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Please read an Excerpt below taken from

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"
by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

The Name of Golden Temple and its Murals

"In England last year a firm advertised some blue jeans as Jesus Jeans. The whole religious world of England rose in one protest and stopped the manufacture of these jeans. The word Golden Temple has become an instrument of commercial affairs of Yogi Bhajan He has now even named shoe stores as Golden Temple. I was given a "Wha Guru Chew.""

"Yogi Bhajan is using the sacred Sikh mantras and the sacred name of Guru Ram Das as a mantle for his Tantric Sex Yoga which will inevitably lead to mental and physical debauchery of those who take his brand of Sikhism contaminated by crazy sex-energizing asanas seriously."

A Global Settlement Response

Sat Nam,

This is in response to Guruterath Singh's email suggesting many ridiculous actions. Most GTS comments and suggestions are incorporated in Gurujodha Singh's well thought out email response with his usual humor and Khalsa clarity. Pass it along to any you know have interest in this modern epic conflict.

Sat Nam Wahe Guru!

Much love and light---Gurujot Singh

Begin forwarded message:

From: Gurujodha Khalsa <>
Date: March 29, 2010 4:36:39 PM EDT

Dear Guru Terath Singh (GTS):

My thoughts on your thoughts-

GTS-“If I were a young man searching for a spiritual path - as I was at one
time -
and read the emails that have been posted for the world to read over the past
year, I would see what appeared to be one group that was a bunch of crooks and
the other that was a bunch of very angry, self-righteous, old people. The only
thing they would have in common would be their spiritual practices. I would,
of course, quickly move on with my search. This is the real danger that the
SSS's legacy is facing.”

First, if you are looking for a spiritual path by reading e-mails or searching
on Guru.comthen you may need to expand your search. Many of us in our youth
transcended the dysfunctional and challenging ashram years to make it and
experience the beauty and bliss of this path. I am confident that anyone who
has an actual experience of these teachings can transcend a few e-mails to
walk on their destiny path.

Second, I believe your sense of the “real danger” may be misplaced. SSS
wasn’t concerned with marketing, revenue or being popular. He was in my
opinion concerned with delivering spiritual technology and a way of life that
had a defined identity, mission, values, beliefs and an action plan that
relied on the Guru and not the vagaries of human opinion, greed, and doubt.
People walked away from this Dharma all the time and I never saw him once
change his message or his teaching to appease the masses, get more students or
cater to someone’s ego. That’s actually SSS's “legacy” in my opinion-
to have the mental, physical and spiritual strength to do what is right (right
meaning to speak the Truth and act as your Higher Consciousness demands) no
matter what the imagined or perceived consequences.

GTS- "If this goes on, I expect that there will be a well funded SDI with very
people. There will be a SDW with many more people, but with inadequate,
ongoing funding to do much of anything in the years ahead."

Wait a minute, as I recall you stated at the Khalsa Council meetings last year
that it was impossible to challenge UI? They had all the power. The documents
drafted by Roy Lambert were impenetrable. The businesses couldn’t and
wouldn’t be sold because the money would have to go to the non-profits, UI,
or its individual members couldn’t get any of that money.

Well, I believe the “jury is still out” on those assertions. What is clear
to me is that if we had followed your recommendation and declined to file a
lawsuit then at minimum we would never have known about the transfer and sale
of GT to GTM, the sale of the GT cereal division and the private ownership of
Yogi Tea. We wouldn’t have been able to get a court order at least
temporarily locking up any sale proceeds or preventing the sale of other
dharmic assets and we wouldn’t be having what I believe is a critical and
necessary dialogue as a community. But for the law suit I don't think we
would be talking about "A Global Settlement", compromise, or two UI members

So, at least by following a different course we have some additional
information to add to the discussion and apparently according to your latest
proposal we can get rid of 2 UI members. If this trend continues perhaps in
another year (or less) we will have a proposal to remove all four UI members.

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