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"I talked to a young man who answered the [3HO] school phone number and he told me that their school in India 'is recognized by the New Mexico Department of Education' [NMBE]. I (being naturally suspicious) contacted the NMBE and they said, 'The school you reference is in India, but run by a group in Espanola and is not listed on any of the non-public school lists that are accredited by the State Board of Education in New Mexico. For your information, a non-public school that is recognized in New Mexico only means that the Department of Education has been notified that it exists. The school is not accredited by the State Board of Education."
"I was just perusing your site and posted a few statements to a Kundalini Yoga list I am on about Yogi Bhajan and 3HO. Subsequently I got banned from the list. I guess the 'guru' and his puppets (err, i mean disciples) do not like 'negative' comments. I am through with yoga--too many scam artists for me. I have been having serious doubts if all of yoga was invented to prey on people searching for answers." [ Note: though most yoga is taught ethically and responsibly--it is sad that some students are alienated by teachers associated with problematic groups]
"I think Yogi Bhajan is a fraud and I believe Kundalini yoga is bogus in general."
"The information you've provided on 3HO has been invaluable. The 'Magic Soup' article was my favorite--I read it 2 times. I had to re-read it after I dropped out of my KY teachers training I needed to remind myself that I was playing with fire. I am so thankful and glad that [people] have been brave enough to share your stories. I believe that part of the goal of this Web site is to warn would-be recruits of the dangers of 3HO, so please realize that your message is reaching people, or at least me and you have changed my mind and perhaps my life by speaking out."
"Sikhism is not destructive and it is not a cult. It is a major flourishing religion in the world. I understand that you may be referring to [a specific] leader (yogi) as [the] person responsible, but the people who visit the site may get the wrong impression about the whole Sikh religion. This would be analogous to saying that Christianity is a 'destructive cult' because of some corrupt ministers, and that would be totally wrong". --from a Pujabi Sikh
"For many years I have waited for someone from the 3HO cult to air their distrust of their leader. I applaud your efforts to expose this shady character. I personally listened to many of [Yogi Bhajan's] speeches& generally conclude that his teachings are not much related to Sikhism. I have never seen any Punjabi Sikhs becoming pupils of "Yogi Bhajan". I am afraid his habits may give the Sikhs a very bad name in the world. Again, well done! Your efforts may help many to keep away from the 3HO cult". --A Pujabi Sikh 1999 "Great page on 3HO! A friend of mine in high school was in it because her mother was. They both later left. My friend had some very unpleasant childhood experiences thanks to 3HO."
"It's funny; the 3HO Sikhs think they are on the road to greatness and even somewhat superior. But as far as the world can see, their situation is really quite sad. They've been taken away from their own culture, families, and individual life's dreams. In return, they've been given a bunch of exercises, magic chants, silly costumes, and empty promises. They belong to a raving old man from India now. They belong to Bhajan". A former student 1999
"I read your article regarding the exercises Yogi Bhajan teaches in yoga. It also makes sense with all the injuries that come out of his yoga and the ever expanding number of Khalsa Chiropractic centers he has all over the world. It keeps the money coming in."
"I am so grateful for a Web site that exposed 3HO. I never knew there was anything so wrong with the organization...and the criminals in the organization as well"!

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“Amid the legal infighting following Yogi Bhajan’s death, critics are offering another portrait of the Sikh leader.”

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