Don't be fooled by SikhNet's "Sikh Youth Film Festival"! SikhNet has a hidden greedy agenda!

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Friday, October 11, 2013, 20:04 (3928 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Don't be fooled by Sikh Net's "Sikh Youth Film Festival"! SikhNet has a hidden greedy agenda!


Don't be fooled by SikhNet 's film festival which is a clever way to induct Sikhs into their Yogi Bhajan cult and raise donations for 3HO's tantric yoga organizations.

This morning I was sent a request to vote on a film in the SikhNet film festival. SikhNet refuses to even allow me to view this video before I "like" SikhNet as an organization on fb and since I refuse to like any organization like SikhNet which engages in sacrilegious deception of Sikh values and principles and further blocks all my comments on their promotion of their guru Yogi Bhajan and his frauds, I will not be voting on this video. Instead I encourage all Sikhs to view my videos where all comments are never censored and the truth is always told. "Who really controls SikhNet & how Yogi Bhajan's cult legally censors criticism of tantric yoga!"

Sikhs respond to SikhNet's anti-Gurmat article "5 Things Brown Girls Can Learn From Miss America"

Did you ever wonder why SikhNet never writes a critical article or comment against Yogi Bhajan or his tantric / kundalini yoga? Documents filed on 10/26/2012 reveal that SikhNet is controlled & funded by Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma. The court order approving the settlement which censors "disparaging" comments against Yogi Bhajan & Bhajan's "Sikh Dharma religion" confirms why SikhNet must censor Sikhs who criticize Yogi Bhajan & his un-Sikh like practices!

"The Parties, Controlled Entities, and their respective counsel, directly and indirectly, shall refrain from disparaging each other, Yogi Bhajan, the Related Entities, and/or the Sikh Dharma religion, in the media or otherwise publicly (including but not limited to orally, in writing, on social media, internet, to the media, persons and entities engaged in radio, television, or internet broadcasting, or to persons and entities that gather or report information on trade and business practices or reliability) with respect to any action or inaction that occurred or is alleged to have occurred prior to the Effective Date of the Agreement or that occurs in carrying out the Agreement..."

it's remarkable how Yogi Bhajan's sect distinguishes what they do from the mainstream Sikh religion as practiced by traditional Sikhs. It shows up again in the settlement language regarding the pending purge of managers and board members of their "Controlled Entities." Those facing the Inquisition must conform to the "mission to support and advance the practice of the Sikh religion or technology of Kundalini Yoga, as both were taught by Siri Singh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji aka Yogi Bhajan."

"...with respect to any action or inaction that occurred or is alleged to have occurred..."

There's a history of coverups, threats and payoffs here. The Non-Disparagement Agreement is an effective tool for eviscerating dissenters present and future.

Is this why SikhNet will not allow any criticism of Yogi Bhajan?

Link to settlement agreement and court order:
Please take a few days and read Sikhism and tantric Yoga by a Sikh scholar and then let me know what you think. I read the book after spending 30 years with Yogi Bhajan and it was a real opener for me. You can download the book for free at:

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