"Yogi's Legacy in Question" Printed in The Register-Guard

by Baldev Kaur, Thursday, June 10, 2010, 13:55 (5147 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

Youre so full of shit. I hope God and Guru will forgive all your invention and blasphemy.Since when touching someones fingertips is a sexual practice?You definitely are so ignorant.Tantric yoga is divided in three groups :White Tantric yoga- the practice for spiritual purposes to purify and uplift the being.,which is what Yogui Bhajan tought,than there is Black Tantric yoga- the practice to obtain mental control of other people,and then there is Red tantric yoga- the practice to experience the senses and the sexual energy. Yogui Bhajan never tought that!!!!He only tought White Tantric Yoga.And are you saying that because you use gewelry you cant be humble??All gems have healing powers and are benenfic for you,get a reading will you?.And vegetarienism and yoga are hindu practices??Do you know that sikhs are vegetarian???And do you know that Guru Nanaks son Sri Chand was a great yogui????And for the love of God,since when having a statue in your home means you are idolatrising it????Please if you have no knowledge than you shouldnt post your inventions here.Youre only hurting yourself.There are white and indian 3HO sikhs all over the world and they will not fall because of your negative comments.I deeply feel sorry for you.??May God open your eyes.

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