How can you allow images of Yogi Bhajan & gods in Gurdwara?

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Thank you for posting those links, I hadn't seen those before.

I'll readily admit that my actions in the past, as in the links you have so appropriately provided, have not been Sikh like.

Yogi Bhajan personally encouraged and supported my sports gambling using astrology to pick winners in baseball games. Due to his encouragement at gambling I also developed a system for winning at Black Jack which one of your links refers to.

Yogi Bhajan also personally encouraged me in shady business deals which had its beginnings some 29 years ago when YB sent me to work in the infamous GRDE(Guru Ram Das Enterprises) phone room. Under the tutelage of YB's right hand man Hari Jiwan Singh, we were taught how to defraud elementary school secretaries out of thousands of dollars. The other link you provided illustrates how these frauds developed and grew bigger and bigger involving millions of dollars. You have know doubt read about many of these frauds yogi Bhajan perpetrated on Rick Ross' website involving Gem schems and other illegal businesses. Now you can see YB's unSikh like teachings bringing down all of 3HO with the war going on between YB's Unto Infinity Board and Sikh Dharma.
I have many other stories about Yogi Bhajan's corrupt business practices which I will save for a later discussion, my point here is, my actions in the past illustrate the corruption of Yogi Bhajan, his sacrilegious teachings and the tantric shakti cult follower I once was.

I encourage you to read Dr. Trilochan Singh's book again with this in mind.

Concerning the accusation in your post "You stole this email address from the ashram email list". Your e-mail address was sent to me by the ashram secretary last year. You have never instructed me to remove your name until now from my mailing list but now that you've requested this, I will remove your e-mail address from the website(as you can see below)and my mailing list.

Now that I have answered your accusations, I'll put a challenge to you:

As a Sikh of the Guru and a person who says they have "the knowledge and surety" to debate Dr. Trilochan Singh,how can you possibly allow hindu gods and images of Yogi Bhajan to be allowed in and around the Gurdwara there in Espanola? As a Sikh and someone who was acknowledged as the Sikh youth of the month, how can you allow Yogi Bhajan's sacrilegious Kundalini and tantric sex asanas to be practised by the 3HO Sikhs in a Gurdwara no less? How can you allow sikh sacred mantras, symbols and images of the Golden Temple to be used for commercial enterprises and personal profit? I must say that your accusations against me seem trivial when you consider the sacrilege you allow to flourish in your own house.

Date: Fri, 8 Jan 2010 17:04:37 -0700
Subject: Re: FW: “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga”
From: Prabhu Khalsa

I'm not sure what your angle is for sending this book, but this book is utter garbage.
Below he has written: "Most of the American Sikhs are absolutely innocent as well as ignorant." This is simply bullshit. Perhaps in the 70's his stereotypes were applicable but they have no value currently.
In fact, without preparation, I would be ready to debate Trilochan at any given time. I could write at lengths (to match his lengthy discussion) giving a point by point rebuttal to his pathetic attempt at scholarship and his more pathetic attempt at explaining the teachings and genuine spirit of Guru Nanak.
His is a tried and tired argument which should be put to bed with the rest of most Sikh 'scholarship.' There are a new generation of scholars who do not have associations with "Sikh" jethas that have historically been after 3ho and the Siri Singh Sahib. You might want to look into some of those.
You might be curious where I gained the knowledge and surety that I have to challenge him to a debate. My answer would be that I read from the Guru frequently. I also read the vars of Bhai Gurdas. Unlike Trilochan, I don't cherry pick the message of the Bhai Gurdas or the Siri Guru Granth Sahib.
Also, unlike Trilochan I won't claim to have only an academic interest in his writings and then go on to take personal shots at him (which he has done in his book about Siri Singh Sahib). I have a very strong bias, and I am upfront about that. I believe in the teachings of Siri Singh Sahib, however I can make my case without any of his teachings. The propaganda coming from him and any other AKJ apologists (or members) is very biased. The AKJ themselves are generally known as an ultra-fanatic group whom other "scholars" have done equivalent research upon and come to similar outlandish conclusions as Trilochan has about Siri Singh Sahib and 3ho.
One thing I learned from this book is that it must be the source for the manifold debates by these fanatics on the internet given that it is, to the letter, the same debate and same handicapped arguments used over and over again.
I will leave with one more quote from his book "no Sikh worth the name acknowledges him to be a really religious and spiritual man"
This is Trilochan's writing of Siri Singh Sahib. I could make the same claim about Trilochan, but then I would be stooping to his level of pathetic "scholarship." Speaking for the entire diverse Sikh community without even one reference.
I doubt Trilochan is available for debate, but if you would like to sit with me, and challenge me on the veracity of any of Trilochan's claims, I would be happy to have that discussion.
In the ardaas we pray for Bibayk (discerning intellect) any one gifted with Bibayk and the spirit of sovereignty given to the Khalsa by Guru Gobind Singh could see manipulations on all sides, and choose to keep only the gems offered by fellow members of the community.
Not everything done and said by the Siri Singh Sahib was meant to be a part of the teachings or an example for us to follow. In fact he lead us to the Siri Guru Granth Sahib and told us never to bow to any man. This is the most fundamental challenge to the claims of Trilochan and this pathetic excuse for a book.
God bless you on your journey, may you move forward without a further need to defame Siri Singh Sahib, 3HO or anybody else you feel has wronged you in the past.
WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, WaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh!
-Prabhu Singh

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