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"Ever since I have read the Web site regarding 3HO, I have quit attending classes. I had no idea. Absolutely none".
"I am so glad you gave me a mind opener to questions in my mind about 3HO...I was thinking about joining 3HO, but I had a lot of questions. I knew the answers would not come from them. I started to adopt their life lifestyle&now I have reversed that".
"Thanks for putting up the info on Kundalini Yoga. Things didn't sound right to me. I got a negative feeling and went with it [and your site] confirmed things. Thanks again for making the information available".
"Thank you for your information on 3HO. After reading your articles, I spent the last two weeks trying to make up my mind on whether to attend two 3HO classes I had paid for in advance. On the night of the second class, to my surprise it was announced that Yogi Bhajan was in town and would teach after the regular class. I decided to stay on and give 'The Master' the chance to speak--it turned out to be the famous last words on my yoga career. His 'Teachings' consisted of:
a) Things everybody likes to hear and therefore believes.
b) Some witty remarks to keep you entertained.
c) Loads of nonsense that you might as well find on the 'X-Files' show.

Conclusion: I'll forget about Kundalini Yoga, play Volleyball instead and stick to other spiritual paths for enlightenment. Thank you again!"

"Your web site is a welcome one. I have long seen Yogi Bhajan destroying the good name of Sikhism through his cult. One must be careful to keep in mind that Yogi Bhajan's 3HO community is not in any way representative of Sikhism. Sikhism is a humble and simple religion that is grounded on the ideas of sexual equality and complete egalitarianism. The hoarding of material goods, and the pursuit of wealth is not thought highly of in Sikhism. Many of the greatest Sikhs in history have been poor and humble people. On another note, Yogi Bhajan has been long maintaining that he has been given the highly respectful position of "Siri Singh Sahib" by the Akal Tahkat, the central authority for ALL Sikhs. This is incorrect. Records of the Akal Takhat show that this extremely rare title, given only to the most deserving of Sikhs and was never officially bestowed upon Yogi Bhajan. He has been lying about his title for over 20 years."

"I find your 'groups' section extremely interesting. I'm a Sikh and feel we are always mistaken for these 3HO people who are not at all related to us. Thanks for that great research. The site www.sikhnet.com is 3HO as well."

"I'm a young, concerned Sikh [and] I do not know much about what is or has been going on with Yogi Bhajan. [But] it is not fair to generalize and stereotype us. He does not represent ALL of us. Please, try to understand, and try to put yourself in the place of an innocent, truthful, and honest Sikh who is not only that, but a human being with compassion and respect for mankind."

"Thank You for saving the lives of so many potential victims of cults. Especially those who hide the racket under the cloud of 'Yoga.' Those cult members in New Mexico are really mad at you for 'letting the cat out of the bag,' or speaking the specific truth about the 3HO. They are trying to run away from you on the Internet. They have created hundreds of sites to hide your site through their own camouflage. Continue in your effort--it really scares them. Good work."

"We should expose these people and their un-Sikh activities" --From a Punjabi Sikh

"I find it quite embarrassing that when you type in Kaur, Guru or Khalsa at amazon.com--one of the first titles to appear is 'The Art of Making Sex Sacred.' Any potential readers should know that this book has nothing at all to do with Sikhism." --From a traditional Sikh
"There are two aspects of this issue. Business and Brahmin like cult. There is no place of Tantric or Kundilini Yoga within Sikhism, which is promoted in the West by Yogi Bhajan. One GurSikh Dr. Trilochan Singh (who was a companion of Bhai Sahib Randhir Singh) wrote a book called "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" in the early 70s in response to what Yogi Bhajan teaches. That book is sharp attack on [3H)] practices and teachings. This rare and out of print book is available from Nahal Global Trading Co. P.O. Box 21949 San Jose, CA 95151-1949. The Yoga of the Sikhs is 'Nam Simran,' not Yogic 'assanas.' If Yoga were part of Sikhism it would have been part of the Nitnem! An American Khalsa, apparently another chela of Yogi Bhajan, sent me an e-mail message about his 'numerology' and web page, etc. I gently told him that this crap is all against Sikhism and reminded him that our great Guru, Guru Gobind Singh had warned us against such Brahminic practices (Bipran ki reet)." --From a traditional Sikh

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