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"A recent Sikh Dharma newsletter about prosperity said that giving away percentage of your business earnings increases blessings and prosperity. Some mantra too used to bring prosperity, with subtle pleas to contribute to 'Amar Infinity' This newsletter was all about giving and getting money."
"I was one of the lucky ones. I listened to my intuition, checked out my hunches on the Internet and saved myself from a potentially weird situation. Wonder how many unsuspecting innocents will get sucked, or nearly sucked, in."
"As enthusiastic and gung-ho as I was about attending the 'Master's Touch' course, there were several things nagging me. One of the things that stuck out was something I read about having to sign a contract agreeing to pay part of my yoga income to 3HO. I love sharing what I know and the joy of seeing my students blossom. That's all the payment I ever need. I will be calling 3HO to cancel my registration. I feel suddenly free. With the money saved I will take my family on a great vacation."
"I read some quotes from Yogi Bhajan about how he tells teachers that it is the student's duty and obligation to pay their teacher. But if the student offers nothing, they get nothing from the class. That's news to me because I ask for no money or gifts and my students tell me they feel enriched, wonderful, able to manage their stress, are more relaxed and happier. That is certainly not an example of getting nothing.Yogi Bhajan statements struck me as quite cynical. He comes across as grating, abrasive and intolerant."
"As a former member of 3HO, it seems to me that 3HO became more about 'us vs. them' (i.e. the nasty outside world), instead of spreading the light. Conformity was imposed upon us and it dawned on me that certain people were not what they said they were. The gap widened, in power, in wealth, and in exploitation. That is between the 'inner circle' and the Peons. 3HO began to resemble a 'Third World' nation. I realize that many 3HO members might have thought this was a 'test' from 'Yogiji.' But this was not a true spiritual test."
"People doted on Yogi Bhajan. He was like the 11th Guru! I was embarrassed and disappointed to discover he rode around in expensive cars. The tithing was just for the rich to get richer!" --from a former 3HO member
"3HO women were exhorted not to go anywhere alone. Men were in charge of ashram businesses even when women did most of the work. Married women were told to say, 'I'm sorry, you are right, it's the will of God' to their husbands every time there was a disagreement. Very, very sexist organization once you are inside." --from a former 3HO member
"I was born into 3HO and raised as a member of that organization and devotee of Yogi Bhajan until I finally broke away for good. I was also sent off to the 3HO school in India for many years. My experiences in India were horrifying. Actually, my whole history within 3HO is a horrifying story and should be a warning to anyone."

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“Amid the legal infighting following Yogi Bhajan’s death, critics are offering another portrait of the Sikh leader.”

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