Video proof of how corrupt cops in India torture prisoners & take bribes & "tips" !

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Video proof of how corrupt cops in India torture prisoners & take bribes & "tips" !

I describe in Chapter 64 of my book "Confessions of An American Sikh Locked up in India, corrupt cops & my escape from a "New Age" tantric yoga cult !" how and why I bribed Indian and Nepalese immigration officials in order to escape false arrest, torture & imprisonment !.
Do you think bribery of India's government officials was the proper course of action?
"And that's how the conversation goes for more than an hour. I take every opportunity to let them (the Indian immigration officers) know mine is a minor legal trouble that has turned into a year-long ordeal. I stress that all I want is to get home to my aging mother and father to care for them. I assure them nobody is ever going to hear about my case. Regardless, they just keep on joking and horsing around. I have learned by now not to mention bribes outright. I will just let them bring up the amount of "tip" they expect for their services.
"This is a good man!" says the skinny one.
"Yes," says the fat one, "he is so good, he should come to a party with us!"....
In the end, they want fifty thousand rupees, almost 700 U.S. dollars. I give them the money and my passport and they stroll out the door. They are still laughing when they leave, but I am exhausted and disgusted by all the sexual bullshitting, and I am angry. I seriously suspect I have just thrown away my passport to this couple of whoring idiots. I slam down the money for the check and storm off....."

I was jailed in Amritsar's Ram Bagh police station in January of 2008 on false charges & I can attest to the brutal torture of prisoners by India's corrupt Punjab police. Read about my full account of the corruption and abuse of human rights by India's police and courts towards Sikhs in my new book "Confessions of an American Sikh" Read how I finally had to escape India by bribing Indian and Nepalese immigration officers in order to escape.

The following is from an interview with Gursant Singh in the Santa Fe New Mexican newspaper:

"When I got to the border — they have their little customs and immigration booths right by the border — this one Indian immigration guy walked right in front of me," he said. "I thought, 'Oh, man, I'm going to get nailed.' But he didn't say anything. I looked Indian enough with a beard and everything. Some Kashmir Sikhs are pretty white."

An Indian friend later brought his luggage with his replacement passport into Nepal. But he still lacked an entrance or exit visa from India, as well as an entrance visa for Nepal. That took about $1,000 more in bribes to both Indian and Nepalese immigration officials, weeks of delicate negotiations and finally $200 worth of "whores and booze" for a final party for the immigration agents, he said.

On April 14, he boarded a commercial airliner in Katmandu bound for Qatar and, from there, to Washington, D.C. "When the U.S. customs agent said, 'Welcome back to the United States,' I said, 'You don't know how much that means to me.' "

He said that although he is not worried about any official attempt to extradite him, he thinks there is a possibility that the Indian government or someone linked to it might try to sabotage him in the United States or even kidnap him and return him to India. He carries the revolver and said he is careful to keep his whereabouts confidential.

"I think probably I broke some U.S. laws by bribing these officials (via) the Foreign Corruption Practices Act, but I can't possibly see the State Department trying to prosecute me for that," he said. "No jury is going to convict me for getting out of there."

Yogi Bhajan kundalini yoga followers have accused me of violating the Sikh Reht by bribing Indian officials & faking an exit visa from India. What do you think?

At this link Sikhs can read a story about how Gursikhs bribed prison guards during Guru Gobind Singh Ji's time:

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