Do Sikhs want a director of SikhNet who uses the fingernail clippings of a dead evil yogi as a "magic talisman" ?

by Gursant Singh ⌂ @, Yuba City California USA, Sunday, March 16, 2014, 01:11 (3642 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Guruka of SikhNet uses Yogi Bhajan's tantric fingernail clippings as talisman for magical powers!

Sikhs must read how Guruka Singh of SikhNet kept Yogi Bhajan's fingernail clippings as tantric talismans to attain sidhi powers! The story by Guruka which was posted on the 3HO website yesterday is disgusting and an affront to all Sikhs! If you had any doubt of the anti- Sikh practices at SikhNet then here is definite proof from the horse's mouth! These Yogi Bhajan people are either delusional or under the tantric spell of Yogi Bhajan, maybe both.


In a recent trip to Espanola New Mexico I had an opportunity to observe & video record first hand the goings on at Yogi Bhajan's 3HO dera including the worship of idols ! Idolatry is against Sikh teachings so why does SikhNet allow a golden idol to be worshiped with garlands and money offerings?

SikhNet's main office is attached to the same building not more than 20 feet from the golden idol of Baba Siri Chand and the mural featuring the Christian virgin Mary, mother of Jesus.

Was Dr. Trilochan Singh correct when he said in his 1977 book "Now that this myth was made known to 3HO yogis, it had to be given a historical garb. This was done by a number of speeches of Yogi Bhajan which his theorists have summed up in Kundalini Quarterly, Summer 1976: "Tantric Yoga was practiced in couples of male and female. It cleansed the subconscious of all phobias and psychological problems. It was practiced only under the guidance of a person called the Mahan Tantric. There existed only one such person in the world at any one time." (page 3) Natural disasters and wars took their toll. At that point in history over 26,000 years ago, many seers, scholars, yogis and their followers took materials and went into the hills of Tibet. There for 900 years they stayed with the hope of preserving that knowledge. Unfortunately they did not always practice them. . . . The original Kundalini Yoga survived, but it had become a secret oral tradition, (page 7) About 500 years ago, a stage came in India where many of the techniques were learned or rediscovered. Guru Nanak, Baba Siri Chand, Guru Gobind Singh and others reintegrated this ancient technology into their contemporary life and practices. The breath mantra, meditation, exercise and community living were all taught to everyone. This gave rise to a group of practitioners called the Sikhs, as well as to new groups of ascetic yogis who did not look down on the life of a householder. Since 1969, the West has had a unique opportunity to learn meditation techniques of Kundalini Yoga without secrecy and personality cults. Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga and the present Mahan Tantric has learned, experienced and mastered the ancient techniques from all these sources. He has been a recognized teacher and master of Kundalini Yoga since he was fourteen years old. He has been teaching these techniques openly in the manner compatible with the Western living pace. (Kundalini Quarterly, Summer Solstice 1976, page 8)." Download the entire book for free at:
Rahatnama Bhai Daya Singh Ji: A Sikh does not practice Yoga

Bhai Daya Singh Ji made very clear in the Rehatnama:

(1) A Sikh of the Guru should not have any faiths in Brahmanical monasteries, idols, pilgrimages to holy rivers, gods and goddesses, fasts, Brahmanical ceremonies of image worship (puja and archa), nor should a Sikh believe in Tantric mantras and Yantras nor go to Brahmins and pirs for amulets, talisman or seeking omens, nor submit to the Hindu sacrament of Gaytri and Tarpana.

(2) A Sikh is the Khalsa who has dedicated his body, mind and wealth to the Supreme Being.

(3) A Sikh should NOT wear any sacred thread of the Hindus. He should not perform any Hindu rites or ceremonies. A Sikh should perform all ceremonies according to discipline of the Sikh Gurus by offering prayers (Ardasa) before the Lord.

(8) A Sikh does NOT go to Hindu places of pilgrimage for salvation or mukti.

(9) A Sikh does not practice Yoga asanas and other feats of penance associated with Yoga of any sort.

(15) A Sikh does not have any faith in Brahmanical, Vaishnava or Shaiva Deities.

(16) A Sikh pays NO attention to Yogis who...put on any other garb or robes. For greed, lust, cheap popularity they wonder from door to door. Their hearts are empty and their samadhis are sham. The true religion is the Religion of divine Love.

(17) A Sikh should NOT follow hypocritical saints who are actually thugs in holy garb.

(18) A Sikh should NOT worship any idols. There is NO God in stone images.

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