"Yogi's Legacy in Question" Printed in The Register-Guard

by Siri Dyal @, los angeles, Thursday, June 17, 2010, 20:36 (5140 days ago) @ Gursant Singh

alas as the teachings of the Sri Sing Sahib Yogi Bhajan, have once again come into criticism... i for one, can say my life was transformed through the teachings of Yogi Bhajan...which to this day have greatly enhanced my life..and the peace and contentment i feel to this day.

like the teachings of the Buddah, Jesus Christ, and many others, there will always be critics...always someone to cast shadows upon their character ... and i always consider why???

In Yogi Bhajans teachings, i know that to be a great teacher and leader..their must be sacrifice... and a willingness to be open to those who will hate and love...as well as their life is at stake as well....all great teachers have been criticized and this is a mark of true greatness..

for if you know... Gandhi himself was shot by a Punjab Sikh.

blind love and devotion is painful to watch for the ones who consider themselves unloved...for they cannot understand such a beautiful relationship..

and always diminish it to the base- er parts of life from which they draw their understanding... sex, money, survival...all the lower chackras.

when i read you views on Yogi Bhajan..and the disrespect in which you describe the great Yogi G...

i find my self having compassion for the writer... for if we are an educated being...we understand the fundamentals in life

which is ...everything in life exists in duality...for it must to stay here and in balance.

it would seem the tone and timber of ur message would be of a personal and not intellectual bias

and if we know anything about Yogi Bhajsn, he always taught to not take him in a personal way...but to relate to his soul....his radiant being.

what are material things in comparison to the gifts he gave humanity...freely... lovingly... unselfishly... and still to this day gracefully withstands the tyranny of ignorance???

for he says ... if we cant see god in all...we cant see god at all... and this too applies to the haters.

Gems and precious stones... they do protect... and perhaps this was the way he had to teach you a lesson you need to learn to move ahead in ur life without resentment or malice...

would it be so hard to pay a couple grand for a beautiful gem???

i know many Sikhs in the Khalsa as well as out of the Khalsa whom Yogi g has given freely prieless gems to..

the recipes he shared with us... another gift...

my life is for the better as well as so many others i know who have been touched directly or indirectly by the Great Yogi Bhajan...

he did not encourage devotion to him as a person... like the pope... he encouraged devotion to God...

and your personal ideas of him, are of course your choice and you will

but i wonder... is your message the intent of helping??? or hurting???

and everything in this world is based in intention.

for, isnt even a small good greater than no good at all????

you have chosen a battle which seems to be vain, and personally driven ... not unlike a spoiled child who did not get what they want for christmas

and i will go further to say... it is evident you are an unhappy person...still searching for peace

you should have purchased the gem... for you have no idea the lesson of letting go of a little cash could have taught you

he would not ask that of someone who didnt have the cash... he would have given it to them...

you missed the lesson my friend

you denied yourself and still deny yourself love an respect...

you cannot change the good Yogi Bhajan has done for millions and millions on this earth...who only took him for what he is...

an this is a great teacher...

and applied his teachings to thier lives... and received the greatest payoff of all... peace of mind... new found respect for themselves and others..

there will always be critics...and haters... and nay sayers... for something and someone as great as the great Yogi Bhajan could not be as great without great critics..

and i am sure... his love for you is a strong and compassionate as it ever was... even though you hate...

he can love you unconditionally... for man is fraught with contradiction... and misery....

an you are no different..as well as you are just as deserving of love and peace as any of us

to reduce Yogi Bhajan to sex, and money, power and greed, clearly indicates where you are stuck in your own life...and it is sad... but not unpredictable ... nor unique in its quest to debunk a great being...

in fact you are common place...and an ordinary:-P man ... who cannot see feel smell or hear the EXTRAORDINARY LIFE THAT SRI SIRI SINGH SAHIB YOGI BHAJAN IS...WAS...AND ALWAYS WILL BE.... ETERNAL IN THE HOLY SAT NAM

and thank you for reminding me of this duplicity in man...and refreshing me in his greatness... his unmeasured kindness...and worth!!!

humbly and sincerely

Siri Dyal Kaur :-P

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