Related newspaper articles in Register Guard and Willamette Week: Now that Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma Worldwide Organization has won their big lawsuit against Yogi Bhajan's Unto Infinity Board, will SDW continue their anti Sikh agenda?

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CEO wrongly enriched, judge says
The leaders of the Golden Temple food company unlawfully took over ownership, lawsuit ruling says
By Sherri Buri McDonald

The Register-Guard

Published: (Thursday, Dec 15, 2011 11:20AM) Today



A Portland judge ruled that Kartar Singh Khalsa, CEO of Golden Temple natural foods company, and other company executives were unjustly enriched at the expense of the Sikh religious community founded by the late Yogi Bhajan.

Multnomah County Circuit Judge Leslie Roberts also ruled late Tuesday that Khalsa and three other of the community’s administrative leaders breached their fiduciary duties to the religious community.

In a 46-page ruling, Roberts found that Golden Temple — a for-profit company that made Peace brand cereal and Yogi brand tea — was held in trust for religious purposes; that the four-member Unto Infinity board that oversees Golden Temple and includes Khalsa, failed in its responsibility to safeguard Golden Temple for the religious community; and that the board instead allowed him and five other high-ranking Golden Temple managers to be privately enriched when 90 percent of the thriving company was transferred to them in 2007 for a pittance.

Still to be determined are monetary damages or other remedies. Roberts asked all the attorneys to submit briefs on remedies by Jan. 1.

The Sikh ministers who filed the lawsuit have asked for $50 million in damages.

“I think (the ruling is) a really good victory for the private plaintiffs and the Sikh community,” said John McGrory, attorney for the Sikh Dharma ministers. “It tells exactly what happened and who’s to blame.”

Attorneys for the Unto Infinity board members and for the six Golden Temple Management members did not respond to requests for comment for this story.

Avtar Hari Singh Khalsa, one of the plaintiffs in the ministers’ suit, said the plaintiffs and “the entire global community of Sikh Dharma are extremely gratified at the complete victory the judge awarded us.”

The plaintiffs initially filed their lawsuit in September 2009. Avtar Hari Singh Khalsa, a former Los Angeles entertainment executive who has been part of the Sikh community inspired by Yogi Bhajan for the past 25 years, said he has been his community’s project manager on the litigation for the past 2½ years.

“I saw a very painful process unfold,” he said. “I say painful because the defendants were part of our community.”

“I think it’s brought our global community much closer together,” he said. “It’s also been very humbling. How would any of us know what we’d do when faced with the temptation of power and extreme wealth? My prayer is that I would not (fall prey to those temptations).”

“I don’t hate them,” he said of the defendants. “I hate what they did.”

Roberts has presided over this lawsuit for more than two years. A four-week trial concluded on June 17.

As hundreds of thousands of pages of documents were disclosed in the course of the suit, allegations of wrongdoing by the Unto Infinity managers and Golden Temple Management focused on a 2007 transaction in which Kartar Singh Khalsa and the five other Golden Temple executives, contributed $100 for a 90 percent controlling interest in Golden Temple.

In her ruling, Roberts had harsh words for Kartar Singh Khalsa, who was both a member of Golden Temple Management and served on the Unto Infinity board, which oversaw the Sikh community’s various for-profit companies and nonprofit groups.

Kartar Singh Khalsa also is a former Eugene resident and board chairman of the Eugene Area Chamber of Commerce.

“Kartar Singh Khalsa acted with knowledge that the effect of the transaction was to abstract from the trust and provide for his own economic benefit a tremendously valuable asset,” Roberts wrote in the ruling.

In another section, she called him a “self-dealing fiduciary in the transaction by which the management group obtained the great majority interest in the newly formed Golden Temple of Oregon without giving value.”

In the 2007 corporate restructuring, Unto Infinity/KIIT retained a 10 percent stake in Golden Temple and was to receive an annual income stream for the nonprofit groups of 8 percent of $23 million, the 2007 appraised value of Golden Temple’s U.S. cereal and tea divisions. (KIIT is a Nevada for-profit company controlled by Unto Infinity,)

In the ruling, Roberts found the appraised value of $23 million to be extremely low and said that Golden Temple’s true value was $40 million.

Factoring in the strategic value of the company to buyers interested in gaining a foothold in the natural foods market, the company would have been worth at least $100 million in 2007, she wrote.

Golden Temple sold its cereal division alone for $71 million to Hearthside Food Solutions in May 2010, the ruling said.

Roberts found fault with the Unto Infinity board members who authorized the transfer of Golden Temple to the Golden Temple managers and with Kartar Singh Khalsa, who “sat silent while his fellow board members surrendered an asset which was worth many millions of dollars more than Unto Infinity and KIIT would receive in the transaction.”

“In considering the plan, the Unto Infinity and KIIT board made no effort to compare what Golden Temple Management received to what it had paid (a peppercorn),” Roberts wrote. “Any such comparison would have required a consideration whether the interest being conveyed to GTM was worth — to some other possible business partner — more than a peppercorn.

“If so, it would have been obvious that value was being conveyed for nothing, for which an arms-length investor would have paid a much greater amount.”

McGrory, attorney for the Sikh Dharma ministers, said his clients are seeking the following remedies: new people on the managing boards; Golden Temple’s U.S. and European tea businesses; more than $33 million in profits that were paid out to Golden Temple Management and the salaries paid to Unto Infinity Board members. Some salaries were as high as $185,000 a year, according to the ruling.

The members of Unto Infinity, four members of Golden Temple Management and the Oregon Attorney General, have proposed a settlement agreement, which McGrory said his clients oppose because it would thwart their efforts to recover $17 million of the $33 million paid to Golden Temple managers, and it would give Kartar Singh Khalsa even more power over Golden Temple than he has today.

Judge Rules Against Oregon-Based Business Leaders In Case That Split Yogi's Followers December 14th, 2011 By COREY PEIN

YOGI BHAJAN - Caricature by Tim GoughThis summer, WW reported on a convoluted and emotionally fraught legal dispute between the followers of the late Yogi Bhajan, a guru who converted thousands of white Americans to the Sikh religion, and inspired the founding of a corporate and non-profit empire worth nearly $1 billion.
Before his death in 2004, Bhajan left instructions as to the management of the religious non-profits and the companies that supported them, including Golden Temple foods in Eugene, and Akal Security, a federal contractor based in New Mexico. Akal guards airports, federal courthouses and embassies abroad. Golden Temple makes widely available granolas and the Yogi Tea brand (and is involved in separate trademark litigation with Bhajan's widow, Bibiji Inderjit Kaur Puri, who lives in Los Angeles.)

Long story short, small group of Oregon Sikhs—aided by Bhajan's longtime attorney, Roy Lambert of the Portland firm Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt—gained control of the group's businesses and nonprofits, made themselves rich in the process, and literally locked other members of the group out.

Yesterday, Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Leslie Roberts ruled in favor of the New Mexico-based religious leaders who sued the Oregon Sikhs and Lambert, who is under investigation by the Oregon State Bar as a result of his conduct leading up to this case.

The plaintiffs had been joined by the Oregon Attorney General's office, which was concerned about violations of state law regarding charitable organizations.

In her opinion, available here, Roberts found "that the relevant actors, here, were not acting in the exercise of honest judgment in the legitimate furtherance of the [charitable] trust [established by Bhajan]; they were acting in material respects to advance private interests of their own, and acting not in good faith or the exercise of honest judgment but, rather, with reckless disregard for the duties owed by one in a fiduciary position to a charitable trust."

In other words, she agreed with the Sikh plaintiffs from New Mexico and the Attorney General.

The plaintiffs attorney, John McGrory, tells WW in an email that Roberts' ruling "is a tremendous victory," not just for his clients but for "the Sikh community."

Judge Issues Ruling

It's clear from the Judge's ruling that Yogi Bhajan had total control of western Sikhs and Bhajan's Sikh Dharma in promoting anti- Sikh tantric yoga and occult astrology. Yogi Bhajan acted like a mini-pope! Judge Roberts says, "During his lifetime, Yogi Bhajan maintained exclusive central authority over the organizations he created to advance the world view and practices he taught. He(Yogi Bhajan) maintained all the reins of ultimate power and direction in his own hands until his final incapacity and death" Dr. Trilochan Singh says in a book critical of Yogi Bhajan, "Yogi Bhajan was absolutely frank in what he said and I believe every word of it. I asked him Is Sikhism the core of his teachings of Tantric Yoga? Which of these two contradictory disciplines is his basic philosophy? To this question he perhaps honestly replied that Tantra (White as he calls it) is his basic faith while Sikhism is only an off-shoot of his Tantric system."

'Findings and Conclusions'
Here is what Judge Roberts says:

The dispute involves a Russian nesting doll of nonprofit and for-profit entities, organized by and through Yogi Bhajan beginning in the mid-1970’s. Certain organizations were devoted to education; to maintenance of spiritual records; to promotion of religious functions, such as the ordination and instruction of Sikh Dharma ministers, and other nonprofit objectives. Other profit-making organizations were formed by individual adherents, who contributed the ownership of the businesses to provide a source of support, prestige, and employment for the Sikh Dharma community. Yogi Bhajan, the founder of the Western movement of Sikh Dharma that is involved in this controversy, and a teacher of the related practices of Kundalini yoga, came to the United States from India. A charismatic leader and teacher, Yogi Bhajan attracted a body of adherents to some or all of the practices and precepts of Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere. This body of adherents is sometimes referred to, here, as the Sikh Dharma community and its institutions as the Yogi Bhajan inspired organizations. Yogi Bhajan taught Kundalini yoga and, in that role, introduced many students to his spiritual beliefs as well.

Most of the individuals involved in the present controversy initially became interested in Sikh Dharma through seeking to learn the practice of yoga, on or near college campuses, as young men and women during the 1970’s and 1980’s.

During his lifetime, Yogi Bhajan maintained exclusive central authority over the organizations he created to advance the world view and practices he taught. An early corporate holder of the assets developed in this process was a California entity, Siri Sikh Sahib of Sikh Dharma, (SSS of SD) a California corporation sole. Such an organization is uniquely and by legal definition religious, as an entity that exists to serve as the repository of assets held by a religious officer solely in his or her role as prelate in the religious organization, and not in a private or personal capacity.

Later, the seat of the corporate network shifted to Oregon and New Mexico entities, including nonprofit and for-profit entities held by the nonprofits. (SSS of SD, the California corporation sole, was designed to terminate at Yogi Bhajan’s death, and its assets to be transferred to an Oregon religious corporation.) In the design and conduct of many or most of these later-founded organizations, Yogi Bhajan was assisted by Roy Lambert, a Portland lawyer with the firm of Schwabe, Williamson & Wyatt. After Yogi Bhajan’s death, Lambert continued to serve as legal counsel for many of the Yogi Bhajan inspired entities, including Unto Infinity, LLC, and KIIT, defendants here.

Yogi Bhajan also designated an inner circle of trusted lieutenants to occupy positions in the control and administration of his interlocking organizations, but he maintained all the reins of ultimate power and direction in his own hands until his final incapacity and death.3

The Yogi Bhajan affiliated organizations included for-profit enterprises including, most importantly, a private security company, Akal Security, Inc., and a manufacturer and distributor of tea and cereal products, Golden Temple, Inc. The for-profit enterprises were formed by Sikh Dharma adherents and contributed to Yogi Bhajan inspired non-profit entities (initially, Akal was contributed to Sikh Dharma-NM, and Golden Temple, Inc., to Sikh Dharma, Inc.). Their profits provided substantial support to the non-profit activities of the Sikh Dharma affiliated organizations.

In addition to appointing lieutenants to roles in the supervision of his organizations, Yogi Bhajan maintained personal attendants, a group of women upon whom he became dependent for day-to-day and hour-to-hour support and companionship in his home as his health declined toward death from complications of diabetes and kidney failure. In the fall of 2004, this personal staff lived with him in a New Mexico residential compound called the Ranch. They served rotating shifts so that one of them was with him at all times of the day and night.

During Yogi Bhajan’s life, his personal retainers and administrative staff served at very modest compensation; however, it was widely understood that he had assured these personal assistants life-long compensation. This promise was known as the Yogi Bhajan Assurances. In his will, Yogi Bhajan planned to fulfill the promise by creating a trust called the Staff Endowment, to which he gave a half interest in royalties earned by the license of his name and likeness for use on the products of Golden Temple, Inc. The beneficiaries of the Staff Endowment were the former personal retainers and staff, and the income derived by that trust was intended to fund their promised life-time income.

However, after the death of Yogi Bhajan in 2004, the widow of Yogi Bhajan (referred to as Bibiji) challenged the gift of intellectual property rights. As a result, the funding stream for Staff Endowment was cast into doubt. It became questionable whether the funds ever would be paid, because of the claims by Bibiji, still unresolved as of the time of the trial of this matter in 2011.

In 2003, anticipating the need to organize the affiliated entities to function after his death, Yogi Bhajan created Unto Infinity, LLC, an Oregon nonprofit LLC, to act as the administrative center of the organizations comprising his nonprofit and for-profit network of entities. The Organizational Agreement of Unto Infinity provides that the sole original member of Unto Infinity was Yogi Bhajan. Its board of managers was made up of Yogi Bhajan and four of his trusted lieutenants. In a “Proclamation” signed by Yogi Bhajan in June 2004 (when he understood that he was dying, and had discontinued any but palliative care) he stated:

“Whereas the Siri Singh Sahib [the title held by Yogi Bhajan] has the responsibility of promulgating and stating the rules and procedures of the Sikh Dharma,


“Whereas there is a need for the orderly and just administration of the Dharma,
“Therefore, I hereby proclaim that Unto Infinity, LLC, is the entity authorized by me to continue to exercise the administrative authority of the office of the Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma once I no longer occupy that office, in all those cases where authorization by the Siri Singh Sahib [i.e., Yogi Bhajan] is required in the articles, bylaws, or any contractual commitment of a Sikh Dharma affiliated organization.
“This Proclamation is hereby adopted under the authority granted to me as the Siri Singh Sahib of Sikh Dharma, I set my hand and seal this 30 day of June, 2004,

[signed] “Siri Singh Sahib Bhai Sahib
“Harbhajian Singh Khalsa Yogiji”

This proclamation stated that the purpose of Unto Infinity was to serve as the “administrative authority” of the chief office of the religious movement, and consequently to be integral to the religious organizations (although it does not have the effect of altering the corporate documents of the various affected corporations and companies).

An undated Amended and Restated Operating Agreement (Ex. 66) reflects that Yogi Bhajan was replaced as the sole member of Unto Infinity by the Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (SSSC). SSSC is an Oregon nonprofit religious corporation that had been formed to serve as the sole member of Sikh Dharma, Inc., after Yogi Bhajan's death or incapacity. Subsequently, it apparently was given the same role in Unto Infinity. SSSC itself has no members.

Pursuant to the 1997 Articles of SSSC, after the death or incapacity of Yogi Bhajan, the directors of SSSC were to be those persons he had previously designated in a written directive given in confidence to Lambert, as corporate attorney, and to the Siri Sikdar Sahib (or Sahiba) of Sikh Dharma (designated to that post by Yogi Bhajan as his spiritual successor), who would also become a permanent member of that board.

However, after the death of Yogi Bhajan, a succession of Restated Articles for SSSC were filed, each certified by Sopurkh Kaur Khalsa (also a member of the board of Unto Infinity) as president of SSSC as having been adopted by Yogi Bhajan on October 1, 2, and 3 respectively -- the three days leading up to his death.

Lambert denied that Yogi Bhajan had left any designation of a successor board that was sufficiently formal to satisfy the terms of the SSSC articles, and accordingly, in lieu of such a designation, the four-member Unto Infinity board assumed complete control of SSSC after Yogi Bhajan’s death. Because SSSC was the sole (but powerless) member of Unto Infinity, the board of Unto Infinity obtained comprehensive and unchecked control (directly or indirectly) of all other Yogi Bhajan inspired nonprofit and for-profit companies and corporations. The restated Articles designate the remaining managers of Unto Infinity LLC to serve as the board of SSSC, to succeed Yogi Bhajan in that role if no other designation is made. Exs. 104, 105, 106. Parties in this litigation have not asked the court to determine the validity of those changes, and the court therefore does not pass on their validity.

SSSC, the sole member of Unto Infinity, has no operations or property. Its existence, as a member, is a legal requirement for Unto Infinity's existence as a limited liability company.

In this somewhat convoluted manner, the sole successors of Yogi Bhajan, as the ultimate and unlimited managers of the entire network of nonprofit and for-profit affiliated entities, became the members of the Unto Infinity board.

The Unto Infinity board members upon Yogi Bhajan’s death were Siri Ram Kaur Khalsa and defendants Peraim Kaur Khalsa, Siri Karm Kaur Khalsa, and Sopurkh Kaur Khalsa. (Siri Ram Kaur Khalsa resigned from the board after the 2007 transaction that is the center of this controversy but before the complaints were filed in this case. She is not a defendant.)

In 2005, the Unto Infinity board members exercised their power to place defendant Kartar Singh Khalsa on the board as a full voting member. (He had previously served as an ex-officio member.) Kartar Singh Khalsa was also the chief executive officer of Golden Temple, Inc.

The 2007 Operating Agreement of Golden Temple of Oregon LLC.5:

“All of KIIT’s outstanding stock is owned by Unto Infinity, LLC, an Oregon limited liability company. Unto Infinity, LLC is a disregarded entity for income tax purposes and is a division of Siri Singh Sahib Corporation, an Oregon nonprofit corporation …” ,

Although SSSC is the sole member of Unto Infinity, it can neither appoint nor dismiss board members of Unto Infinity (Unto Infinity’s board appoints and dismisses its own members), alter the operating agreement of Unto Infinity, or in any other respect control Unto Infinity. To the contrary, SSSC is limited to act subject to the approval of the Unto Infinity board. For all intents and purposes, Unto Infinity (and its subsidiary KIIT, which has the same board for the transactions relevant here, and which acted jointly with Unto Infinity, by simultaneous decisions of their synonymous boards) is self-governed by a board which is self-perpetuating and self-directed. It is the ultimate authority over Golden Temple and KIIT.

The board members are compensated by self-determined amounts drawn from the for-profit organizations. Primarily because of the success of Akal Security and Golden Temple, the funds available to Unto Infinity have increased sharply since the death of Yogi Bhajan. The compensation of the Unto Infinity managers has also increased (since 2005) to a level at all times in six figures, and as high as $185,000 per year. The board members of Unto Infinity/KIIT meet a handful of times a year, usually by telephone, but, on occasion, in person.

To summarize the identities of the organizations chiefly involved:

a) Khalsa International Industries and Trades Company, Inc. (KIIT), is a holding company organized under Nevada law, having no operations and created in order to receive and hold the shares in Golden Temple of Oregon, Inc., an operating company in the manufacture and distribution of foods in Eugene, Oregon; and Akal Security, Inc., a New Mexico security company which contracts with governmental agencies. KIIT is a wholly owned subsidiary of Unto Infinity.

b. Unto Infinity, LLC (Unto Infinity) is a nonprofit Oregon limited liability company organized to act as the administrative authority of the office of the religious leader of the movement established by Yogi Bhajan. Unto Infinity owns all shares of KITT and has the power and authority to appoint the boards of the religious corporations and nonprofits established by Yogi Bhajan.

c. Siri Sikh Sahib of Sikh Dharma (SSS of SD), is a California corporation sole, a religious corporation holding title to property held in the official capacity of the leader of a church or other religious body. With the death of Yogi Bhajan, SSS of SD was designed to dissolve and to transfer its assets to SSSC. (It has not done so, as a strategic move related to ongoing litigation with Bibiji regarding her claims as heir and widow of Yogi Bhajan)

c. Siri Singh Sahib Corporation (SSSC) is an Oregon religious corporation, organized to act as the successor legal organization to the SSS of SD, the California corporation sole, after the death of Yogi Bahjan and for religious, charitable and educational activities, and to act as “guardian of those assets of the SSS of SD which are conveyed to it, and Unto Infinity, LLC.” Restated Articles of Incorporation, Pl. Ex. 25. SSSC is the sole member of Unto Infinity, but with no authority over it.

SSSC has never had a board of directors and is governed by the Unto Infinity board as an “executive board.”

d. Sikh Dharma, Inc. (SDI) is a nonprofit religious corporation under the California Nonprofit Religious Corporation Law, of which the sole member is Unto Infinity, organized to advance the religion of Sikh Dharma and as an association of religious organizations teaching principles of Sikh Dharma, including by ordination of ministers of divinity and operation of places of worship. It has been active in the promotion of the religion, and its then-directors initiated the private plaintiff’s lawsuit before Unto Infinity exercised its authority to discharge all of them and replace them with directors who withrew SDI’s support of the lawsuit. It was then named as a nominal defendant because the private plaintiffs seek relief including payment of damages to it.

e. Golden Temple, Inc., is a for-profit, Oregon corporation in the food products industry with operations in Eugene, Oregon, and sales nationally. At relevant times, it has manufactured and distributed herbal teas and cereal products. All of the shares of Golden Temple, Inc., were passed (through intermediate steps explained below) through various religious institutions and by 2007 held by Unto Infinity's holding company, KIIT.

f. Akal Security, Inc. (Akal), is a for-profit New Mexico corporation in the business of providing security services to governmental entities. Akal was founded by a member of the Sikh Dharma community, one of the private plaintiffs, Gurutej Singh Khalsa, and he donated it to Sikh Dharma of New Mexico, Inc., (an affiliate of Sikh Dharma, Inc.) on Yogi Bhajan's assurances that Akal would be held to further Sikh Dharma. All Akal shares were transferred (as explained below) ultimately to KIIT.

The valuable assets controlled by Unto Infinity include other assets, such as real property. The complaint as originally framed by private plaintiffs attacked dealings by defendants as to all these assets; however, the controversy developed at trial focused on actions taken with respect to Golden Temple, Inc., and Golden Temple’s European affiliate, KIT-BV, a Netherlands corporation (KIT-BV). Continued at Link

I just received this e-mail from SDW with this spin on the judge's decision:

December 13, 2011
Dear Members of the Sadh Sangat,

Sat Nam and blessings to all. Today is a joyous day of victory for the Dharma! The Judge issued her Findings and Conclusions (the equivalent of a verdict in a jury trial), and ruled in our favor on all of our claims which were: Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Aiding and Abetting Breach of Fiduciary Duty and Unjust Enrichment. Her ruling is posted in its entirety on the SDW website in the Legal Documents Archive at: Judge's Findings and Conclusion.

Some notable conclusions from the Judge:

"I find established by clear and convincing evidence that a charitable trust existed and that the assets held by Unto Infinity and its subsidiary holding company, including Golden Temple, Inc. were assets held in trust. The trust was dedicated to support and advance the religious tenets and practices espoused by Yogi Bhajan in Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere. Unto Infinity this controlled assets (whether through KIIT, as Unto Infinity's subsidiary and agent, or directly) impressed with a charitable trust."
"The court finds the express designation of SSSC and its subsidiary Unto Infinity as "guardian" of assets from SSS of SD expresses an intent that Unto Infinity hold the assets subject to a fiduciary duty to use the assets for the religious purposes of SSS of SD."
"Repeatedly, and at the instruction of (Roy) Lambert, members of the boards made statements crafted by Lambert to deny that any change in ownership had occurred and to conceal the true nature of the transaction."....."Not only were the public statements prepared by Lambert false, but they were intended by the board members who made the statements to mislead the Sikh Dharma community because the transaction - if fully disclosed- would inspire protest and likely litigation as a violation of trust obligations. All parties understood that the transaction could well constitute such a violation of the entrustment exclusively for religious and charitable purposes and this was the reason for the deception."
"The thorough-going violation by KIIT and Unto Infinity of fiduciary duties to the charitable trust through engaging in the disposition of Golden Temple, Inc, as they did, was proven beyond any doubt."
"Finally, strong, clear and convincing evidence establishes that Golden Temple, LLC, and all proceeds of its business, income, substitutes and assets, including those of KIT-BV, is the property that is impressed with the charitable trust private plaintiffs and the Attorney General seek to vindicate. These findings conclude the liability for unjust enrichment as against GTM and Kartar Singh Khalsa."
"To the extent that individual member managers received funds as a distribution of the proceeds of Golden Temple, therefore, they were unjustly enriched."
The court has requested the parties in the case to submit any additional briefing regarding remedies in light of the findings and conclusions within three weeks of the date of this opinion at which time she will have a hearing on remedies.

Blessings and deep gratitude to the Sangat for their prayers and continued support through this lengthy and challenging legal process. This is a wonderful victory for our Dharma. May we continue forward in unity and purity of consciousness to serve the mission of Sikh Dharma and the legacy of the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan).

Blessings to all,

SS Gurujot Kaur Khalsa

Secretary General

Sikh Dharma Worldwide

Now that Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma Worldwide Organization has won their big lawsuit against Yogi Bhajan's Unto Infinity Board, will SDW continue their anti Sikh agenda?

Why does Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma Worldwide Organization auction tantric necklaces, astrology and numerology readings to raise funds? It is forbidden in the Sikh Reht Maryada for Sikhs to practice: “Influence of stars, Magic spells, incantations, omens, auspicious times, days & occasions, , horoscopic dispositions,” Chapter X Article XVI.

The answer is that Yogi Bhajan approved of and used tantric necklaces and astrology. New Age'rs want to believe in Magic & an easy way to salvation. So these gimmicks make lots of money for Yogi Bhajan's cult.

I just read a letter from Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa to Yogi Bhajan's "3HO family". Hari Jiwan(Sat Bachan Kaur who donated the tantric necklace above is his wife) was considered by Yogi Bhajan as his "right Hand man" and spent literally everyday of his life from 1978 until Yogi Bhajan's death in 2004 with his "Tantric Master". This letter from Hari Jiwan proves that Yogi Bhajan himself approved and promoted these anti Sikh tantric necklaces. "Guru Hans was the impetus behind the “Tantric Necklace.” He’s an architect by training and while looking through old architectural books, came across the ancient geometrical pattern used in this necklace since ancient times. The Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan), who is the ‘Mahan Tantric’ (the Master of Tantric Yoga of which there is only one on the planet at a time), was so excited when this rediscovery was brought to him that he personally blessed each one, refined the process, and blessed Guru Hans Singh for his service."

Sikh Dharma Worldwide says, "View all Auction items here All proceeds go to SDW Dasvandh so please bid generously. Learn what the stars have in store for you, and chart your path by the numbers with these great astrology and numerological readings."

Tantric necklace being auctioned to raise money for Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma Worldwide Organization [image]
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Here comes the hardball sales pitch from Hari Jiwan for the anti Sikh "individually blessed tantric necklaces by Yogi Bhajan" himself. This comes just one day after the soft sell letter I posted yesterday.
Just read the sacrilegious crap in Hari Jiwan's letter to Yogi Bhajan's "3HO family". Hari Jiwan(Sat Bachan Kaur who donated the tantric necklace above is his wife) was considered by Yogi Bhajan as his "right Hand man" and spent literally every day of his life from 1978 until Yogi Bhajan's death in 2004 with his "Mahan Tantric Master". This letter from Hari Jiwan proves that Yogi Bhajan himself approved and promoted these anti Sikh tantric necklaces.

Hari Jiwan says,
Sat Nam Dear Family,

Blessings from snowy New Mexico. It has been one year since I started writing all of you and telling stories of my life as lived and learned at the feet of the Master (Yogi Bhajan). It has been truly an honor to share these memories with you and I have greatly appreciated all of your feedback. It’s been a further honor for me in reminding myself of how I’ve been blessed and the feeling of gratitude which follows.

As some of you know, I am a great believer in supporting all facets of our Dharma, our organization, which was created by the Siri Singh Sahib (Yogi Bhajan). Sikh Dharma Worldwide (SDW) is an entity that is near and dear to my heart and works tirelessly to maintain the essence of Yogi Bhajan's Teachings.
This winter SDW is holding an online Auction with unique, spiritual, one-of-a-kind items donated by our global Sangat. Items include custom artwork, jewelry, and passes to events such as Summer Solstice, Children’s Camp and Women’s Camp etc. etc.

If you are on the lookout for unique, conscious gifts for your friends and family, check out the many wonderful options that they have and help support SDW as well. If you have items you'd like to donate to the auction, please let them know.

I was happy to donate a Tantric Necklace to the auction and was trying to think of additional ways to help support SDW. I am therefore excited to extend this special offer to you, my friends and family. Please visit my website, where you can choose from a many beautiful and powerful Tantric Necklaces. The Master has personally blessed all these necklaces individually. If you see something you like, enter code HARI2011 and receive 15% off your order. In addition, 15% of your purchase will also be donated to SDW.

We can all help the Siri Singh Sahib’s (Yogi Bhajan) legacy in believing in and donating for his and our Guru’s glory. And, here’s the best part, we begin to receive blessings right away in the form of a beautiful and powerful Tantric Necklace.

In Humility of Gratitude and Service,
MSS Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa
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Yogi Bhajan's Secret Tantric Necklace revealed by Hari Jiwan

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa has been described by many as Yogi Bhajan's right hand man. In this recent letter to Yogi's 3HO community, Hari Jiwan reveals a secret tantric necklace Yogi Bhajan wore under his "robe".

"It was also his (Yogi Bhajan's) habit to wear the jewels of a king which bespoke of who he was and who he represented. Still, I was always humbled to see that when we returned home each evening he would remove his kurta (robe), and under all the magnificent quilting and jewelry, lay a mala necklace made of rudraksha (see picture of rudraksha beads Tantric Necklace included). The rudraksha beads he wore are actually seeds and have no great economic value, but have been revered by yogis and saints for millennia for their humble spiritual qualities. They relate to the subtle realm of existence, where all physical forms are created; they are a reflection of the totality of God. These beads are called the “tears of Shiva” as they represent the longing for merger with the one infinite God. They are a tool in bridging that separation so that the yogi or spiritual adept can reunite in infinite bliss."

M.S.S. Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa,
Chief of Protocol,
Sikh Dharma of the West

All we need as Sikhs is the Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, not some stupid tantric yogic beads!


Bulletin from the cause: Call to Truth and Authentic Sikhism
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Posted By: Gursant Singh
To: Members in Call to Truth and Authentic Sikhism
Hindu Homa (fire puja) ceremony performed by 3HOer Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa in Rishikesh!
Stop these enemies of Sikhism! Write Sikhnet and Gurumustak Singh(Mr. Sikhnet) and insist they write an article denouncing these fake Sikh idol worshipers.

For Yogi Bhajan and now his students to indulge in Hindu practices, such as having a Homa (fire puja) ceremony in front of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, to visit astrologers – as he did on a regular basis, to give people Sikh names through numerology rather than consult SGGS – I could go on and on – is totally hypocritical. His disciples are now following in his footsteps.

The 3HO people may do whatever Hindu practices they like; there is no law against it but hey should not claim to be Khalsa or use Khalsa names, Singh and Kaur. For them to use the name Khalsa, when the overwhelming majority of them neither recites panj bani nor wear panj kaka, is hypocritical in the extreme. Of course this is really Yogi Bhajan’s fault for a really stupid decision to name all his students Singh/Kaur Khalsa, no matter what their level of commitment was to Sikhi. I believe this has deeply wounded the image of The Khalsa Panth in America.

Here is the condemnation of Idol Worship by Guru Gobind Singh Ji (extracts from various passages):

ਕਾਹੂ ਲੈ ਪਾਹਨ ਪੂਜ ਧਰਯੋ ਸਿਰ ਕਾਹੂ ਲੈ ਲਿੰਗ ਗਰੇ ਲਟਕਾਇਓ ॥
Someone worships stone and places it on his head. Someone hangs the phallus (lingam) from his neck. .(pg.42)

ਕੋਉ ਬੁਤਾਨ ਕੋ ਪੂਜਤ ਹੈ ਪਸੁ ਕੋਉ ਮ੍ਰਿਤਾਨ ਕੋ ਪੂਜਨ ਧਾਇਓ ॥
Some fools worship idols and some go to worship the dead. (pg.42)

ਪਾਇ ਪਰੋ ਪਰਮੇਸਰ ਕੇ ਜੜ ਪਾਹਨ ਮੈਂ ਪਰਮੇਸਰ ਨਾਹੀ ॥੯੯॥
O fool! Fall at the feet of Lord-God, The Lord is not within the stone-idols.99.(pg.111)

ਤੇ ਭੀ ਬਸਿ ਮਮਤਾ ਹੁਇ ਗਏ ॥ਪਰਮੇਸਰ ਪਾਹਨ ਠਹਿਰਏ ॥੧੩॥
THEY were also overpowered by ‘mineness’ and exhibited the Lord in statues. 13. .(pg.134)

ਪਾਹਨ ਪੁਜੈ ਹੈ ਏਕ ਨ ਧਿਐ ਹੈ ਮਤ ਕੇ ਅਧਕ ਅਧੇਰਾ ॥ਅੰਮ੍ਰਿਤ ਕਹੁ ਤਜਿ ਹੈ ਬਿਖ ਕਹੁ ਭਜਿ ਹੈ ਸਾਝਹਿ ਕਹਹਿ ਸਵੈਰਾ ॥
Worshiping stones, they will not meditate on the One Lord; there will be the prevalence of darkness of many sects; leaving the ambrosia they will desire for poison, and they will name the evening time as early-morning; .(pg.1142) (eg hindus and christians)

ਤਾਸ ਕਿਉ ਨ ਪਛਾਨਹੀ ਜੋ ਹੋਹਿ ਹੈ ਅਬ ਹੈ ॥ਨਿਹਫਲ ਕਾਹੇ ਭਜਤ ਪਾਹਨ ਤੋਹਿ ਕਛੁ ਫਲਿ ਦੈ ॥
Why do you not pray to him, who will be there in the future and who is here in the present? You are worshipping stones uselessly; what will you gain by this worship? (pg. 1289)
ਅੱਛਤ ਧੂਪ ਦੀਪ ਅਰਪਤ ਹੈ ਪਾਹਨ ਕਛੂ ਨ ਖੈ ਹੈ ॥

Rice, incense and lamps are offered, but the stones do not eat anything. (pg.1349)

See more photos and discussion on facebook at:

“Amid the legal infighting following Yogi Bhajan’s death, critics are offering another portrait of the Sikh leader.”
3HO Sikhs are now fighting amongst themselves in a lawsuit over the millions of dollars in profits made from using the sacred Sikh religious symbols and scriptures for their own personal gain.3HO Sikhs, who follow Yogi Bhajan, funnel the money to support Yogi Bhajan's tantric cult church which 3HO Sikhs have deceptively camouflaged using names like "Sikh Dharma International", "3HO foundation", "Sikh Dharma Stewardship","","Sikh Dharma Worldwide", "Unto Infinity Board","Khalsa Council" and "KRI(Kundalini Research Institute)". See "Sikhnet's" and "Sikh Dharma International's" slick new websites which were produced with the millions in ill-gained profits using the name of the Golden Temple, names and images of the Sikh Gurus, and sacred Sikh shabads for profit in commercial enterprises.

Read the full front page article about Yogi Bhajan's lust for power and greed of his 3HO Sikhs in Today's Eugene Register-Guard:

""Yogi's Legacy in Question"".[/link]

"New lawsuit hits Golden Temple with fraud!"

Read about the infighting in 3HO and Sikh Dharma--
Today's Eugene Register-Guard:

""Rift in 3HO Sikh community threatens business empire""

Appeared in print: Friday, May 28, 2010

"Bhajan was a leader ‘by fluke’

Recently, a friend sent me articles from The Register-Guard on litigation involving Yogi Bhajan’s organizations in Oregon. The letters to the editor that followed, critical of the reporter, prompt me to throw some light on the subject. Bhajan was extremely good at what he did, but propagation of Sikhism he was not. Criticism of Bhajan’s cult cannot be construed as criticism of Sikhism.

Trilochan Singh, a distinguished Sikh scholar, in his 1977 book “Sikhism and Tantric Yoga,” describes Bhajan devastatingly: “Yogi Bhajan is a Sikh by birth, a Maha Tantric by choice but without training, and a ‘Sri Singh Sahib’ and self-styled leader of the Sikhs of the Western Hemisphere by fluke and mysterious strategy.” There was no mystery to his strategy. He ingratiated himself with the Sikh religious leadership in Punjab, which was more corrupt than the Vatican during the time of Martin Luther.

According to the Tantrics, the best form of worship is the fullest satisfaction of the sexual desires of man, therefore sexual intercourse is prescribed as a part of Tantric worship. In the annals of abuse of women, some had harems, others had concubines and Bhajan had secretaries. The Sikh gurus condemned the Tantrics and their practices. All the cases mentioned in The Register-Guard had merit.

Humility is the hallmark of a Sikh, and Bhajan had none of it. Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, describes people such as Bhajan succinctly: “Those ... who have no virtues but are filled with egotistical pride.”

Hardev Singh Shergill President, Khalsa Tricentennial Foundation of North America Editor-in-chief, The Sikh Bulletin El Dorado Hills, Calif.

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"
by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

"The book Sikhism And Tantric Yoga is available at: website which is operated by a genuine White Sikh is highly recommended. Gursant Singh was a member of the Yogi Bhajan Cult (3HO and the Sikhnet Gora Sikhs or White Sikhs) for over 30 years and has intimate knowledge about the inner workings of this cult which attempts to miscegnate Sikhism with Hindu idolatry. I downloaded the book from Gursant’s website and found it to be absolutely compelling. I read it in one compulsive and sustained draught. It is a study not only about cults in Sikhism but about the miscegenation of the Sikh Religion by Hinduism. It is a classic work rendered in beautiful English prose and it is patently the work of a profound intellectual scholar with a deep knowledge of Sikhism."
Quotation taken from:

You may also view individual chapters to "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga" at these links:

Sikhism & Tantric Yoga A Critical Evaluation of Yogi Bhajan

Sikh Doctrines and Yogi Bhajan's Secret Science

Yogi Bhajan's Adi Shakti Shaktimans and Shaktis

Yogi Bhajan's Clap Trap Theories of Kundalini Yoga

Yogi Bhajan's Ego Maniac Utterances

Yogi Bhajan's Seven Years in America and His Tinkling Titles

Yogi Bhajan's Arrest and Release on Bail

Yogi Bhajan Becomes the Only Maha Tantric in the World

Sikh Leaders without Conscience

Call to Truth and Authentic Sikhism

Please read an Excerpt below taken from "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"

The Name of Golden Temple and its Murals

"In England last year a firm advertised some blue jeans as Jesus Jeans. The whole religious world of England rose in one protest and stopped the manufacture of these jeans. The word Golden Temple has become an instrument of commercial affairs of Yogi Bhajan He has now even named shoe stores as Golden Temple. I was given a "Wha Guru Chew.""

"Yogi Bhajan is using the sacred Sikh mantras and the sacred name of Guru Ram Das as a mantle for his Tantric Sex Yoga which will inevitably lead to mental and physical debauchery of those who take his brand of Sikhism contaminated by crazy sex-energizing asanas seriously."

Read about the "war between 3HO Sikh's Unto Infinity Board and Yogi Bhajan's Sikh Dharma". Yogi Bhajan set up all these organizations and installed their leaders. Decide for yourself if the Tantric Sex Yoga which Yogi Bhajan taught inevitably leads to mental and physical debauchery.

Many of these 3HO profiteers have cut their hair and renounced Sikhi! See these pictures below of Kartar Khalsa CEO of Golden Temple Foods and chairman of Yogi Bhajan's "Unto Infinity Board" who has cut his hair and is no longer a Sikh.
(Is it any wonder that Kartar and Peraim, Controlling members of Yogi Bhajan's "Unto Infinity Board",are wearing circus masks in the above photo?)

See these articles in today's Eugene Register Guard which shows the greed surrounding this dispute:

"Money trail at heart of Sikhs’ legal battle."

Wha Guru being used sacriligiously for huge profits by 3HO Sikhs
[image] [image]"Five flavors and they're all nuts!"


"What did the magician say to the Wha Guru Chew? Open sesame."


Yogi Bhajan used the sacred name of the Golden Temple, names and images of the Sikh Gurus, and sacred Sikh shabads for commercial enterprises to make millions of dollars. Wha Guru is even used as the name of a candy bar by Golden Temple Foods!Links appearing on the internet advertise Golden Temple along with wine and alcohol such as in this Google search link: "Golden Temple Granola - Food & Wine - Compare Prices" Other internet links associate Golden Temple massage oil with sex and sensual massages as in this Google search: "Sensual Soothing... Golden Temple Soothing Touch Massage Oil."

See for yourself the pictures below of the Darbar Sahib(Golden Temple) in Amritsar and Guru Tegh Bahadar featured on yogi tea boxes:
[image] [image]


3HO Sikhs are associating yogis, ashrams, tantric sex yoga rituals,drinking of wine and magicians of the occult with the Sikh Gurus and the Golden Temple See the Rare Photo (above) featuring the Harimandir sahib in 1908 when it was under the control of the Pundits or mahants. Sadhus and yogis felt free to sit wearing only a dhoti and no head coverings.The Gurdwara Reform Movement stopped such practices in India and gave the Gurdwaras back to Gursikhs.

Tantric Asanas taught by Yogi Bhajan for transmuting sexual energy:Reprinted from Yogi Bhajan’s official magazine “Beads of Truth” 11, p. 39

Yogi Bhajan illustrated here controlling tantric shakti "energy". Notice the depiction of Shiva,above Yogi Bhajan's head, Shiva is the god of yoga for Hindus. The illustration also shows Kundalini Yoga Asanas taught by Yogi Bhajan for transmuting sexual energy

[image] [image]

Yogi Bhajan's students are intstructed to meditate on Yogi Bhajan's picture everyday which you can see displayed in the 3HO Espanola Gurdwara in the photo above.

Idolatry is forbidden in sikhism....why does an 8-foot high statue of the Hindu god Ganesh, adorn the entranceway to the Siri Singh Sahib (yogi bhajan) lane in espanola. This is the hindu god of "prosperity", as in the 3HO publication "prosperity pathways".Adi Shakti Chandi 3HO Tantric Deity worshipped by 3HO in songs and prayers(shown above). Read about Yogi Bhajan's Shaktiman and Shakti women.

Read these shocking fire pujas and occult numerology,(below), practiced and advertised in the latest newsletter published by 3HO Sikhs. These "kriyas" or pujas are complete rubbish,only adding to the destruction and dissolution of the Sikh faith and should not be practiced by Sikhs of the Guru. The object of these practices is to combine the Sikh faith with Hinduism; to defang, neuter and completely destroy Sikhi. The strategy is to introduce idolatry and a stratified priesthood into the Sikh Religion. Yogi Bhajan and his 3HO shakti cult followers are introducing idolatry and Hindu practices of pujas and tantra mantra into the Sikh religion. The Bhajan movement is attempting to shift Sikh worship from the commonwealth of Gurdwaras to private estates controlled by 3HO priests of Yogi Bhajan's Tantric sex cult church.
[image] [image]

Idolatry is forbidden in Sikhism....why does a golden statue of a yogi adorn the entranceway to the 3HO Gurdwara in Espanola. This is a Hindu practise.
3-HO Sikhs demonstrate(in the photo above)their complete subservience to false worldly material power by exhibiting the Flag of God (The Nishaan Sahib) at an even level with the flag of the United States in front of the 3HO Gurdwara in New Mexico. The Nishaan Sahib, (The Respected Mark of God under the shadow of the Sikh Broadsword) should always fly higher than the flag of all the false materialists. The Flag of the Khalsa should occupy a place of exaltation above any government's flag that temporarily inhabits the material world.


[image] [image] [image]
Tantric Yoga asanas (above) taught by Yogi Bhajan
and practised in 3HO Gurdwaras

"Tantric doctrines involving sex-poses or physical contact poses are extremely repulsive to Sikhism. The Sikh Gurus repeatedly ask the Sikhs to shun Tantric practices because they are based on a mentally perverted outlook of life. The Sikh Gurus ask the Sikhs to shun the very presence and association of Shakti-Cult Tantrics." Dr. Trilochan Singh "Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"

[image] [image]
Tantric Asana taught by Yogi Bhajan for transmuting sexual energy:Reprinted from Yogi Bhajan’s official magazine “Beads of Truth” 11, p. 39

See how Hindu gods and yogis are displayed in 3HO Gurdwaras, (see link in blue).

See this post which exposes the most shocking relationship Yogi Bhajan had with Jagjit Naamdhari who is considered by his disciples as the 11th Sikh Guru. The Naamdhari Sikhs keep the Siri Guru Granth in a closet while they bow to Jagjit and refer to him as "SatGuru Ji" as you can see in the photos at this link.

Read these comments by traditional Sikhs. "What better way to make money: add a religious tone to the product. All of a sudden, it seems legit."

If you want to stop these degrading and sacriligious practices by Golden Temple Foods and Yogi Bhajan's cult followers; Post a letter of support on this website or write your local food stores and demand they stop selling Golden Temple Food's products. Some of the major stores which carry these products are Trader Joes, Whole Foods Market and Wild Oats but there are many many other stores who sell millions of dollars in Golden Temple Granola, Peace Cereal, Yogi Teas, massage oil and Wha Guru Chews.

Yogi Bhajan's sacrilegious teachings in the name of Sikhism are illustrated quite distinctly by pictures of Yogi Bhajan's portrait, hindu idols being displayed in and around 3-HO Gurdwaras and the practice of kundalini and sex energizing tantric yoga asanas inside 3-HO Gudwaras by Yogi Bhajan's students.
[image] [image]

Idolatry is forbidden in Sikhism. Why does an eight foot high image (above) of Yogi Bhajan controlling the tantric shakti "energy" adorn the 3HO Gurdwara in Espanola? You can see the menacing image of Yogi Bhajan overshadowing the Sangat on the right side of the entire Espanola Gurdwara in the photo above.

Idolatry is forbidden in sikhism....why does a golden statue of a yogi adorn the entranceway to the 3HO Gurdwara in espanola. This is a hindu practise.



Yogi Bhajan's students are intstructed to meditate on Yogi Bhajan's picture everyday which you can see displayed in the 3HO Espanola Gurdwara in these photos.
In a painting at the New Mexico 3HO Gurdwara(above)you can see the sacrilegious misrepresentation of our sacred Khalsa symbol "Khanda" with two swords around it. You may also observe in this painting how Yogi Bhajan is depicted on an equal level with Guru Ram Daas(the 4th Sikh Guru): Dr. Trilochan Singh recounts this observation in 1977 when he writes, "The other picture was the Khalsa symbol Khanda with two swords around it. The Khanda (double-edged sword) within this symbol was replaced by a picture of an American woman with Sari-like robes. The woman is called Adi Shakti. I saw this published in the Beads of Truth in London and have already commented on it in my book, The Turban and the Sword of the Sikhs. I told Shakti Parwha that this is the most sacrilegious misrepresentation of our sacred symbol. As usual she dismissed my opinion as unimportant."

The sikh code of conduct says food offerings to the GURU are forbidden, but there is a 'testimony' page over at, a 3HO run site loaded with volumes of Yogi Bhajan nonsense talks. Yogi Bhajan instructs 3Hoer's to prepare meals as offerings at the gurdwara and calls this "a dish for a wish". This is nothing more than the Hindu practice of puja. The testimony states "a dish for a wish".
Please read an Excerpt below taken from

"Sikhism and Tantric Yoga"
by Dr. Trilochan Singh (Link to entire book)

"Yogi Bhajan is using the sacred Sikh mantras and the sacred name of Guru Ram Das as a mantle for his Tantric Sex Yoga which will inevitably lead to mental and physical debauchery of those who take his brand of Sikhism contaminated by crazy sex-energizing asanas seriously."

Yogi Bhajan studied and taught at the Sivananda Ashram in Delhi. This, in addition to his first Kundalini Yoga teacher Sant Hazara Singh. In the mid-1960s, Harbhajan Singh took up a position as instructor at the Vishwayatan Ashram in New Delhi, under Dhirendra Brahmachari. This yoga centre was frequented by the Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru, his daughter, Indira Gandhi, and diplomats and employees from a host of foreign embassies.

Here's an article on Sivananda's approach to Kundalini Yoga:

These are al

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