Yogi Bhajan

Sikh Doctrines and Yogi Bhajan's Secret Science

Yogi Bhajan's Adi Shakti Shaktimans and Shaktis

Yogi Bhajan's Clap Trap Theories of Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan's Ego Maniac Utterances

Yogi Bhajan's Seven Years in America and His Tinkling Titles

Yogi Bhajan's Arrest and Release on Bail

Yogi Bhajan Becomes the Only Maha Tantric in the World

Sikh Leaders without Conscience

Call to Truth and Authentic Sikhism

Please read an Excerpt below taken from "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"

The Name of Golden Temple and its Murals

"In England last year a firm advertised some blue jeans as Jesus Jeans. The whole religious world of England rose in one protest and stopped the manufacture of these jeans. The word Golden Temple has become an instrument of commercial affairs of Yogi Bhajan He has now even named shoe stores as Golden Temple. I was given a "Wha Guru Chew.""

"Yogi Bhajan is using the sacred Sikh mantras and the sacred name of Guru Ram Das as a mantle for his Tantric Sex Yoga which will inevitably lead to mental and physical debauchery of those who take his brand of Sikhism contaminated by crazy sex-energizing asanas seriously."

Read about the "war between 3HO Sikh's Unto Infinity Board and Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma". Yogi Bhajan set up all these organizations and installed their leaders. Decide for yourself if the Tantric Sex Yoga which Yogi Bhajan taught inevitably leads to mental and physical debauchery.

Many of these 3HO profiteers have cut their hair and renounced Sikhi! See these pictures below of Kartar Khalsa CEO of Golden Temple Foods and chairman of Yogi Bhajan's "Unto Infinity Board" who has cut his hair and is no longer a Sikh.
(Is it any wonder that Kartar and Peraim, Controlling members of Yogi Bhajan's "Unto Infinity Board",are wearing circus masks in the above photo?)

See these articles in today's Eugene Register Guard which shows the greed surrounding this dispute:

"Money trail at heart of Sikhs’ legal battle."

Wha Guru being used sacriligiously for huge profits by 3HO Sikhs
[image] [image]"Five flavors and they're all nuts!"


"What did the magician say to the Wha Guru Chew? Open sesame."


Yogi Bhajan used the sacred name of the Golden Temple, names and images of the Sikh Gurus, and sacred Sikh shabads for commercial enterprises to make millions of dollars. Wha Guru is even used as the name of a candy bar by Golden Temple Foods!Links appearing on the internet advertise Golden Temple along with wine and alcohol such as in this Google search link: "Golden Temple Granola - Food & Wine - Compare Prices" Other internet links associate Golden Temple massage oil with sex and sensual massages as in this Google search: "Sensual Soothing... Gol

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